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SAT Cost 2024: Payment Process, Method, Refund, Waivers

Dec 29, 2022

How Much Does the SAT Cost?

The cost of SAT depends on the country of the applicant. The SAT cost for the entrance exam is $52, while the SAT subject test fee is around $111.

For example, the SAT test cost for registration in India is $106 and $94 with and without the written essay option, respectively.


SAT Exam Fees Payment Method

It is possible to pay your SAT exam fees online via PayPal, money orders, checks, bank drafts, or credit cards. However, you cannot pay for your SAT test fees in cash. And if you are using money orders or cheques, you cannot register online and will have to register by email.

Ways to Minimise Your SAT Cost

We know the cost of SAT exams is significant. Thus, staying updated about the proper deadlines and necessary details is better to avoid wasting your money on paying for late registrations and last-minute reservations to avoid increasing your SAT cost. So, here are some ways through which you can also minimise your SAT price:

  • First, try to take the test early (like scheduling your last SAT one month before your score requirement) as it will help you avoid rush hour.
  • Register early as it will help you avoid missing the deadlines and thus pay extra fees to cover your late registration. You can also book your exam on your preferred date this way, as you will be early.
  • Take advantage of the free score reports as they allow you to send around 4 marks reports to your specified school for early admission.

SAT Prices and Other Fee Details

Here is a list of 

Changing your test centre25
Cancelling your registration before the deadline25
Cancelling your registration after the deadline35
Late registration after the deadline30
Cost for SAT waitlist fee if you get admitted to the test center on the day of exam53
Cost of four registration score reports 9 days after the exam0
Cost of additional score reports after the 9 days post exam deadline12
Cost for getting your score by phone call15 (per each call)
Cost of rush service to deliver your score within one or two days for reporting to the colleges31
Getting old test results from the archived section31
Students answer service fees from the specific test taken16
Question and Answer service to get test questions from the particular exam taken16
Multiple Choice marks verification55

Process of SAT Fee Refund

Sometimes, a candidate might wish to withdraw from the SAT exam and thus get a refund of their fees. In such cases, you must follow a specific set of points or guidelines to get your money back. Below is the list of rules and ways to help you get a refund of your SAT fees:

  1. The SAT exam fee for registration won’t be refunded later than 5 days after the exam date.
  2. You get a partial refund in the case of cancelled SAT registrations.
  3. The refunds are processed after six weeks of the exam date.
  4. You are eligible for a refund of the SAT score reports (that are ordered with registration) only if you were absent on the exam date.
  5. The additional score report may be refunded if you cancel it within 24 hours (without it being sent or processed).
  6. Rush test scores do not come under the refund list.
  7. If you do not want the transfer of your SAT test subject’s registration, you can contact suitable customer service to file for its cancellation.
  8. You have to re-register if you wish to take the test after its cancellation.

SAT Fee Waiver

If a student comes from financially weak family background and cannot afford to pay for their SAT fees, they can avail of the College Board’s waiver scheme for support in the SAT cost for fee payment. The SAT fee waiver has 2 free SATs and an answering service for applicants hailing from low-income families.


  1. The applicant should be enrolled in or eligible for the National School Lunch Program.
  2. They must be orphans or wards of the state.
  3. They should be homeless, in foster care, or living in subsidised households.
  4. Their family income must fall under the guidelines of free or reduced lunch prices.
  5. Their families must have access to public assistance.
  6. The applicant must have an enrollment in a local, federal, or state program if they are low-income students.


To register for the online SAT fee waiver, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Complete the 12-digit code for the charge waiver.
  2. Provide the name of the guidance counselor or authorized person from your high school
  3. Mention how you obtained the waiver.

Apart from this, you must also remember to ensure that your card has the fee waiver information mentioned and submit it with your offline registration form. And pay attention to how you mention the details in the payment information box in the registration form since incomplete forms or cards get sent back unprocessed.

SAT Reporting Scores

Some students also manually input their test scores on college applications before the allotment of the official SAT reports and scores. This process is known as SAT-self reporting scores, and it allows various colleges to use the unofficial test score to decide whether they want to further let the candidate access services for their admission procedure.


Your SAT reporting score consists of the following attributes:

  • Total Score – This report constitutes the SAT score report that ranges from 400 to 1600.
  • Section Score – It consists of your math and evidence-based writing and reading scores. It ranges from 200 to 800. 
  • Sub Score – It provides extra insight into your performance on the SAT and reflects the marks achieved in each question type.
  • Student Percentile – It shows how well and adequately you have performed/scored on the SAT.


Now, you know all about SAT cost, SAT price for registration, and the SAT Cancellation Fee and refunds. While the cost of SAT depends on various additional services and your registration point, international students can get a rough idea of the SAT cost depending on their country. The more profound detail and idea about this entire process, the better and easier your registration, examination, and, subsequently, the admission process.



How Much Does the SAT Cost


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