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General Tips to Ace NAPLAN Test

Nov 8, 2022

The objective of NAPLAN tests is to measure students’ fundamental skills across Australia. However, due to the factors like anxiety, student-teacher communication, and lack of practice, children’s test scores don’t always truly reflect their abilities. Stress levels frequently rise in homes when NAPLAN is just around. The NAPLAN test scores of students are heavily influenced by their exam technique and performance under test conditions rather than their understanding and ability. 

 This article will walk you through tried-and-true NAPLAN tips and tricks you can use to assist your child to succeed in this year’s NAPLAN. 


Section-wise NAPLAN Tips and Tricks to ace the tests: 

Tips for Naplan Reading: 

  • As you read, underline or highlight essential terms in the extract. Especially if you need to find data or statistics for an informative text, important phrases can be highlighted, circled, or underlined to make it simpler to see them again in the text. Also, it is time savior. 
  • Next time you do a practice paper, try reading the questions first. The benefit of this is that you will clearly understand the text’s subject matter and be aware of what to look for when you read it. Since we must ultimately respond to the predetermined questions to demonstrate reading comprehension, the likelihood that you will subconsciously search for these answers is higher if you are already familiar with the questions. 
  • Note whether the passage is an informational text or a narrative (story). Remind yourself to maintain track of the characters, setting, and plot if it is a narrative. Be conscious of the primary topic for each paragraph if the task is an essay or informational text. Note specific information or viewpoints in each section. 

Tips for Naplan Writing: 

One of those skills that can only be refined through practice is writing. Follow the below tips for the Naplan writing test to excel in exams. 

One best activities you can do to increase your speed and “Think & write on the spot” ability is having quick and rapid 10-15 minutes of writing activities daily. 

  • Choose any object, and in the following 10 minutes, write as much as you can about it. Don’t worry about how sophisticated your sentences are; instead, just concentrate on getting words down on paper.
  • The next step is to go back and proofread your work for 5 minutes. You can use your understanding of language and structures at this point. Do you use paragraphs when writing? Is there a beginning, an orientation, or a conclusion? This approach helps write skill development. 

Tips for Naplan Language convention: 

  • Reading! Reading! Yes, you heard it right. Reading provides the most accessible and accurate view of how language is used daily, making it the ideal approach to getting ready for the language convention test. 
  • The following grammar advice is to note down any sentences that you feel are different or complex. In this manner, you can save the format and use it when composing your sentences. 

Tips for Naplan Numeracy: 

  • The Naplan numeracy test’s two main components are constructed responses and multiple choices. You must practice Math daily for 1-2 hours to perform well on the numeracy test.
  • Regular practice with study materials from the previous five years can significantly improve your numeracy skills. Search for better mock tests and test books for Naplan online. Some of the trending terms you can use to land at better sources for Naplan preparation are, Naplan mock test 2022, Naplan test books year 3, Naplan test books year 5, Naplan test series online, Naplan test books year 7, Naplan numeracy year 9, Naplan test books year 9 and Naplan practice papers.  
  • Avoid focusing on a problem for too long, blocking your time for the next question. If you’re still unsure, cross off any that are incorrect and make a guess from the remaining options. Remember to remind yourself which responses are guesses, then refer back to them at the end if you are left with time. 

General tips for NAPLAN preparation: 

  • First, get yourself a copy of the NAPLAN test books for the year you will take the exam. These books will help you get familiarised with the types of questions that will be on the exam. 
  • Practice taking the exam under timed conditions. This will give you a wide idea of how much time to allot for sections in the exam. 
  • Make sure to review the material covered in the exam and practice as much as possible. With a bit of preparation and a proper study routine, you can ace the NAPLAN exam! 
  • Talk about how to answer specific types of queries: When answering multiple-choice questions, discuss how they can utilize the process of elimination to maximize their chances of selecting the proper response and practice doing it with them. 
  • Brainstorm with others: Students must compose an informational, narrative, or persuasive piece of writing for the NAPLAN Writing component. In this exam, coming up with creative writing ideas is essential. While some students have an abundance of innovative ideas, many students find it challenging to come up with outstanding ideas under exam pressure. 
  • Spend some time with the students before the writing exam, brainstorming writing topics in response to practice questions to help the students develop their writing & brainstorming abilities. The purpose of this exercise is to introduce students to the brainstorming process so they will be more prepared and self-assured when it comes time for the exam. 

Rest well and get a good sleep. A good night’s sleep improves concentration, decision-making skills, short- and long-term memory performance, math processing speed, and cognitive quickness, all of which are important for tests. 

Importantly, don’t take NAPLAN as a burden on you. Too much drilling in preparation is not required. Instead of taking stress during exam months, make NAPLAN study your daily routine. Learn lifetime skills, not just for the exams. This will make it easier to appear in any exams. 

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Tips to Ace NAPLAN


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