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Expression in Math’s: A Comprehensive Review 

May 14, 2024

Sometimes, the reason why people struggle to understand mathematical concepts is not necessarily that the concepts are hard but rather that the language used to communicate them is unfamiliar to them—the language of mathematics. Expression of the kinds of ideas that mathematicians want to express is made simple by the language of Mathematics. 

The language of mathematics is crisp, concise, and strong. All languages have a vocabulary (words) and a set of rules for combining these words to form sentences, which are entire ideas. This also applies to mathematics. Wondering what an expression is in Mathematics? Here is a detailed overview. 


What is an Expression in Math’s?

In mathematics, expressions are statements that comprise at least two terms, which can be variables, numbers, or both, and are joined by an operator. When a variable value or an unknown number is present, an expression can be used for representation. It aids in the more explicit and straightforward solution of real-world issues. 

You would need to identify the term that is unknown and declare a variable to represent it before you could construct an expression of this type. 


Examples of Expression in Math’s

The expression is composed of (number/variable, math operator, and number/variable). 


An expression can have an unlimited number of examples. Like:

  • 3a-1
  • 4x+3
  • -6+7+2
  • 2f+3/6
  • c2

These are acceptable mathematical expressions because they are composed of variables, numbers, and mathematical operators. 


For instance, 4+-3 is not an acceptable expression since no term comes after the plus sign (you can’t write +- with nothing in between these operators). 

7+8 (a, is poorly constructed due to the imbalanced parentheses. 


Types of Expression in Math’s

Mathematical expressions can be divided into three main categories based on the types of terms used. Fractional expressions, algebraic expressions, and arithmetic or numerical expressions are some of these categories.

Numerical Expression

Mathematical operators are used to combine integer values to create numerical expressions. An expression in mathematics that consists just of numbers plus one or more operation symbols is called a numerical expression. The addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division symbols are a few examples of operation symbols. The two terms that make up the term “numerical expression” are “expression,” which means phrase, and “numerical,” which means numbers. The number can be expressed in a variety of ways, including word form and numerical form. It can also be stated using the absolute value sign or the radical symbol, which is the square root symbol.


Constructing Numerical Expressions

Let us understand with an example.

Tom has ten mangoes. He eats 4 of them and gives 3 of them to her friend Sarah and 1 to Susan. Thirteen more mangoes are offered to Tom by his mother when she sees her later. How many mangoes does Tom ultimately have altogether?


Starting with ten mangoes, Tom gives away four (3+1), eats four and then receives an additional thirteen from his mother. Consequently, the numerical expression is





Fractional Expression

A fractional expression is a numerical or algebraic statement expressed as a ratio between two variables. One method of expressing a ratio between two quantities is to write fractional expressions. Fractional expressions are commonly used to represent fractions. 

Common Examples are:

x-y/ 3, a+b/c, a+bc/2+1, 16/5 

Algebraic Expression

When addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and other operations are performed on variables and constants, the mathematical statement is an algebraic expression. An algebraic term might be a variable or a single number. 

Finding the simplified term of the given expression is the goal of simplifying the algebraic statement. In order to factorize or simplify the equation, you must first understand how to factor a number, combine like words, and arrange operations. For the sake of simplification, as terms combine, grouping variables of the same degree and separating constant terms is necessary. It has the following types:

Monomial Expression

It has a single-term expression with non-negative exponential integers like a3

Binomial Expression

It is an expression created by taking two monomials and adding or subtracting them, like x2+2zy. 

Trinomial Expression

It is an expression created by changing three monomials’ values like 3c3+4ac+2ab.

Polynomial Expression

Expressions with polynomials contain two or more terms. This applies to any expressions containing four or more terms, including trinomials and binomials like 3a-4c+3ab+2c+d.

How To Simplify Math’s Expressions

Algebraic and arithmetic expressions can be simplified in two different ways. You can simplify them using the BODMAS rule (also known as the PEMDAS rule). When simplifying algebraic expressions, like terms, they can be added or deleted. Terms with the same variable raised to the same power are said to be like terms. Therefore, by adding the coefficients of two or more comparable terms, you can easily add or subtract them. 

The Bodmas rule is applied in the following way: B stands for brackets, O for order of powers or roots, D for division, and M for multiplication, A stands for addition, S for subtraction. Multiple operator mathematical equations must be solved in the BODMAS order, starting from the left and working your way right. 

Terms Found in a Mathematical Expression 

The parts of a Math’s expression are:


A constant is a number or value that remains constant in its expression.


A variable is a quantity that is either changeable or non-fixed, depending on the mathematical operation carried out. 


A term can be a variable, a number, the product of two or more variables, or the product of a variable and a number. 


Mathematical operations like subtraction, addition, multiplication, and division are all included in expressions.


The “nouns” of mathematics, which are used to designate mathematical objects of interest, and the “sentences” of mathematics, which express whole mathematical thoughts, are integral parts of understanding the language of mathematics.

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What is the difference between an expression and an equation?

A number, a variable, or a mix of variables, numbers, and operation symbols make up an expression. When two expressions are joined by an equal sign, an equation is created.

What is the application of mathematical expression?

The first step in helping you develop fundamental arithmetic thinking and logic is teaching them how to apply math operations to numbers. Creating mathematical expressions with the corresponding ability provides a solid basis for learning algebra and applying appropriate mathematical models to real-world issues.

Are multiple operators allowed in expressions?

Yes, expressions can have more than one operator. The sequence in which the operations are carried out depends on the order in which they are completed. 

Expression in Maths


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