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PSAT Test Dates 2023, 2024 & 2025

Aug 11, 2023

Are you a high school sophomore? Or in junior year? You must also have a dream of studying at a prestigious and well-known university. So, you are also aware of the SAT and PSAT tests. 


Do you know when the PSAT is in 2023? What are the PSAT test dates? Or what were the PSAT test dates in 2023? What is the ideal time to prepare for PSAT? Or how to prepare for the PSAT 2023? 

This unit will help you answer all these questions. It will also let you get ready for the PSAT.  Stay updated on the PSAT test dates with us! Mark the calendar for the upcoming PSAT exam schedules and plan your preparation accordingly. With Turito’s expert guidance and personalized study plans, you can make the most of your PSAT preparation and boost your confidence. Don’t miss this opportunity to ace the PSAT test. Visit Turito Academy now and ensure you’re ready for test day 



The PSAT stands for Preliminary SAT, whereas NMSQT stands for National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. After qualifying for this test, you will be eligible to earn a National Merit Scholarship. This scholarship will help you in covering your whole college tuition. 

The sophomores of high school or juniors can take this test. In other words, PSAT is a slightly easier version of SAT. It is quite easy when scoring is a concern, but considering the content, it is a bit hard. 


2023 PSAT Test Dates 

The PSAT NMSQT is available to 10th and 11th graders during the month of October. The testing window spans from October 2nd to October 31st. While the test can be held on any weekday throughout this period, a Saturday PSAT session is scheduled for October 13th.  

It’s important to note that the administration of the PSAT is determined by each high school independently, allowing them to choose a specific date within the October window for offering the test to their students. 


Predicted Future PSAT Test Dates in 2024 & 2025 

Year Primary Date Saturday Date Alternate Date 
2024 9th of October 12th of October 23rd of October 
Test Day Wednesday Saturday Wednesday 
2025 8th of October 11th of October 22nd of October 
Test Day Wednesday Saturday Wednesday 

PSAT Test Dates 2022 

The PSAT/NMSQT is recommended to 10th and 11th-grade students in October every year. The College Board selects the final dates. However, if religious observances are considered, you can contact the PSAT/NMSQT service center to arrange alternate PSAT test dates. 

Three PSAT test dates are arranged for 2022. These are 

  • Primary: 12th of October, 2022, Wednesday 
  • Weekend: 15th of October, 2022, Saturday 
  • Alternate: 25th of October, 2022, Tuesday 

The arrangement pattern of PSAT is also quite different from SAT. While SAT is held at the designated test centers, PSAT is administered by high school authorities individually. It means high schools will have the authority to decide the PSAT test dates for students. 

The College Board has recommended high schools administer the PSAT 2022 on the 12th of October. The 15th of October, 2022, is selected as the Saturday option. If you cannot attempt PSAT on the 12th of October, 2022, there is an alternate date, i.e., the 25th of October, 2022. 


Now, your high school will be responsible for deciding a test date for you, and you have to take the test on that offered date. 

Point To Be Noticed 

It may be feasible that your school will not administer any PSAT test dates on Saturday or an alternate date. In such a situation, you can contact your guidance counselor ahead of time or attempt on the primary test dates. 


It is also possible that your school does not facilitate the PSAT. In such a situation, you can register to take the PSAT via a different local school and contact your guidance counselor to sign up and steer the registration process. 

PSAT is held once a year. Generally, students consider taking it during their 10th or 11th grades. However, if you take PSAT during your junior grades, you have an opportunity to qualify for a National Merit Scholarship. This way, you will create a better destiny for your higher studies without worrying about college tuition. 

What Makes PSAT So Valuable? 

The PSAT is a crucial tool for your college admissions journey. Though your high school scores will not appear on your resume, if you do well on PSAT, you can get a National Merit Scholarship. This scholarship will improve your resume value and provide for your college tuition fees. 

The PSAT also improves your test-taking skills and boosts your confidence level. It prepares you for the SAT. 

Some easy and quick ways that can help you with your preparation are given below: 

  • Take free PSAT practice papers from the official College Board website. It lets you familiarize yourself with the test. 
  • Update yourself with the latest PSAT information. 
  • Create your preparation plan and start your preparations. 


The PSAT is not only a preliminary or practice test for the SAT. It is also a test to check whether you qualify for the National Merit Scholarship or not. Sophomores of class 10th and 11th or juniors can take PSAT. It is held every year in October. Because the PSAT is administered by high schools, not by each center, schools can decide when to arrange the test for their students. 

Now, you are aware of the PSAT test dates. So, it’s time to get on the preparation track to earn the benefits from PSAT. Prepare diligently and follow some tips; you can surely win this battle. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

When should I start studying for the PSAT?

You are already aware that PSAT is held every year in October. The College Board will announce the exact PSAT test dates in advance. So, you can plan an effective preparation strategy for the test. First, familiarize yourself with the PSAT exam format and collect all the study materials required for the preparation. Then begin your journey as soon as possible. 

What is the ideal preparation time for the PSAT? 

Preparing for PSAT not only helps you in getting a National Merit Scholarship but also helps you in preparing for the SAT. After all, it is a Preliminary SAT. Before getting an ideal time for PSAT preparation, you must set your goal in how many hours or days you have to complete the preparations. 
The more time you devote to your preparation, the more score you will achieve. Some steps can help you with preparation. 
1. Select a convenient PSAT practice test date and set it as your goal to complete your preparation. 
2. Do not start your preparation too far ahead. It may be possible that you will forget what you have learned. 
3. Try to finish your preparations at least in two weeks. It is the ideal preparation time. 

I have taken PSAT two times and got under 1000 both times. What to do? 

First, you need to check your subject-wise scores and prepare accordingly. To improve your scores in the Mathematics section, you can take online classes and practice papers. It will cover your weak areas. 
While improving the PSAT Reading section, start reading books and newspapers. You can also listen to audiobooks and read along with their hard copy. Reading classic literature will also help you a lot. 

What should I do one week before the PSAT test date?

Although it is a bit short, you may still get benefits in this period if you plan it wisely. 
• Review the content and questions. 
• Focus only on three or four problematic areas at a time. 
• Limit your preparation. 
• Ensure you select areas or concepts you often face in practice papers to revise. 
• Take time to solve full-length sample papers. But remember to solve them within the PSAT test duration. 
• Familiarize yourself with the sequence and timing of the PSAT. 

PSAT Test Dates


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