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University of Alabama Admissions, Rankings, & Acceptance Rates

Sep 20, 2022

The University of Alabama is a public institution that was founded in the year 1831 (opened for students) as the state’s flagship university. It has the best and most beautiful colleges, which cover a campus area of around 1,200 acres with all the facilities for the students. The University of Alabama has received the #148th rank among the best colleges in the National Universities (in 2022). Thus, it is sure to provide the best campus life for all students, where they can also go through one of more than 600 student organizations and internships.

University of Alabama – An Overview

The University of Alabama is one of the oldest and largest public universities in Alabama and was originally established in the year 1820. It was opened for students in 1831 and had ranked among the very best (universities) in the nation from its first date until now. With beautiful college campuses, architecture, and modern facilities, this university has become a good place for students to gain knowledge. The university itself has considered this place with the words “Where legends are made.”


The University of Alabama offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs for many students. There was a fall in student strength in the university in the last few years, but the strength is improving with the development of the college.  

Some of the main departments offered by this university are the following:

  • College of Engineering
  • College of Human Environmental Sciences
  • College of Law
  • College of Arts & Science
  • College of Human Environmental Sciences
  • College of Nursing 

If you are looking for the best place to study, where you can also take part in extracurricular activities to develop skills, then the University of Alabama could be the best choice. The university is primarily focused on providing students with the best student life, maximum safety and support, the best student housing, and above all, the best education. 

TypePublic research university
Established dateDecember 18, 1820.
Opened for students onApril 1831
Parent institutionUniversity of Alabama System
Academic calendar followedSemester system
LocationTuscaloosa, Alabama
Phone(205) 348-5666

 If you are looking for further information regarding the University of Alabama’s admissions, acceptance, rate, GPA, and related details, then you can find all of them in this article. 

University of Alabama – Ranking 2022

The University of Alabama is ranked #148 in National University Rankings in the year 2022. This ranking was based on the performance of the students and the colleges in specific fields. Apart from this, there are several other rankings in which the University of Alabama has achieved a good position. Some of them are the following.

  • Rank #470 in Global Universities 2022
  • Rank #86 – Best Colleges for Veterans
  • Rank #385 – Top Performers in Social Mobility
  • Rank #96 – Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs
  • Rank #466 – Best Schools in 2022
  • Rank #23 – Best Management Information System Schools in 2022
  • Rank #278 – Best Business, Management & Marketing Schools in 2022 

The University of Alabama achieved top ranks in UA for Best General Family & Consumer Sciences Master’s Degree Schools in the Southeast Region, Best Mathematics & Statistics Bachelor’s Degree Schools in Alabama, etc. 

University of Alabama Admissions 

The University of Alabama has held a selective acceptance rate of around 80% in the last few years and has around 200 graduate programs (70+ undergraduate programs) for undergraduate and postgraduate candidates. Some of the main UG programs are accounting, communication studies, history, hospitality management, human development, and family studies. At the same time, engineering, nursing, social work, and business education are the major study areas of the PG programs. The university currently holds a strength of 38,563 students, of which 33,305 students are from the undergraduate programs and the rest 5,258 from the post-graduate program.

Application PortalUniversity Site or Common Application
Application fee$15 for readmissions, $40 for Post Graduates
Minimum ACT Score23-32
University of Alabama tuition11,620 USD – Local tuition, 31,090 USD – Domestic tuition

University of Alabama Admission Process

The admission process can be done through online methods, and it involves applying for a certain program by visiting the university website or by other means.

Applying for any course at the University of Alabama involves

  1. Checking the necessary materials that are to be submitted and visiting the application form.
  2. Log in and complete the application.
  3. Upload additional materials (if necessary), and check the application regularly.

Important Things to Consider During the Admission Process

  • Most of the departments at the University of Alabama have rolling or semester-specific deadlines for admissions, getting scholarships, assistantships, and fellowships.
  • An applicant is allowed to apply for a maximum of two programs at a time. For that, the individual will have to complete a second application by paying the necessary fee.
  • It is important to provide all the necessary materials at the time of application, and all of them must be in a proper format.
  • Typical SAT scores required by the University of Alabama are 540-660 for reading and writing and 530-670 for math.
  • The admission fee (application fee) for readmissions is $15, and for transients and postgraduates, it is $40. 

University of Alabama Admission Requirements

  • Application fee payment
  • Online application form
  • Application fee payment
  • Unofficial admission scores
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Language scores 

University of Alabama GPA requirements 

A GPA of 3.71 is considered above average at the University of Alabama, and you will need a mix of A’s and B’s. For lower GPA scores, one must have higher SAT and ACT scores.


Academic Life at the University of Alabama 

Academic life at the University of Alabama is sure to provide an outstanding experience for the students. From the simple facilities on the campus, like the morning walk on the Riverwalk, Gorgas for late-night study sessions to complete safety and security measures are available there. The campus is developed in such a way to encourage all sorts of skills like arts and culture (music, dance, theatre performance, art galleries, exhibitions, poetry, etc.), athletics, etc.

University of Alabama Acceptance Rate for the 2022-2023 Session

The University of Alabama acceptance rate is expected to be around 62 percent in 2022-2023 (as suggested by the experts). Most of the applicants admitted to the University hold an SAT Score between 1070 and 1330 or an Act score of 23 and 31.


University of Alabama Admissions – A Recap

The University of Alabama has provided an online admission process; thus, it has become easier for students to visit their website for further information. It offers around 200 programs for undergraduate and postgraduate candidates and also provides the best campus facilities for them. With #148, the University of Alabama ranking among the best national universities. It offers an excellent education by providing the latest learning facilities and features.

university of alabama


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