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University of Connecticut Admission Requirements

Apr 27, 2022

After finishing high school, students aspire to take admitted into reputed grad schools. They usually shortlist the options based on the merits of the institution. In this article, you can find everything regarding UConn admissions, such as the University of Connecticut acceptance rate, UConn GPA requirements, UConn SAT requirements, and much more. However, before discussing the UConn acceptance rate, let’s know about the college itself.

UConn College Overview

The University of Connecticut or UConn is a public research university in Storrs, Connecticut. It is one of the top-ranked institutions in the state. This University was established in the year 1881 (as the Storrs Agricultural School) and became a land-grant institution in 1894. In the Best Colleges 2022 edition, the University of Connecticut is ranked as the 63rd best national university. 


University tuition and fees for out-of-state students are $41,192 and $18,524 for in-state students. The university offers over 117 undergraduate majors, eight undergraduate degrees, 15+ graduate programs, and 6 professional degree programs across 14 schools and colleges. It has 30,000+ students, 24 percent from outside the United States. The college has over 1500 faculty members working with various academic institutions and corporations worldwide. 

UConn is approximately 30 minutes from Hartford, 60 minutes from Providence, Rhode Island, and 90 minutes from Boston. On-campus, students can participate in over 450 clubs and organizations, including more than 30 fraternities and sororities, without going out of their way. They also have access to the school’s ice rink and a movie theatre on campus. Sports are popular among UConn students, and the Huskies’ basketball teams compete in the NCAA Division I American Athletic Conference. 


What is the UConn Acceptance Rate?

The University of Connecticut’s acceptance rate is 56%, ranking it sixth in the state. Only 19,316 of the 34,437 applicants were accepted to UConn last year, making it an even more difficult school to get into even after meeting the requirements. This University typically admits students who score in the top 22 percent of their tests along with A- averages in high school. Last year only 20% of those admitted chose to attend the school. The majority of the graduating high school seniors are in the topmost ranks of their class.

What are the UConn GPA requirements?

Most universities in the US require a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA), but this is usually the bare minimum requirement to apply without being immediately rejected. To be eligible for admission in most of the schools candidates must have a minimum 3 GPA score. However, the UConn GPA requirements are a bit higher. Therefore, to get admitted to the college, you must meet the UConn average GPA criteria, i.e., 3.76, including a good mix of A’s and B’s. 


If your score is lesser than the UConn average GPA requirement, AP and IB courses can help you compensate for a lower GPA. This will demonstrate to the admission officer that you can handle more difficult coursework than the average high school student. Changing GPAs during college applications is challenging for juniors or seniors. GPAs below 3.76 necessitate higher SAT or ACT scores to compensate. It will benefit you over other applicants with higher grades.

What are the UConn SAT requirements?

The high school’s SAT scores assess a student’s ability in reading, writing, and mathematics, all of which are important for academic success in college. The UConn SAT scores are 1420 in the 75th percentile and 1210 in the 25th percentile. This means that a score of 1210 is considered below average, whereas a score of 1420 is considered above average. Therefore, to fulfill UConn SAT requirements, you must have an SAT score of at least 1210, which is not an absolute requirement.


The new UConn SAT scores are broken down as follows:

SectionAverage Score25%75%
Critical Reading & Writing645600690

Along with UConn SAT scores and GPA, students should also know about the ACT requirements. UConn’s 25th percentile score on the ACT is 26, while the 75th percentile score is 31. To put it another way, a 26 score on the ACT means you’re below average, while a 31 means you’re above average. UConn does not require a specific ACT score, but a score of 26 or higher is strongly preferred.


What else should be considered during UConn admissions?

Those applying for the first year must be enrolled in an approved high school course. Graduates must have completed at least 16 credits, 15 of which must be college preparation. In addition, all first-year applicants must have studied the subjects listed below in high school.

  • Four years of English language study
  • Two-Year course in a single foreign language (3 years strongly recommended)
  • Three years of Maths (algebra I, algebra II, and geometry or their equivalents)
  • Two years of laboratory science
  • Two-year course in social studies (including one year of US history)
  • Three years of electives
  • Applicants to the School of Nursing must have completed chemistry in high school.
  • Applicants to the School of Engineering must have completed Physics and Chemistry in high school.

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions recalculates first-year candidates’ grade point averages as part of the admissions assessment process. In addition, AP, IB, and Honors courses in core subjects are now considered when calculating a student’s grade point average, allowing the admissions committee to compare all applications on the same basis.


UConn requires two years of proven foreign language study for students whose native language is English. UConn accepts American Sign Language (ASL) for people whose first language is not English. Foreign language studies in middle school are acceptable if they continue into high school. Students who did not complete two years of foreign language study in high school or were advised against it due to a learning difference will still be considered for admission to UConn.

Common Application Accepted
An essay or Personal StatementRequired
Letter of Recommendations 2
Application Fee$80

What are the UConn admissions requirement for International Students?

International candidates will be eligible for UConn admissions (as a first-year students) if they fulfill the following conditions:

  • International first-year applicants must have completed secondary school (equivalent to grades 9-12 in the United States) and be eligible to enroll in a university in their home country before the anticipated start date at the University of Connecticut.
  • To be well-prepared for college, students outside the United States should have completed high school education in English (if available), mathematics, physical science, and social science. Students who want to go to nursing or engineering schools must have completed physics and chemistry in high school.
  • International candidates who have completed all four years of secondary school in the United States have the exact first-year admission requirements as domestic students.

What are the admission requirements for transferred candidates?

Suppose you are currently enrolled or have previously been enrolled in an eligible postsecondary institution and have completed 12 or more courses since high school graduation. In that case, you are considered a transfer student by the University of Connecticut.

Transfer student applicants are evaluated holistically. The application components are the grade point average, previous coursework that meets UConn’s General Education Requirements, and current academic status.

To be enrolled as a transfer candidate, you must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Academic courses that are similar to General Education Requirements.
  • A cumulative CPA of 2.7 on a 4.0 scale is required (Note: Certain programs with limited enrollment require a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher for consideration). Meeting the minimum GPA requirement does not guarantee admission; other criteria such as SAT and relevant skills will also be evaluated.
  • Students expelled for any reason (academic or disciplinary) must complete one year of challenging, full-time academic coursework at another institution before being admitted to UConn. 

Transfer students from International regions must meet the exact requirements of domestic students.

Final Words

So, as you have learned about the University of Connecticut acceptance rate, UConn average GPA, the SAT score, and other admission requirements, here are some additional details that may help you calculate the admission chances. The regional campuses are expected to have over 1,600 first-year students: Stamford (650), Hartford (550), Waterbury (225), and Avery Point (1,025 total) (200). In addition, around 650 of the 850 transfer students will be based in Storrs, where UConn hopes to welcome them. 

The number of first-year students at UConn Storrs will increase by 145 in the spring 2023 semester. The undergraduate student body at UConn has traditionally been composed of approximately 77 percent Connecticut residents and 23 percent non-residents; this trend is expected to continue in the future. So, prepare for the admission exams well if you aspire to study at UConn.

uconn acceptance rate


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