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Mar 2, 2022 | Turito Team USA

university of oklahoma acceptance rate

The University of Oklahoma is a prestigious institution committed to imparting world-class education to students. Founded in 1890, the university today offers various courses to students of different nationalities. Every year the University of Oklahoma enrolls nearly twenty-nine thousand students. 

The University Of Oklahoma Acceptance Rate is estimated at around 80%. With a slightly better OU Acceptance rate, you can confidently apply for admission. Most of the students who got accepted to OU had SAT scores between 1110 and 1310. Students also need a composite ACT score of a minimum of 23. It is also estimated that the University Of Oklahoma GPA Requirements range between 3.28 and 3.57. In 2021 Oklahoma’s acceptance Rate was calculated to be around 72%.

Ranking of the University of Oklahoma

Oklahoma University is ranked 127 on the top National University list. Today, students worldwide can earn bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees from the University. Subjects taught at OU include literature, science, fine arts, engineering, business, education, and many more. OU is also engaged in various research fields. 

Students of OU participate in a wide array of student activities like sports, television stations, and radio. OU offers numerous extracurricular activities apart from teaching course subjects. All the activities aim at improving the skill set of students in the long run. Having a brief about all the facilities available, let’s look at the University Of Oklahoma Admission Requirements.

University Of Oklahoma Admission Requirements

While planning to take admitted into Oklahoma University, the first question that comes to your mind is- what are the OU Admission Requirements? Though many aspects are included in this university’s admission. It would be best if you primarily focused on the following:

  • OU GPA Requirements.
  • ACT and SAT score requirements.
  • Essay writing.

In this article, you will get to know the OU Acceptance rate and OU Admission Requirements to increase your chances of selection. If you want to enroll in OU, the first thing to notice is the Oklahoma Acceptance rate because it tells you the level of competition. The average University Of Oklahoma Acceptance Rate is calculated at around 80%. This means that in every 100 students, 80 are granted admission by fulfilling various OU Admission Requirements.

From the available data, it can be said that OU is slightly competitive. If you fulfill the University Of Oklahoma Admission Requirements, consisting of SAT score, ACT score, and OU GPA Requirements, you will undoubtedly get an admission offer.

University Of Oklahoma Acceptance Rate

When students apply for admission to Oklahoma University, they are skeptical about their chances of success. However, from the available data of the previous year, 12,603 out of 15,673 applicants received the admission offer. These figures only increase the OU Acceptance Rate and make it an easy college to take admission. But when you look at the University Of Oklahoma GPA Requirements, it might seem challenging. Generally, students who score in the top 36% are given admission.

University Of Oklahoma GPA Requirements

You must be wondering what are the OU GPA Requirements to secure a seat at the university. From the available data, it is estimated that the average OU GPA Requirement for a freshman was nearly 3.59 on a scale of 4. Therefore, it will be perfect to say that only the B+ high school students meet the OU Admission Requirements.

The following table demonstrates the Oklahoma Acceptance rate according to the University Of Oklahoma GPA Requirements.

School GPA University Of Oklahoma Acceptance Rate Competitiveness 
3.75+ 39% Good
3.50-3.75 25% Average
3.25-3.50 20% Average-
3.00-3.25 11% Low
2.75-3.00 5% Low

SAT Score Requirements To Increase OU Acceptance rate

Students’ SAT scores play a vital role in getting admission to Oklahoma University. Let’s find out the average SAT score for the University Of Oklahoma Admission Requirements. Typically, admission officers want applicants to be among the top 39% of SAT test-takers. In addition, the university generally wants your SAT score to be at least 1110. If you score anything below this figure, your chances of getting admission might be less.

The OU ranks 2 in Oklahoma for considering the highest SAT score for granting admission. The average SAT score is estimated to be 1210 out of 1600. The following table demonstrates the SAT score required for increasing the Oklahoma Acceptance rate.

SAT score OU Acceptance Rate Competitiveness 
1310+ 87% and above Good 
1210-1310 80-87% Above Average
1110-1210 70-80% Below Average
1010-1110 58-70% Reach
Below 1010 58% Low

ACT Score For OU Admission Requirement

Your ACT score is essential for the University Of Oklahoma Admission Requirements. Previous years’ admission data indicates that Oklahoma University grants admission to only those whose ACT score is above 23. In some cases, the school accepts an ACT score as low as 20. 

Applicants with an ACT score of 26 or above are given top priority when offered admission. Therefore, students with 29 or higher ACT scores stand a great chance of getting into OU. It would help to focus on scoring exceptional marks on the ACTs to enhance your chance of getting into OU. The following table will give a clear idea about the ACT score and its competitiveness.

ACT score OU Acceptance Rate Competitiveness 
29+ 87% and above Good 
26-29 80-87% Above Average
23-26 70-80% Below Average
20-23 58-70% Reach
Below 20 58% Low

Benefits Of Sending ACT Score Over SAT Score

At OU, you get the choice of sending either SAT score or ACT score. If you plan to send your ACT score instead of SAT, you will have a more significant advantage in securing a seat. In SAT scores, applicants need to send all the test scores irrespective of the marks obtained in different subjects. But when you send your ACT score, you get the chance to send the only highest-scoring test results. You get an excellent opportunity to improve your ACT score by taking as many tests as you want. When you earn a score that satisfies your goal, you can send it to the university. 

Superscore policy for ACT

Superscore means that a college combines the highest section score from your submitted test dates to get the best possible score. Most schools do not practice the ACT superscore policy. Still, at Oklahoma University, you had the opportunity to submit only the highest ACT scores. So keep preparing and taking the ACT until you reach the target score of 23 or higher.

Essay Writing Requirements for Oklahoma University

Essay writing is optional for applying with both SAT scores or ACT scores. Unlike other schools, OU does not give much weightage to essay writing in admission applications. So, you do not need to pay much attention to showcasing your writing skills to impress the admission officers.

Subject Test Requirements For SAT

All the colleges have different SAT subject test requirements. Some selective colleges require SAT scores, while most rely on your ACT score for granting admission. OU is hugely regarded as slightly selective. The University Of Oklahoma Acceptance Rate mostly depends on the average GPA and ACT score. You have a good chance of getting into Oklahoma University till your SAT score does not fall below average. If you meet all other admission requirements, you will surely secure a seat in the school with an SAT score of 1130.

OU Academic Life

At Oklahoma University, for every 17 students, one faculty is assigned. As a result, 47% of college classes have less than 20 students. This improves the chances of individual attention being given to students for a better learning experience. OU offers degree courses in business, fine arts, humanities, science, psychology, visual arts, social science, biomedical sciences, and education. The average student satisfaction and freshman retention are calculated at 89%.

Student Life At OU

For fall 2020, 21,383 students enrolled in various undergraduate programs. This figure included 51 percent female students and 49 percent male students. In addition, 29 percent of Oklahoma University students live in school-owned housing, whereas 71 percent of students live off-campus. Oklahoma University is a part of the NCAAI in the sports sector.


Admission decision at Oklahoma University not only depends on the GPA, SAT, or ACT score of applicants. These scores are crucial for admission, but you must also focus on coursework, letter of recommendation, extracurricular activities, and personal statements. By improving the above-mentioned parts, you have a great chance of succeeding among your competitors.

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