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Dartmouth SAT Scores And GPA

Oct 4, 2022

Dartmouth College is among the eight Ivy League colleges. It is also acknowledged as one of the top institutions in the world, thanks to its educational standards. The lectures here are taught by some of the best professors, giving students the best research and development opportunities. In addition to this, Dartmouth also has a vibrant community.

It’s not surprising that Dartmouth University enrolls learners from around the globe. If you’re keen on enrolling for admission to the university, this concise guide on the Dartmouth SAT scores and GPA requirements can be very useful. The Dartmouth average SAT scores, acceptance rates, GPA requirements, and average ACT scores will all be covered in this article. So, let’s discuss all these factors considered essential while seeking admission into such selective colleges.


Acceptance Rate at Dartmouth College

  • Acceptance Rate: 9%
  • Admission Standards: Elite Candidate; Extreme Competition

The acceptance rate of Dartmouth College is the first factor taken into account while examining its admission standards. So, you might be thinking, “What does that mean?” The college’s acceptance rate reflects Dartmouth’s competition and dedication to its standards.

Can I get admitted to Dartmouth, and how difficult is it to get in?

At Dartmouth, acceptance rates is 9%. It has the lowest acceptance rate in the country, coming in at #16 overall and #1 in New Hampshire. Even for students with the finest test scores and grades, there is a very low likelihood of getting accepted to Dartmouth. Out of the 21,392 applications, the college accepted 1,972 applicants the previous year.


The institution has extremely high SAT and ACT admission requirements, typically admitting students with scores in the top 3% (SAT 1440/1560 ACT 32/35). Dartmouth College normally selects and retains students from high school with average grades of “A-” and a GPA of roughly 3.9. Most entering students finish in the top 10 percent of their high school classes. With more than half of admitted students enrolling, acceptance by Dartmouth College is the desired result for many applicants.

Dartmouth’s admittance rate indicates how selective the institution is. To pass their initial screening process and prove your academic readiness, you must fulfill all admission standards, including GPA and Dartmouth average SAT and ACT requirements. If you do not meet these basic prerequisites, your chances of admission are almost nonexistent.


The acceptance percentage for early decisions at Dartmouth is 23.20%. Selecting an applicant with an early preference reduces yield variability in two ways. Firstly, they are the ones who have declared that they will enroll if they are chosen. You can only expect to be identified as a qualified candidate of Dartmouth College if you have made it your primary choice during the normal admissions process.

Secondly, there will be less confusion with fewer recommendations throughout the normal decision-making process. Additionally, since there are fewer applications to evaluate than in the normal method, each applicant may receive more consideration, making it simpler for admission supervisors to determine each candidate’s likelihood of being admitted.


Dartmouth’s application cost is $80, and the deadline for submission is January 1.

Testing Conditions


Dartmouth College does not waive tests. Therefore, you must include your admission test scores with your application. 

GPA at Dartmouth College

Average & Estimated GPA Requirements

Although many institutions have minimal GPA standards, this is typically the bare minimum percentage required to fill an application without it being rejected immediately.


The GPA requirement is the GPA you need to have a good chance of getting admitted. The typical GPA of recently applied students is listed below:

  • Average High school GPA Requirement: 3.9* 
  • Favourable High School Grades: A-

What is the necessary GPA to enroll in Dartmouth College?

Dartmouth applicants must have extremely high marks. The average high school GPA of the first-year class enrolled at Dartmouth College was 3.9 on a scale of 4.0, suggesting that most A- students are approved and subsequently enrolled in the college. The college comes first in New Hampshire for its highest median GPA. Despite a 3.9 GPA, admittance to Dartmouth is extremely tough and unlikely due to the school’s exceptionally exclusive admissions process. Despite your 3.9 GPA, you should still be considered a reach for the institution.


SAT Scores Dartmouth

To meet the admission standards of the college, you must achieve an extremely high SAT scores for Dartmouth.

The Dartmouth Average SAT score and SAT prerequisites.

  • SAT Score Range: 1440-1560
  • SAT Score Submissions by Candidates: 58%
Dartmouth Score (for SAT)25th Percentile75th Percentile
Reading and Writing Score710770
Math Score730790
Cumulative Score14401560

The average Dartmouth SAT score is 1455. If you want to be a tough applicant for Dartmouth College, your SAT score must be close to the average. You’ll probably have a stiffer problem getting accepted if your score exceeds 1350. You should set a target of 1560 to make Dartmouth College a “target” school (the one you are expected to enter).

At Dartmouth University, the 25th percentile SAT score is 1440. It means less than a fifth of accepted students have scores below 1440. The 75th percentile SAT score for Dartmouth College is 1560. It means that almost 75% of accepted students have SAT scores below 1560. Our research indicates that Dartmouth College’s average (50th percentile) SAT score is 1500.

Minimum SAT scores are required for admission to Dartmouth College.

What are the necessary SAT scores for applicants to Dartmouth College?

Dartmouth College often prefers applicants whose score in the top 3 percent of SAT takers. The college typically accepts cumulative SAT scores under 1440 on a 1600-point scale. The admission would be considered a stretch. However, admission officers predict that some students with SAT scores as low as 1380 might also be accepted if they have a proficient resume. For students accepted, the expected SAT average score is 1500 out of 1600. Dartmouth College is ranked at 17th positions and overall #1 in New Hampshire for its average SAT scores in the US.

Estimated Acceptance Rate Based on SAT Score

SAT Rating (1600 scale)Competition LevelAdmission Rate
1560 and AboveGood>16%
1500 to 1560Avg +9% – 16%
1440 to 1500Avg –5% – 9%
1380 to 1440Reach3% – 5%
Less than 1380Low<3%

Dartmouth SAT Score Policy

Your testing plan heavily relies on your college’s Score Option policy. Dartmouth College also has its “Highest Section” score choice policy. It implies that you have a choice regarding which SATs you submit to the institution. Your application readers will consider your highest section scores from all your SAT test dates out of all the scores you submit.

ACT Scores Dartmouth

The Dartmouth Average ACT score and ACT prerequisites

  • ACT Score Range: 32 – 35
  • ACT Score Submissions by Candidates: 41%
Dartmouth Score (for SAT)25th Percentile75th Percentile
Reading and Writing Score3336
Math Score3035
Cumulative Score3235

The 25th percentile ACT overall score at Dartmouth College is 32, and the 75th percentile score is 35. There is no minimum ACT score needed to enroll at Dartmouth College. However, admittance may be challenging if your score falls below the 25th percentile. The total of the four section scores makes up the ACT composite score. You must obtain a nearly perfect score in each section to receive the average index.

Minimum ACT scores required for admission to Dartmouth College

What ACT scores are needed for potential students to attend Dartmouth?

According to admissions data, Dartmouth frequently accepts applicants with ACT scores of 32 and higher. The top 3 percent of all applicants often transmit their ACT scores. We believe that in some cases, the minimum ACT average score accepted by the school is roughly 30. Applicants with an ACT average score of 34 or above should rank in the top half of applicants, and those with a score of 35 or higher have excellent odds. The school has the highest overall average ACT score in the US, placing it overall at 24th positions and #1 in New Hampshire. ACT scores are provided by 41% of applicants to Dartmouth College.

Estimated Acceptance Rate Based on ACT Score

ACT RatingCompetition LevelAdmission Rate
35 and AboveGood>19%
33 to 35Avg +9% – 19%
32 to 33Avg –6% – 9%
31 to 32Reach4% – 6%
Less than 31Low<4%

High School Class Rank at Dartmouth College

92.8% of the first-year students at Dartmouth College graduated from high school in the top ten percent of their class.

High School Class RankStudents within the Range
Top 10% of High School Class92.8%
Top 25% of High School Class98.7%
Top 50% of High School Class100%

The information above shows how challenging it is to get into Dartmouth College. You should set a target for a minimum of 3.91 GPA and SAT scores around 1455. Dartmouth College admissions are competitive, so you’ll need to differentiate yourself with more than just facts and figures.


Dartmouth College is a prestigious college. Despite its smaller size compared to other Ivy League schools, its infrastructure, environment, and education system have amazed the pupils. Yes, the application process is challenging and competitive.

A strong GPA and Dartmouth SAT/ACT score are essential for your chance of admission to this potent and selective college. They’ll probably exclude you without much discussion if you don’t meet their GPA and SAT/ACT requirements.

You should aspire for the 75th percentile, with a 1550 SAT or a 35 ACT, to have the maximum chance of being accepted by the college. You must compensate for the difference if your GPA is below 3.91 with a better SAT/ACT score. You’ll also have to leave a lasting impression with the remaining portion of your resume for a school like Dartmouth, which is pretty selective.

dartmouth sat-scores


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