How to Achieve NAPLAN Success Using the Unlocking Key

Sep 23, 2022 | Turito Team USA

This national-level standardized test, NAPLAN, is still a topic of discussion in the education sector. Many argue that NAPLAN burdens students and parents unnecessarily and creates stress and anxiety. While others say, it is an excellent way of measuring a student’s basic skills and knowing where he stands in literacy and numeracy skills. However, NAPLAN should be considered another academic year exam without extra stress. Moreover, looking at the positive sides of it, it helps students in learning and excelling themselves. 

As the deadline for the NAPLAN test approaches, many parents and teachers worry about how their students/Kids will do. How well students will do on the test often depends on how they do under pressure and what strategies they use for the exam.  

Following these five practical and successful methods, you may excel in the upcoming NAPLAN test. 

  1.  Develop time management skills to improve NAPLAN results:

As in past years, many students will have their first exposure to NAPLAN testing. In terms of structure and topics, the online NAPLAN test is comparable to the paper-based NAPLAN exam. Examinees often express anxiety about running out of time. This situation is often the consequence of an inability to manage one’s time effectively. If kids usually run out of time during tests, you should look at the different parts of the test and how much time is given for each. Talk to your kid about how long they should spend on each question and how to solve it if they find themselves in a tricky situation. 

Kids should practice in the NAPLAN practice tests of previous years for all the grades, that is, NAPLAN practice tests year 3, NAPLAN practice tests year 7, NAPLAN practice tests year 5, NAPLAN practice tests year 9. Also there, they have answer keys published in PDF format on the same site. Section-wise papers can also be downloaded from the ACARA site. 

           2. Make proper use of the Internet (for NAPLAN sources):

Research and understand what people are discussing about NAPLAN tests and what best practices different parents or education providers follow to prepare their kids well. For example, as the NAPLAN test season starts, many online education institutes start publishing grade-wise best practices and various sample papers for NAPLAN. You can search and get hands-on for your kid’s NAPLAN practice tests for NAPLAN practice tests, NAPLAN practice tests for, and NAPLAN practice tests

              3. Brainstorming the different questions and ideas:

If a query is misunderstood, re-read the question before worrying and guessing. Teach students how to use the process of elimination while attempting to solve multiple-choice problems to increase their chances of picking the correct response. NAPLAN writing requires students to compose an informative, narrative, or persuasive essay. Many students find it challenging to generate new ideas during exams. Spending time discussing writing topics can help students prepare for the writing test and improve their brainstorming abilities. As a result, students will be ready and confident in their writing when the test arrives. 

                    4. The NAPLAN test format matters:

It is a great idea to start by becoming familiar with the test’s structure and layout if you wish to educate your child in getting ready for the NAPLAN exam. This will help you understand your child’s feelings about the test and what they hope to achieve. Additionally, practice tests for available to give your child a better idea of what to expect on test day. At the very least, these students should study the sample test to get familiar with the question patterns and paper format for the actual exam. This way, students will develop confidence and familiarize themselves with the NAPLAN exams’ organization, style, and language, ensuring they do not miss anything! 

                     5. Be positive and put more emphasis on the action than the result.

Focus on the process rather than the NAPLAN results to some extent. Think about how your child will benefit from the experience rather than what they will learn instead (which may cause anxiety and negatively affect test performance). Students participating in NAPLAN will learn about their areas of strength and potential for development. When parents/teachers compare results and emphasis on report cards of students, students tend to shy away. This might hinder their interest in studying for the next series. So they discuss their strengths and areas of improvement constructively.  

After a peaceful night’s sleep, you will feel revived! 

Yes, though it sounds stupid, it is very accurate in many aspects. A restful night’s sleep improves one’s capacity for concentration, decision-making, mathematical computation, and fast thought—all essential skills. Your child may have experienced significant effects from the previous test. Students benefit from routine morning rituals by feeling more normal, especially those who are anxious or pressured. Keep your professionalism level as you would on a typical school day. A child who is calm and ready for the day may benefit from a brief morning routine. A night of good sleep keeps the mind healthy and fresh, giving kids more confidence to face the subsequent tests. 

On a concluding note, key points to remember if you want to ace the NAPLAN tests are, 

  •  Time management 
  • Self-confidence 
  • NAPLAN practice tests 
  • Consistent practice 

Among all, self confidence NAPLAN practice tests frequently to get well versed with the format. Please communicate with teachers and classmates, know how they prepare, and ask about their best practices. There is  

With these tips, we conclude our article on “how to ace NAPLAN,” wishing you the best for the following NAPLAN exams.  

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