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Brown University Acceptance Rate & Admission Requirements

Apr 10, 2023

Brown SAT Scores

Looking for the answers to how to get into Brown University? Find out Brown University acceptance rate, average Brown SAT Scores, Brown University’s average GPA, and other admission details through this article. But first of all, let us start with the college’s overview.

A Brief Introduction to Brown University

Brown, the seventh institution in Colonial America and third in New England, was founded in 1764. BU was the first Ivy League school to admit candidates of all faith backgrounds, which is a testament to the school’s inclusiveness. The first master’s degrees were conferred in 1888, followed by the first doctoral degrees in 1889.


In 1975, students in a graduating class of 58 were awarded medical degrees for the first time in modern history. Each year, the Alpert Medical School at Brown awards approximately 100 MD degrees. Brown University campus is spread on 146 acres in a city setting. It adheres to a school year that is divided into two semesters. 

What Makes Brown University an Exceptional School?

Brown University is ranked 14th among National Universities in the 2022 edition of Best Colleges. This University’s total fees are $62,404. Every enrolled student must live on campus for the first six semesters of their course. However, a selected group of juniors may be allowed to live off-campus. 


There’s something for everyone on campus, whether the satirical publication The Brown Noser or the ballroom dance group Brown Ballroom Dance. The Brown Bears of the Ivy League field have more than 35 NCAA Division I athletic teams. Furthermore, the Greek community at Brown is small but active, with around a dozen groups open to both male and female students.

What Is Brown University Acceptance Rate?

The most vital element to consider is the acceptance rate of Brown University if you intend to apply. Brown University’s acceptance rate is 8%, making it highly competitive. As a result, only eight out of every hundred applications are accepted. This demonstrates the school’s thorough vetting procedure.


The initial stage in the admissions process is to show your academic readiness by meeting Brown University’s average GPA and SAT/ACT. Additionally, a student’s high school class rank and letters of recommendation are considered a highly crucial part of Brown University’s requirements

Brown’s early application acceptance rate for 2025 is 16%. As can be seen, those who apply early are chosen in large numbers. Unfortunately, both of these acceptance rates are decreasing year after year. These figures could fall even further in the coming years. In other words, thousands of students apply, but only a handful are chosen. 


Let us know more about getting into Brown University by discussing Brown University’s average GPA.

What Are Brown University GPA Requirements?

Brown University admission is highly competitive and requires a high grade point average (GPA). Brown University’s average GPA is 3.94. Last year, Brown admitted 2,822 out of 36,793 applicants, making it a challenging institution to get into, even for applicants with the highest Brown GPA and test scores. To be considered for admission, your test results must be in the top 2% of all test takers. 


For the most part, Brown University admits and attracts high school students with “A+” grades. Sixty-two percent of students who were accepted went to school. Acceptance to Brown University is a highly desired result for many students, as evidenced by more than half of those admitted enrollments. Most of the graduating high school seniors are in the upper echelons of their class. Those who cannot fulfill Brown’s average GPA requirements can try improving their SAT/ACT scores.

What Is Brown’s Average SAT Requirement?

Brown University GPA requirements are sufficient to prove that it is a very competitive school. Brown SAT Scores 25th percentile for this University is 1440. Only about one-quarter of those who apply have a GPA of less than 1440. On the SAT, approximately 75% of Brown students score below the 75th percentile, 1570.


Here is the section-wise breakdown of Brown’s average SAT:

New SAT 25th %Average point75th %
Reading+Writing Score700735770
Cumulative SAT Score144015051570

If one section of the test is weak, concentrate on improving your score in the other. In other words, even if you score higher in one section but lower in another, you may still meet the required composite score.


You should be aware that each college has its SAT score policy. This policy allows for the submission of all SAT scores. Brown University also offers SAT super scoring. As a result, the institution will only consider your highest SAT section score. Therefore, it is best to retake the SAT exam. It’s a fantastic opportunity to raise your score.

What Are Brown University ACT Requirements?

The ACT composite score is the total of the four sections’ scores. To achieve the required composite score, you must score nearly identically in each section. Each school has two percentiles for students taking the ACT: 25 and 75. Brown’s combined scores are in the 25th and 75th percentiles, respectively. As a result, Brown’s ACT average is 34. Brown does not have a minimum score requirement, but applying with a significantly lower score than required will make the admissions process more difficult. 

Meeting Brown university GPA requirements and SAT/ACT does not guarantee your selection. There is a lot more you need to do. 

What Other Brown University Requirements Do I Need to Fulfil?

Brown university looks for several qualities other than Brown’s GPA as a student.The list requirements listed below are some of the important ones.

  • Social Service: The mission of Brown University is to serve the community of the United States and the rest of the world. Therefore, they are looking for students who are not only interested in advancing their careers but also in using their education to better the world around them. As a result, when reviewing an applicant’s application, the committee may consider the applicant’s willingness and ability to contribute to the community. Therefore, students who want to help the community will be given priority in class.
  • Having a unified community: According to the school’s mission, students and teachers must collaborate. The united community will work together to help the world. Brown wants students to collaborate with their teachers. As a result, Brown will assess how well you work in a group. As a result, when applying for admission, demonstrate your abilities in both areas. If you possess both of these characteristics, you will have a better chance of being accepted.
  • Essays/Personal Statements: Brown advises that your application will be evaluated based on your ability and character, so make sure your essays reflect these traits. Because Brown places a strong emphasis on community, make sure your essays demonstrate how well you fit in. Since Brown is a creative school, make an effort to make your writing stand out.
  • Letters of Recommendation: When applying to Brown University, make sure to choose a counselor and two teachers of major academic subjects who can speak to your talents and personal qualities and your academic performance as well.
  • Extracurricular activities: Your extracurricular activities are significant to Brown University’s admissions process; spending your free time outside of class reveals a lot about your character and abilities, which the school highly values.

Brown University Application Requirements

The Common Application serves as a hub from which you can apply to any college you want. You will be able to apply to Brown after registering for the Common App and adding Brown University to your list of colleges. The following table summarizes Brown University application requirements:

  • Midyear School Report and Transcript
  • Essays/Personal statements
  • Completed School Report
  • Brown GPA score
  • Standardized Test Scores
  • Two letters of recommendation from previous teachers
  • 75 USD application fee

Final Words

Brown University is an excellent college to get enrolled in. After all, the course curriculum allows it to give students some leeway in how they complete their studies. As a result, they seek out unusual students because they are all about variety. 

Moreover, its glorious history can help students brighten their future with its fantastic record of guidance. Yes, Brown’s average GPA and other requirements make getting into this college difficult, but with the help of our guide and putting in your best efforts, you may be able to show Brown University that you have what it takes to be one of them!

brown sat scores


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