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Tulane University : SAT Scores And GPA

Apr 4, 2023

Are you looking for a prestigious world-class university to continue your studies after secondary school? Tulane University can be a good choice for you. It is one of the oldest and best universities in America.

The campus of this school lets you feel the vibrant culture, unique spirit, and rich history of the university. Other than this, you can also get a high-quality education with research facilities. Cleanth Brooks, Ian Bremmer, John R. Conniff, Winston Chang, and Bryan Robert Ivy are all alumni of this school.


Tulane attracts top sophomores across the country, and for this, they readily accept the challenge of getting into it. Are you curious about what you need to get into Tulane University? and Tulane SAT?  Then go through this section till the end.

Overview of Tulane University

In 1834, Tulane University was founded as a public medical college in New Orleans, Louisiana. In 1847, it became a comprehensive university. Today, it is a private research university.


In 1958, Tulane University became a member of the American Universities Association. It was considered the 9th oldest private university in this association.

It is divided into ten schools. These schools focuses mainly on sciences, liberal arts, and specialized fields. There are many graduate and undergraduate programs and various courses that are run under the name of Tulane University.


Acceptance Rate of Tulane University

In the last few years, getting into Tulane has become very hard. It is because the acceptance rate of Tulane is at 11%, which is a very high competition for first-year students. It has a low acceptance rate compared to that of other universities.

Last year’s records show that out of 43,892 students, only 4,877 got a chance to enroll in this school. However, the education quality, study environment, campus atmosphere, and many other characteristics of Tulane have proved the growth of the number of students over the past five years.


This school has extremely high admission requirements. It shows that Tulane follows a difficult selection process while providing admission to the students.

GPA Requirements of Tulane University

Like other schools, Tulane has GPA requirements that the students must fulfill to get admission. These are given below:

  • The average GPA of high school students is 3.56 on a scale of 4.0. It will be best if you achieve more than this. Below the average GPA means it is hard to get into Tulane.
  • You can join AP or IB classes to boost your GPA and portfolio. It shows that you can handle challenges quite well.
  • If your GPA is under the top 10% of students in your high school class, you have a high chance of getting into Tulane.

Tulane remains highly selective, even with a high GPA.

Tulane SAT Requirements

Tulane is highly selective and competitive when it comes to SAT scores. You need to submit Tulane SAT scores to get in here. However, the school does not ask you to attempt the SAT Essay section. Tulane SAT requirements provide a scoring policy under which you need to submit your higher Tulane SAT scores from all SAT dates you attempted.


So, if your scores are below Tulane SAT scores, you can retake it till you get satisfied with your scores and then send it to Tulane. You can select a subject-wise improvement option to boost your Tulane SAT scores. You only need to prepare the section with a low score first, then move to another section. This way, you get high SAT scores easily.

Tulane’s average SAT scores range from 1340 to 1500. Last year’s records show that 23% of students submitted their SAT scores during Tulane admission. The following Tulane average SAT statistics table shows the subject-wise percentile distribution of the scores:

SAT Scores25th PercentileAverage Percentile75th Percentile
Reading + Writing650690730

The estimated average SAT composite score for first-year students at Tulane University is 1420.

Tulane ACT Requirements

Similar to SAT, Tulane has a very high ACT requirement. This school readily accepts students with ACT scores of 30 or more than it. Like SAT, it does not ask students to attempt the ACT Writing section.

Tulane follows a super score policy. You can send one of the highest attempted ACT scores on all testing dates. This way, if you have below-average ACT scores, you can take the test again and again till you get satisfied with your scores before sending it to the Tulane admission officer.

Tulane accepts students with ACT scores under the top 7% nationally. The average ACT scores of Tulane University are recorded in the range of 30 to 33. Last year, 77% of students submitted their ACT scores while enrolling at Tulane University.

The Following Tulane Average ACT Statistics Table Shows the Subject-wise Percentile Distribution of the Scores:

ACT Scores25th PercentileAverage Percentile75th Percentile
Reading + Writing3233.535

The estimated average ACT composite score for first-year students at Tulane University is 31.5. Scoring more than this ACT score increases your chances of getting into Tulane.

Tips to Improve Chances of Getting Into Tulane University

Some ways can help you improve your odds of getting into Tulane University. These are given below:

1. Taking Challenging Classes and Earning a High GPA:

GPA is considered one of the most crucial factors in getting admission to this school. The average GPA for high school students to get into Tulane is 3.55. Scoring above this will boost your chances. You can take AP or IB exams to escalate your GPA.

2. Target High SAT and ACT Scores:

The scores of the standardized tests are also the other important factors of Tulane admission. It will be best if you score more than Tulan’s average SAT scores, i.e., from 1360 to 1470, and ACT scores from 30 to 33.

3. Admission Essays:

Writing an optional essay supplement is an important requirement of Tulane admission. You need to submit essays to get here. Remember, your essays must highlight how you will fit here and how this school will benefit you.

4. Letter of Recommendation:

It is also an important factor in getting admission here. You are asked to submit a letter of recommendation from your school counselor for getting into Tulane. It will be best if you submit another LOR written by your teacher.

5. Mention Extracurriculars you Participated in:

Mentioning your extracurricular activities in your application shows your extraordinary character. It displays a good impression on the admission committee, and as a result, you get a high chance of enrolling here.

6. Applying Early:

It is good to apply to Tulane for admission as soon as possible. It is ideal for students who are certain of getting into Tulane and are sure to afford it.


Tulane reviews applicants holistically and considers various factors, including GPA, standardized test scores, extracurriculars, course selection, letters of recommendation, and essays, to get a well-rounded picture of you both inside and outside the classroom.

This school values applicant who engage with the university. You can visit Tulane’s campus, take a tour to interact with the school, and get a feel for what life is like there. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the famous courses of Tulane University?

A. The most popular programs at Tulane University include Biomedical and Biological Sciences, Management, Social Sciences, Marketing, Business, and other related business degrees. The school pairs the resources of a large research university with the active benefits of a small liberal arts college.

2. Is it possible to get into Tulane University with a low SAT but an extraordinary background and excellent extracurricular activity records?

A. No. It is hard to get admission only depending upon an extraordinary background and excellent extracurricular activity records. SAT scores are also in Tulane University’s admission requirements. So, if you are in junior class, it will be best to retake your SATs and score more than average to ensure your admission.

3. Would high SAT scores and an amazing list of extracurriculars make up for a low GPA?

A. It will depend on your extracurricular records. Suppose you have competed in activities that no one can do at your age, in such instances. In that case, your extracurriculars may seem to outset your GPA (i.e., above 3.0). And you have a high chance of getting in.

However, having a low GPA and high extracurricular records may not give you a chance. So, if you are in high school, try to maintain a good GPA and participate in extracurricular activities.

If you get these things along with a good SAT score, you have a higher chance of getting into a good university.

4. How hard is it to get into Tulane University?

A. Yes. It is a challenging process as the acceptance rate of Tulane is only 9.7%. This year the university has received 45,517 applications. However, the number of accepted students is only 4,428. So you can understand the competitive level of admission. Although Tulane’s acceptance rate is unbelievably low, your possibility of admitting is determined by the strength of your profile.

Tulane SAT


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