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May 11, 2022 | Turito Team USA

university of alabama acceptance rate

The University of Alabama is a public education institution founded in 1831. During the Fall 2020 session, the total undergraduate enrollment was around 31,670. The university has an urban setting, and the campus size measures up to 1,143 acres. The university follows a semester-based academic calendar.

The University of Alabama also has a flagship campus. This is the Tuscaloosa campus – also referred to as the Capstone. The academic life at the University of Alabama is full of vigor and enthusiasm. There are around 500 student organizations and clubs and 70 fraternities and sororities. 

General Information about the University of Alabama 

School Type Public Co-Ed
Founding Year 1831
Setting semi-Urban
Academic Calendar Semester
Phone (205) 348-6010

University of Alabama Rankings- 2022

The rankings given to Universities and schools depend on their performance. 

  • The ranking of the University of Alabama is number 148 among National Universities.
  • It has a ranking of number 86 in Best Colleges for Veterans.
  • The University of Alabama has a ranking of number 132 in Best Value Schools.

While securing admission to the University of Alabama can intimidate young students. There are a few things you must keep in mind to make the University of Alabama admissions process easy and fast.

These points include keeping track of the –

  • University of Alabama Acceptance Rate
  • Alabama ACT requirements
  • Alabama GPA requirements
  • SAT requirements

This article will help you through the various University of Alabama admission requirements. These include- the Alabama acceptance rate, Alabama GPA, and Alabama ACT requirements. 

University of Alabama Admissions

If you want to get into the University of Alabama, you must pay attention to the school’s acceptance rate. The University of Alabama’s acceptance rate indicates the competitiveness of the admission process. 

The University of Alabama’s Acceptance Rate is 59.1 percent. The University of Alabama’s Acceptance Rate is a little higher than other universities. The University of Alabama is a little selective during its admission process. The university expects its students to match the UA acceptance rate. This includes the GPA and SAT/ACT requirements. This school is flexible in its admission process compared to other schools. A student should exceed the University of Alabama admission requirements and scores. He then has a high chance of getting selected. 

University of Alabama GPA Requirements

The University specifies the required GPA. It is only a small score that students must reach. This small score enables students to further submit their applications. It lets them take part in the admission process. 

The average GPA required at the college is 3.71. The University of Alabama requires students to be above average in their schools. Most students who get admitted into the University have a mix of A’s and B’s. 

If it is too late for you to improve your GPA score, you can focus on scoring better on your SATs and ACTs. It is better to focus on scoring well in other admission requirements if your GPA is below 3.71. Having a high ACT and SAT score will help students compete well against other students. 

University of Alabama Admission Requirements- SAT and ACT Requirements

Most schools only need students to submit their SAT or ACT scores for admission. Some schools may also need students to submit their SAT subject tests. Students applying to the University of Alabama must appear for their SAT and ACTs. They must aim for a high score on either of the exams. 

University of Alabama Admissions – SAT Requirements

The average SAT score composite required at the University of Alabama is 1184 on the 1600 scale. This makes the University a little competitive. A score of 1280 will move students above average, while a score of 1060 will move them below average. Let us view the breakdown of SAT scores – 

Section Average 25th Percentile 75th Percentile
Reading and Writing 594 540 640
Math 589 520 640
Composite 1184 1060 1280

SAT Score Choice Strategy

The score choice policy of the University of Alabama is a crucial admission policy. This means that students can select the SAT scores they want to send to the University. The University will consider only the highest SAT score from the angle highest test date. The SAT score choice policy will help candidates select which tests they should send. That also means that students can take SATs as many times as they want to. They can later submit their highest score, which the school will consider. 

This policy makes many students hopeful about securing admission to the school. If your SAT is below 1184, you can take more tests. You can improve your score to increase your chances of getting selected. 

University of Alabama ACT Requirements

The University of Alabama is a little competitive in its ACT score requirements. If your ACT score is too low or below average, there are chances that you might get rejected. The average ACT score required at the University of Alabama is 27. If your ACT score is 23 and below, you might not succeed in getting a seat at the University of Alabama. 

ACT Score Sending Policy

The UA acceptance rate at the university is high. Submitting your ACT score instead of the SAT score will put you at an advantage. You have an advantage in sending scores. This would help you increase your chances of getting selected at the University. 

Students can decide which tests they can send to the University. For example, if you took five tests, you do not have to send in the scores of each test. Instead, you can submit the test scores with the highest scores. This process increases your chances of improving your ACT scores. The University’s lowest ACT score need is 27, and you should try to reach it at the least. 

ACT Superscore Policy

Most schools do not follow the ACT superscoring policy. This means that they do not consider the best section scores from the test you submit. Most schools only consider your highest ACT score from a single sitting. The ACT superscore policy at the University of Alabama is not available. Most likely, the University does not superscore the ACT. Students can send in their highest ACT scores for admission.

Other Admission Requirements- SAT/ACT Writing Section Requirements

As most students know, the SAT and ACT have an optional essay section. The University of Alabama requires its students to take the essay writing section. This is an important factor in their admission process. 

SAT Subject Test Requirements

The information on the SAT subject test for the UA is unknown. Students must visit the official website of the University of Alabama. They can confirm the admission requirements for this section.

The University of Alabama is a little selective in its admission process. An SAT score of 1280 and an ACT score of 31 will help students strengthen their chances of getting selected. The University of Alabama’s Acceptance Rate is 59.1 percent. This acceptance rate indicates that students have to be above average. This will help them guarantee admission into the University. Your GPA should fall around 3.71 or above. The University of Alabama does not need students to submit letters of recommendation. The university also does not need other certificates if the student’s SAT/ACT/GPA scores are high.

Final Admissions Verdict

Let us look at the admission requirements at the University of Alabama. This will help increase the chances of UA’s acceptance rate. 

  • SAT or ACT scores – Required
  • SAT Essay or ACT Writing – Required
  • GPA Scores – Required

Coursework Requirements- 

Subject Years Required
English 4
Math 3
Science 3
Foreign Language 1
Social Studies 4
History Electives 5

Deadline and Early Admission Details – AU

  • Regular Admission
    • Yes
    • May 1
    • Rolling
  • Early Action
    • No
  • Early Decision
    • No

Recap: UA Acceptance Rate and Admission Requirements

The University of Alabama enrolls approximately 39,000 students each year. Experts expect the UA acceptance rate to be 62 percent in 2022-2023. Students can visit the official website to find more details about the admission procedure. Students with F-1 or J-1 visas can work while attending the University of Alabama. They do not require approval from International Student and Scholar Services for this. 

The University of Alabama has a competitive admissions procedure, which involves analyzing and evaluating each application on an individual basis for an applicant’s qualities as a student and scholar. Transcripts are reviewed by the Undergraduate International Admissions Office in the context of the institution, program, and country. For some schools, applicants may be required to provide extra documentation and valid SAT/ACT scores. So, gear up for the exams if you want to be admitted to the University of Alabama.

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