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University of waterloo – Admissions, Rankings, and Acceptance Rates

Feb 13, 2023

When the University of Waterloo, a public research institution, initially opened its doors in 1957, only 74 engineering students could participate in cooperative education. The University of Waterloo has been Canada’s top research university for 14 years running, according to Research Infosource 2021. 

There are four campuses for the University of Waterloo, one each in Ontario, Cambridge, Kitchener, and Stratford. Three of the four campuses of Cambridge, Kitchener, and Stratford are the satellite, with Ontario as the main campus. The campus’s overall land area is close to 1,000 acres.


About the University of waterloo:

Seventy-four engineering students were enrolled when the University opened and began running. It now enrolls more than 42,000 students each academic year.

The University of Waterloo is ranked first in Canada for experiential learning and links between employers and students. The institution has created 5000+ jobs through its business incubator, Velocity, with 7100+ active co-op employers and programs to strengthen the students’ entrepreneurial abilities.


Around 220,000 graduates from the institution are part of the network, with members in 151 different nations. Waterloo University is located in Canada. The main campus is located in Southwest Ontario. In Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, N2L 3G1, 200 University Ave. W. is the University’s complete address.

In the 2022 national rankings, Macleans claims that the University of Waterloo will be ranked top in Canada for experiential learning. According to Macleans, the University of Waterloo is the most innovative. For the year 2022, the University of Waterloo is ranked between 201-250 globally by THE (Times Higher Education) – University Ranking, #199 globally by US News & World Report, and #149 globally by QS – World University Ranking.


Evaluation of the University of Waterloo application:

For admission to the University of Waterloo, 40,000 people can apply. About 22% of undergraduate and 40% graduate students at the University are of foreign heritage. The University has a 53% acceptance rate, making it a somewhat challenging college for admissions. Its prestigious programs, which include courses in computer science, engineering, math, and cooperative education, only accept 4.3% of applicants.

  • For most courses at the University of Waterloo, admission begins a year before the start of the program. Classes only begin in September, and the bachelor’s program deadlines are in February. For master’s programs, there are two main admissions periods: January and May.
  • Admission to the University of Waterloo requires a minimum academic grade of 75% and an IELTS band score of 6.5. In addition, supporting documentation, including letters of recommendation, personal essays, and academic records, is needed.
  • All offers of admission for UG courses will be made public by the middle of May. In the case of graduate programs, decision results are communicated within 5–6 weeks of application submission.
  • More than 100 undergraduate and almost 190 graduate courses are available to international students. Business and accounting, math and computing, architecture, and urban planning are all well-liked subjects at the University of Waterloo.

The University has not stated how an application is assessed for undergraduate admissions. However, for graduate admissions, a comparatively uncomplicated method has been devised.


Three steps are involved in reviewing and processing an application for graduate admission: –

The first step is to review the academic unit (concerned faculty or school). Then, it considers various factors, such as prior coursework, overall performance, references, research, etc. 

The application is subsequently evaluated for admissions eligibility by the Associate Dean’s Office which assesses an application for admissions eligibility.


If ADO approves the application, it is referred to the Graduate Studies Office for additional review. Here, activities like looking over departmental specifications and ensuring admissibility are finished. If GSO agrees, an admissions offer is made.

What is the University of Waterloo’s acceptance rate?

Recent high school grads are eager to begin their new studies. The first decision a graduating student must make is which University to attend. The University’s decision becomes much more crucial when choosing a higher education institution for a postgraduate, doctoral, or postdoctoral program.


Educational institutions from all around the world can be grouped according to specific rankings and requirements. Students from various countries and geographic areas make every effort to gain admission to the best colleges around the globe. Because of this, there is more rivalry for every seat that the best colleges provide.

Among all educational institutions in history, Harvard, Oxford, Stanford, Cambridge, etc., are undoubtedly the most prestigious. However, the top 200, top 250, and top 500 colleges worldwide do not include many other reputable institutions.


Any student accepted to one of the top 500 colleges is regarded as having accomplished much. Therefore, the most typical tendency among overseas students is to seek higher education in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc.

Acceptance rate:

  • 53% of applicants are accepted overall at the University of Waterloo. It suggests that the University takes 53 out of every 100 applications. However, the rate becomes quite competitive if we divide it by faculties.
  • As an illustration, the acceptance rate in fields like math, cooperative education, engineering, and computer science is only 4.3%.
  • The trends for international students are overwhelmingly in their favor. For example, 40% of graduate and 22% of undergraduate students are from abroad.

Admission to the University’s undergraduate and graduate programs occurs at different times and quantities.

The admissions process starts each year in January, with a deadline in February. Only once a year are admissions available for undergraduate programs. The process typically starts a year before the start of the academic year. Bachelor’s course semesters usually begin in September. Both domestic and international students may apply for undergraduate programs.

Graduate admissions are open three times a year, in the fall, spring, and winter. In addition, there are two central admissions seasons for graduate (master’s) programs in January and May.

The Final Talk

The University ranks among the best in the world thanks to its top-notch instruction, global enrolment, research, and startup culture. However, the Engineering Faculty of the University of Waterloo is its most well-known characteristic.

The University of Waterloo’s engineering program is the most well-known. However, the management sciences and accounting also have a recognized university department.

University of Waterloo


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