What You Need For Penn State: SAT Scores and GPA

Sep 9, 2022 | Turito Team USA

Is your aim to get admission to Penn State University? Are you planning to ace your dreams and achieve the perfect career prospect by getting admitted to Penn State College?

If you’ve envisioned the same, then you’ve come to the right place because, in this guide blog, we will cover every detail from the Penn State SAT scores, Penn State SAT requirements, Penn State average SAT, and much more! This information will help you gather the knowledge you need to ace your SAT scores and boost your chances of getting admitted into one of the most prestigious universities worldwide.

About the Penn state university:

Source: PSU University site

Affiliation: Penn State, Penn State University (PSU) or Penn State University Park

Type: Public university

Location: University Park, PA

Admission rate: 56.40 per cent


Criteria Status
School rank Recommended
School record Requirement
GPA Requirement

What are the Penn State SAT requirements?

Three factors determine your admission chance to Penn State University or PSU. These are the acceptance rate, GPA, and SAT scores. Their values and combination tell you what you need to get admitted to Penn state university.

Here’s a table to show the Penn State SAT requirements needed for getting admission to this university:

Section Score
Average SAT score for Penn State 1195

Math Score 615
Evidence-based reading and writing 580
Required SAT score 1300 and above
GPA 3.87
  1. S. Penn State does not require SAT subject tests (standardized tests of individual subjects) for admission. However, you may submit them as they can boost your candidacy by reflecting on your stellar exam performance and help you get admission in the field or course of your preferred study area.

Penn State average SAT

The average SAT score for Penn State is 1195. Here’s a breakdown of the scores to help you get a better idea of how your SAT scores determine your admission:

Section Value
Math average 640
Reading + Writing average 625
Math 25th percentile 580
Math 75th percentile 700
Reading + Writing 25th percentile 580
Reading + Writing 75th percentile 670
Average composite 1265
25th percentile composite 1160
75th percentile composite 1370

Thus, you need a minimum SAT score of 1195 or above to qualify for Penn State college admission. The scores below will work against your favour in the admission process. On the other hand, a score above 1300 guarantees you a solid chance of getting admitted.

Penn State SAT scores and GPA:

You need an average GPA of 3.58 if you wish to gain admission to PSU. This average score makes the college an intensely competitive unit for GPAs and SAT scores. That means you will have to be above average in high school, with your report cards reflecting more A’s and B’s and fewer C’s. Also, if you have taken IB or AP classes, you can quickly improve your chances of getting admitted to high-level college classes.

If you are in your junior or senior year, it may become challenging to change your GPA. And if your GPA score is below 3.8, you will need a higher score on your SAT exam to compensate for it and show that you are ready and prepared to take and attend college-level academics.

Penn State SAT admission statistics and criteria:

PSU is one of the very competitive colleges in the US. The acceptance rate here is around 56.40 percent; out of 100, only 56 students get admitted to their courses and classes. Let us take a look at the Penn State SAT admission statistics and criteria to learn more about the prospects of getting a seat in this public college:

  • SAT admission criteria

The average SAT score for Penn State is around 1195, while the rough average GPA (unweighted and unofficial) is 3.7. Therefore, to secure your seat in this public college, you must score more than 75 percent of the SAT applicants since they most easily score around 1150 to 1210 in their SAT exams.

  • Penn state SAT score admission card

Here’s a list of the admission scorecards for the PSU:

Admission criteria Scorecard Statistics
No. of undergraduates applying for admission 40,139
Acceptance rate of students in the college 56.40
Estimated average GPA (unweighted and unofficial) 3.7
Penn state average SAT score 1195
Subject tests requirements Not required
SAT scoring policy Score Choice
Scholarships provided Merit-based and financial-based. Though there is no specification of the test scores, you need to qualify for the same.

Penn State SAT essay and scoring policy:

If you plan to get admission to PSU, you must also know about the college’s SAT essay and scoring policy. So, here are the 2 points you must keep in mind while applying for entrance to this university:

  • Penn State does not ask you to submit any SAT essays with the rest of your exam. It is only an optional component, so you can choose to skip it during the admission procedure.
  • PSU prefers to go with the Score Choice for the SAT. And this means the university considers the highest total marks of any test scored in your attempt. It differs from the superscoring process, where the admissions body combines the best marks from various test attempts.

Bonus: How can you prepare the perfect application for admission to Penn State University?

Here’s how you can draught the perfect application to get an edge over other applicants in getting a seat at the Penn State public college:

  1. Write a profound and engaging essay that reflects the PSU board about details and information they can’t find from your other parts of the registration form or application.
  2. Get a teacher’s rec for your character. This recommendation from a teacher from the department will help you reserve your spot for your subject major at PSU.
  3. Always apply for admission before the deadline. Don’t wait until the last minute to submit your application form, as you might make mistakes in filling out your form due to the stress of submitting it at the last moment. At worst, the system could crash and leave you with no option except to quit. So be early and take the time to submit your form with the perfect and correct details.


Now you have all the information you need, like the Penn State, SAT scores, requirements, average, and GPA, before getting admitted into the Penn state university. These test and grade perspectives are crucial because they give you a thorough insight into what you need to qualify for their cutoff and how you can prepare accordingly to ace it. And while the competition is always challenging, if you are well prepared and have left no stone unturned, nothing can stop you from coming out victorious in this challenge!

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