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Duke University SAT Scores, GPA, Admission Criteria

Jan 24, 2023

Duke SAT Scores and GPA

Are you planning to make it to Duke University with an SAT? Know the admission criteria, Duke admission rate, Duke SAT scores and what GPA do you need to get into Duke to lead your path. 

An Overview

Chasing your dreams with Duke University is challenging as it is one of the US’s most private and competitive colleges. Duke is situated in Durham, North Carolina, and came into existence in 1838.


Duke provides 50 majors and 52 minors to its undergraduate class, divided into two: Trinity College of Arts & Sciences and The Pratt School of Engineering. Please note that only 8.6 percent of applicants were admitted for the class of 22. So, it is evident that every student who aspires to Duke University must score as high as possible. 

Duke University: Admission Criteria

With an acceptance rate of 10.80 percent, an average SAT range of 1470-1575, and Duke ACT Score 34-35 and a rough average GPA of 4 percent, Duke University filters out the best SAT performers making the admission criteria highly competitive for students. You need to score as high as 90 percent or more of test-takers in the US, above an SAT score of 1475.


Though all the colleges look for an entire student profile to be assured of admitting an asset, a high duke SAT score will surely weigh your profile more than other applicants. Duke University considers SAT score, GPA, and acceptance rate. All these figures combined will determine your fate with Duke University. 

Acceptance rate10.80 %
Average SAT1470-1575
Duke ACT Score34-35
Average GPA4 %

Duke University SAT Score

The Duke average SAT score is 1510. According to the new SAT total of 1600, the 25th percentile SAT score is 1450, and 1570 is the 75th percentile SAT score. It means an SAT score of 1450 will put you below an average SAT score, and 1570 will lift you above average. Duke university doesn’t have any fixed SAT score, but to be in their consideration, you need to reach a score of 1450.


Duke University GPA Requirements 

As mentioned above, Duke is highly competitive, with an average GPA of 4.13. It would be best if you were on your toes and prepared enough for Duke to consider your application. An excellent score in all your previous classes and subjects is all you need to show your academic strength. If you don’t have enough scores, you need to compensate for them with the highest SAT score to compete with other applicants effectively. 

Duke Acceptance Rate

The Duke acceptance rate is 8.19 percent, meaning only 9 out of 100 applications are considered. Considering the demand for a competitive SAT and GPA, it is evident that you need to score the highest in both of the criteria.


The colleges at Duke will reject your application if you can’t make it to a high score in any of them. To be assured enough, you should reach the 75th percentile SAT score of 1570 and a GPA of 4.13 or higher to be the highlighted candidate. 

Duke SAT Scoring Policy

Duke considers the highest SAT score of any test attempt, unlike the Super scoring policy where colleges consider multiple test attempts only to merge best section scores.

Unsure of Getting a Higher Score? Here is How You Can Highlight Your Application

No matter how desperate you are to get into Duke, you might miss hitting the highest score. In such a case, you still have a chance to highlight your application in front of the authorized panel to consider you. The letter of recommendation and admission essays are the two things with which you can maximize your chances.


For a letter of recommendation, consult someone you know who is credible and an authorized personality like your teacher who knows you well and convince them in writing why you think you would be an asset to Duke study culture. Make sure you send an effective essay introducing you and your profile for admission essays. Consult your friends and family for any fruitful addons in it. 

Searching for Duke Colleges? We Can Help

If you are searching for Duke Colleges to fit your needs, our categorization based on admission difficulty might help you in this quest. 


There are three different categories which are :

Reach Schools

The colleges under this category consider your application based on admission criteria. 

  • California Institute Of Technology

A private university with 979 undergraduate students in Pasadena in CA is very selective. The average student GPA is 4, and the average SAT is 1555. 

  • Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

A private university in Cambridge, MA, with 4476 undergraduate students, is very selective in its admission criteria, with an average student GPA of 4 and the average SAT is 1525.

  • University Of Chicago

A private university in Chicago, IL, with 5967 undergraduate students, is also selective, with an average student GPA of 4 and an average SAT of 1525.  

Safety Schools

It consists of colleges where the admission criteria are average. 

  • New York University

A private university in NY with 24888 undergraduate students with an average student GPA of 3.9 and an average SAT of 1365. 

  • Emory-University Oxford College

Located in Oxford, there is no mention of specific undergraduate students. The average student GPA is 3.9, and the average SAT is 1345.

  • Tulane University Of Louisiana 

 With 6487 undergraduate students, Tulane is in New Orleans, LA. The average student GPA is 3.9, and the average SAT is 1325. 

 Match Schools 

These are the right fit for your admission criteria.

  • Brown University

It is a private university located in Providence, RI, with 6565 undergraduate students. The average student GPA is 4, and the average SAT is 1470.

  • Carnegie Mellon University

A private university in Pittsburg, PA, with 6069 undergraduate students, has an average student GPA of 4, and the average SAT is 1465.

  • Dartmouth College

A private university in Hanover, NH, with 4270 undergraduate students, the average student GPA is 3.9, and the average SAT is 1455. 


The Duke GPA and SAT score are highly competitive. You must ensure you target the right SAT range and achieve it. Besides that, make your other profile sections relevant and practical to maximize your chances of consideration. We wish you luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Duke University’s main USP? 

A. The University’s academic programs are affiliated with the AAU, COFHE, URA, ORAU, NAICU, IAMSCU, and 568 Group. The university’s most well-liked degree combines computer science with biology, economics, psychology, and public policy. They provide their students with the best education and knowledge. 

Q2. What rank does Duke University hold?

A. According to Forbes’ National Universities Rankings, it came in at number 12.

THE gave it a national ranking of fifth. 

The university features alumni who have won 15 Nobel Prizes, 3 Turing Awards, and 50 Rhodes Scholarships. 

Q3. How many students’ study in the Duke University? 

A. More than 16,500 students are enrolled in the university’s various programs, including more than 6,000 undergraduates and 9,000 postgraduates.

Q4. Is it difficult to be accepted to Duke University? 

A. The university has an admittance rate of 8.19%. To be admitted to the university, applicants must meet the conditions for admission.

Q5. Do students at Duke University have access to internship or part-time employment opportunities? 

A. The answer is that Duke University permitted its students to work both on and off campus. Through the university’s online job portal, which links students and a network of companies, students can independently search for part-time job openings. It assists students in earning some money while also developing practical knowledge and skills.


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