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Brown SAT Scores, and GPA Requirements

Oct 3, 2022

Brown SAT Scores

Are you someone who wants to get into Brown University and is looking for admission requirements? If yes, please read on! In this article, we will cover all the things you need to build a strong applicant profile for Brown university. 

What are Brown University’s Admission Requirements? 

Before applying to Brown University, the first thing you must look at is the acceptance rate. It will help you understand how competitive the university is and how strict its requirements are. The Brown University acceptance rate is 7.7%, which means that only 100 applicants are accepted out of 100.


This indicates that the university is highly selective in its admission process. It is very important to meet their GPA and Brown University SAT/ACT requirements to get past the first round of filters and prove that you are academically capable. You have nearly no chance of getting in if you don’t meet their standards.

If you pass this hurdle, you must meet their other application requirements to get selected. These can include extracurricular activities and letters of recommendation. Below are some more requirements:


Brown University GPA Requirements

Many schools specify a minimum GPA requirement, but usually, it’s only the minimum score you should have to prevent your application from getting rejected instantly. It does not guarantee that you will get in. So, the GPA that should really matter for you is the one that helps you actually get in. For this, let us look at the university’s average GPA for its present students. 

A weighted GPA out of 4.0 is used by most schools, though some of them report an unweighted GPA. Even though Brown university did not report its average GPA, we have estimated that here using statistical data. The GPA requirement of Brown university is 4.08, which means that they expect you to be at the top of your class. Straight A’s are what you need to target in all your classes if you want to compete with other applicants. Additionally, you should choose the most challenging courses (out of either IB or AP courses) to show your academic competency. 


Brown University SAT and ACT Requirements

The requirements for standardized testing for each school are different. Some schools just require the ACT or SAT, while others also require SAT subject tests. To submit an application to Brown University, you must take either the ACT or the SAT. Doing well on these tests is what is more important, though!

Brown SAT Scores Requirements

Even though many schools claim to have no SAT cutoff score, it is not entirely true. The truth is that they have a hidden Brown University SAT cutoff score, depending on the average score of the school. The average SAT score Brown composite is 1484 on a SAT scale of 1600. This indicates that this university is highly competitive in terms of SAT scores as well.


Brown SAT Scores Analysis (New 1600 SAT)

The 75th percentile new Brown SAT scores is 1550, while the 25th percentile is 1420. This means that getting a score lower than 1420 will place you in the below-average category, while getting a score higher than 1550 will place you in the above-average category. Below is the section-wise breakdown of the new SAT scores:

SectionAverage75th percentile25th percentile
Reading + Writing730760700

An important part of your testing strategy is the score choice policy at your desired school. The score choice policy at Brown University is that of the “Highest Section”. This is also called “superscoring”, meaning that you can decide which SAT scores you want to send to the university. The university will consider your highest section SAT scores of all the scores you submit. 


How does Superscoring Change your Test Strategy? 

Let us now look at the influence of superscoring on your exam strategy. Suppose you submit three test scores as given below: 

SectionMathReading + WritingComposite
Test 13007001000
Test 27003001000
Test 3300300600

Although the highest total you secured on a single test date was 1000, your highest score from all your test dates will be considered by Brown University to combine into your super score. In this example, you can increase your composite score from 1000 to 1400.


This is crucial for deciding on your testing strategy. As you can decide on which tests to send, and your super score is formed by Brown University, you can take the SAT ‘n’ number of times until you get a score that meets their requirements. You can submit that score, and the admission authorities will consider only that one score. 

This means if your current SAT superscore is below 1550, it is strongly recommended that you start preparing for SAT harder and retake it. You will have a decent chance of increasing your score, thus, significantly boosting your chances of getting selected.


Another advantage of this superscore system is that you can focus all your energy on one section at a time. So, if your Math section score is relatively low, you can prepare for only that section and then retake the SAT to reach the Brown average sat. You can then focus on reading + Writing for the next test, and so on. This will help you achieve the highest superscore possible. 

Brown University ACT Requirements

Just like with the Brown university SAT scores, there is a fixed ACT cutoff requirement for Brown University. However, if your score is very low, there is a very good chance that your application will get rejected right away. Brown University’s average ACT score is 34, which again indicates that it’s a highly competitive university. The 75th percentile ACT score is 35, while the 25th percentile is 32.

Even though the university claims to have no minimum ACT score requirements, if you have a score of 32 or lower, your application is very likely to get rejected unless your application has something else to impress them. They have so many applicants with a score of 34 or above that, a student with 32 will look academically weak. 

ACT Score Sending Policy

If you go for the ACT instead of SAT, the good thing is that you can completely control which scores to send to the university. This affects your testing strategy dramatically. Even if you take ten tests, you can only send the one with the highest score. As far as SAT is concerned, many schools expect you to send the scores of all the tests undertaken so far. 

SAT/ACT Writing Section Requirements

There is an optional essay section for both the ACT and SAT, and Brown University requires you to take it. It will be another criterion for their admission process. 

SAT Subject Test Requirements

The SAT subject test requirements vary from one school to the next. Generally, those are required by only the most selective schools in the country. If you are submitting an SAT score instead of an ACT score, Brown University expects you to submit the SAT Subject Tests as well. However, if you are submitting an ACT score with the score of the Writing section, a brown average SAT subject score is not required.


Because Brown university is highly competitive, you will need to have quite a high GPA, and ACT/SAT score to get in. If you don’t fulfill these requirements, your application will get rejected without much consideration.

Ideally, you should work towards getting the 75th percentile with a 35 ACT or a 1550 SAT if you are determined to get selected. It would help if you also aimed for a GPA of 4.08 or above. If it is lower than that, you will need to compensate and strengthen your application with higher ACT or brown university SAT scores. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the main things considered for a college application?

Although a lot of things are considered for a college application, there are only a few important ones you need to focus on. These include the GPA requirements, application requirements, and testing requirements, including ACT and SAT requirements.

2. What to do if your GPA is high as a senior or a junior?

If you are a senior or even a junior currently, you can’t possibly change your GPA at this point to meet their requirements. If you have a GPA of less than 4.08, you will require higher ACT or Brown university SAT scores to compensate. This will enable you to effectively compete against other applicants with higher GPAs. 

3. What is more important out of the ACT/SAT and GPA scores for Brown University?

Your ACT/SAT scores at Brown University and GPA are generally far more heavily weighted than your SAT subject tests. If you have to choose between improving your brown average SAT subject test scores and the ACT/SAT scores Brown University, you should definitely go for the SAT/ACT score. 

Brown Sat Score


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