How To Prepare For The NAPLAN Numeracy Test

Sep 23, 2022 | Turito Team USA

With NAPLAN assessments on the horizon, parents around the country are thinking about how they can help their children feel confident and achieve their best results. We help and assist students preparing for NAPLAN math tests and those wishing to grow and achieve in math throughout the year at Mathnasium. Rather than rote learning, our philosophy emphasizes the development of actual numerical comprehension. Memorizing how to solve practice test problems without genuine abilities and comprehension does not help pupils with arithmetic in the long run. But, before we get into NAPLAN math test preparation, let’s learn more about NAPLAN and its initial objective. 

What exactly is NAPLAN? 

NAPLAN stood for National Assessment Program for Literacy and Numeracy in Australia and was initially launched in 2008. It established a framework to track the outcomes and evolution of students’ numeracy and literacy abilities from primary to secondary school across Australia. Before its implementation, individual evaluations were employed in many states. 

“NAPLAN test results offer information on how children do in the areas of reading and numeracy, and they help to enhance teaching and learning.” 

NAPLAN test results enable schools and systems to compare their students’ performances to national minimum requirements as well as student performance in other states and territories.” 

What was the goal of NAPLAN, and why was it implemented? 

NAPLAN was created to offer quantitative statistics. According to a NAPLAN report submitted to the Australian Parliament House in 2013, a core focus of NAPLAN was to identify students who were not meeting minimum standards in literacy and numeracy and to track a student’s progress in these subjects as they progressed through primary and secondary school. 

The purpose of NAPLAN has also been documented as providing information for key stakeholders such as education authorities to assist with decision-making, such as how schools perform against each other in comparable and disparate socioeconomic landscapes and the prevalence of adequate resourcing for schooling.

What is the purpose of the NAPLAN Numeracy test? 

In May, students in Years 3, 5, 7, and 9 take the NAPLAN math test. It’s goal is to evaluate student’s concentration in basic mathematics subjects appropriate for each year. It focuses on numbers and mathematics, measurement and geometry, and statistics and probability. Students are graded on fluency, problem-solving, and reasoning for each topic. 

How can you help your ward prepare for NAPLAN? 

Pre-test Preparation: Before starting NAPLAN, it is critical to check and keep track of your child’s arithmetic development. Math is not something that many students naturally find simple to comprehend, and this is frequently owing to how it is presented and split down into concepts. To learn more, go over their school reports, speak with instructors, and ask your child what they think about math. Make sure they do their math homework and encourage them to connect with their math instructor if they need additional help or requires any extended work. 

The great thing about math is that by individualising and utilising various learning strategies, kids who previously thought arithmetic difficult might improve their skills and talents in the subject. Whether your kid finds math challenging or easy, investing in math tuition will help your child prepare for and achieve their best performance in NAPLAN testing. We don’t just focus on NAPLAN tuition as a separate entity at Mathnasium; we look at your child’s general math and apply an Individualised Learning Plan that combines and promotes NAPLAN performance. Continuous math skill growth is essential. 

While practice tests might help your kid become acquainted with the format and nature of the impending test and aid in time management, merely repeating tests does not build on arithmetic topics, deepen comprehension, or provide a route for future math achievement. At Mathnasium, we think that combining a grasp of key abilities with question-type practice is the greatest way to prepare a student for any standardized test. 

Day of Test: Children may be concerned about taking the NAPLAN math test like any other test. To assist your child feel their best, ensure they slept well the night before and know what to anticipate on the day. Although many schools do not explicitly prepare children for NAPLAN, pupils must understand the exam format, how to complete it, and the kind of questions they might expect. With this information, people might feel less anxious and more certain that they are prepared and ready. 

How may NAPLAN Math Tutoring help you prepare? 

Taking NAPLAN math tests tutoring can help increase a student’s confidence and help them get better scores. The extra aid and customized attention allow a student to study mathematical subjects at their own pace and in their way, which fosters the acquisition of basic concepts, comprehension, and abilities and improves their ability to apply analytical thinking to problem-solving challenges. 

Encourage a Passion for Learning 

One of the greatest methods to prepare your child for the NAPLAN is to instill a passion for learning in him or her, as the exam is a reflection of the teachings and material received in the classroom. If you want your ward to perform better in the NAPLAN, you must instill appropriate study habits in him or her so that on test day, he or she feels comfortable and secure. 

When it comes to learning, it is critical that you have a good attitude. Your youngster should see school as an educational and exciting experience rather than a tedious duty that must be performed. 

Talk to teachers. 

Communicating with your kid’s teacher regularly is another great strategy to assist your child in preparing for the NAPLAN test. Communicating with the instructor may foster a healthy relationship between home and school, and enhance your child’s academic performance. Email, phone conversations, and parent-teacher conferences are all forms of communication. Teachers are qualified professionals, and their knowledge of the NAPLAN and your kid may be beneficial. These people are familiar with the test format and may assist you if you have any queries. You may also inquire with the teacher about any areas of study in which your kid requires further assistance. 

NAPLAN math year 3 practice tests 

NAPLAN Math Year 3 practice tests cover a wide range of topics, from fractions and decimals to geometry. All are essential to children’s academic success and knowledge and are closely tied to the Australian Curriculum. Children can seamlessly move into Year 4 if they feel confident about these examinations. They will be happy and rest knowing they have a good grip on Numeracy and its major components. 

They might perform these in class or take them home for revision reasons. All questions are also provided in the format and style of the regular NAPLAN exams. This reduces surprises and provides youngsters with solid expectations of how the paper will look on the day. Children will be less frightened and more prepared to succeed if they are prepared as much as possible ahead of time. You can get the best NAPLAN practice tests on the internet and web for better performance. 

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