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Boston College SAT Scores And GPA

Apr 5, 2023

Are you looking to get admission to Boston College (also known as Boston University or BU)? 

Have you prepared and planned everything to get there? 


If so, you’re at the right place! In this guide, we’ve covered everything you need to know about the Boston College SAT and Boston College SAT scores. We have also focused on Boston College SAT requirements and Boston College average SAT to give you detailed information about how you can increase your chances of getting admission into this worldwide acclaimed university.

Boston College SAT and Admission Process:

The acceptance rate of Boston College, or BU, is around 27 per cent. That means, out of every 100 students applying for admission to the college, only 27 get accepted. If we talk about the Boston College SAT scores, the average score range of the students here is around 1340 to 1500; their average GPA is approximately 3.90.


But what does this 27% ratio simplify? 

You can refer to the table below to understand the significance of this percentage value:

Percentage ValueChance of Getting Admitted to a College/University
0 to 5Tough to get admitted in
5 to 20Unlikely to get selected; but still have a chance
20 to 50Low, but still a chance to get admission
50 to 80Highly likely to get it
80 to 100a good chance of being admitted

So, this must have given you a clear idea of how strong your case is for being admitted to BU. And you can further increase it by having a proper idea of the admission procedure and what the requirements are that you must fulfil as a candidate.

Here is a Detailed List of the Boston College Application Procedures:

  1. First, you have to submit your application if you wish to apply for admission to the college. For this, you can call the Boston college admission department/office to know the details, visit their campus grounds and get a physical form, or go to their official website and fill out the form online.
  2. Once you have submitted your form and the enrollment fee, you need to submit specific documents. It can be crucial high school and college transcripts, secondary school GPAs and records, college-preparatory programme completion, etc., in the form of Parchment or any other similar platform. It is a necessary part of the evaluation process and helps you successfully get an admission decision from the official BC office.
  • Essay: We also call it a personal statement. It is a document that reflects your personality and achievements uniquely. You have to mention your anecdotes and personal achievements in it.
  • Official SAT Test Scores: Another necessary factor contributing to your stronger claim to securing a seat at Boston College is the official SAT (or ACT) scores. This document is necessary for you to submit if you have appeared on the SAT.

[Note: The college might ask for additional information or documents after reviewing your application form.]


In the next step of getting admission, you have to confirm your attendance at the college. You might also need to fill out and complete a financial check-in process and give your word if you are selecting their hostel facilities.

Here, you must choose a lodging option for yourself, review and verify your accounts and financial aid, like the scholarship and tuition fees, and any additional costs. The university will also ask you to submit an assessment in English and Math before permitting you to officially register/join and attend the classes.


Finally, you must register for your classes once you complete the previous processes required by the college.

Boston College SAT Requirements:

The Boston College average SAT score range is 1320 to 1490, while the average SAT score is 1405.

Boston college’s Average SAT Score Range1320 to 1490
Applicants who submit SAT scores67 percent
Boston College SAT Reading 25th650
SAT Math 25th670
SAT Composite 25th1320
SAT Reading 75th720
SAT Math 75th770
SAT Composite 75th1490
Average SAT Score1405

As a fact, Boston College also takes into account your SAT scores if you want to get admitted. As a candidate, you must know your SAT scores are compulsory if you want to get a seat in the admission process and increase your chances of getting into the university.

Currently, the Boston College average SAT score is 1420. But don’t let this get your hopes down if you have scored below 1400 and wish to gain admission to Boston University. In many cases, a student with an SAT score of 1340 or less can also be admitted to college. You will have to stay updated with the waiting list as many candidates drop out of the application process or fail to provide the necessary documents to get admission on time.


Boston College SAT Scores and Estimated GPA Requirements:

A high GPA is essential for admission to Boston College. The average GPA (grade point average) at BU is 3.71 to 3.86. And this makes the university a strong competitor for admissions and GPAs. 

As per the Boston College SAT requirements, if your SAT score is 1500 or above, you can easily get admission to this university. But, on the other hand, if your score is at 1339 or less than this, it will become a challenging road ahead for you to secure a seat for yourself in BC.

But you must also remember that, apart from your SAT (or ACT) scores and GPA, many other factors also contribute to your admission to Boston College. Attributes like letters of recommendation, extracurriculars, personal statements, and the difficulty and availability of coursework also affect your admission decision at BU.


With this, we conclude our Boston College SAT score guide. Now you thoroughly understand the Boston College SAT scores and requirements and how you can get admission into this university. Since BU is very selective when admitting students to their academic programs, you must have a good idea of the admission requirements, a solid academic and critical score, and the necessary documents to earn your seat here.

And now that you know the ample picture of your chance of getting in, you can work on the parts that need extra effort to maximise your admission rate at Boston College. And while it is always great to stay focused on your main goal, you should also simultaneously apply to other colleges and universities except for BU. It will give you a shot at making your way to the top educational institutes worldwide.

Boston College SAT


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