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Syracuse University – Admissions, SAT Scores And GPA

Oct 6, 2022

Is Syracuse University your dream college? If it is, then do you know Syracuse university SAT requirements? Do you know their application process? Go through this article to find out the answers. Let’s learn about Syracuse University first.

Syracuse University is a major university in New York, USA, that provides world-class education and cutting-edge research facilities. Syracuse University has exceptionally rigorous entrance criteria and only accepts the top candidates who closely match the Syracuse University admission requirements. 


Syracuse University Admission Requirements

There are some basic things that Syracuse University looks for in the applicants. They are listed below:

Preparation and Purpose

Your academic record, particularly your senior year achievements, involvement in honors and advanced placement courses, and notable electives, all influence acceptance.


Educational Background

When putting your course choices and grades into context, your school’s profile will serve as a reference.

Standardized Test Performance

NOTE: The SAT subject tests are neither required nor considered by Syracuse University.


SAT/ACT scores will not be needed for students seeking admission in Fall 2023, Spring 2024, Fall 2024, or Spring 2025. Students unable or unwilling to submit test scores will not be penalized and will remain eligible for merit awards.

If you opt to submit your test results, your standardized test score will be included in your application (whichever is higher). If you are contemplating the SAT Score Choice option, please remember that all your test scores will be required. This works in your favor since your application will be evaluated based on the highest combination of your SAT scores. The old and new redesigned SATs will both be acceptable. The essay is no longer needed if you take the new redesigned SAT. The writing section of the ACT is not needed. We will learn more about Syracuse SAT scores later in this article.



Your essay exemplifies your objectives, interests, experiences, and values. Though interviews are not required, they are a great opportunity to customize your application further.

Others’ Opinions About You


A guidance counselor review and two academic instructors will give the admissions committee a brief overview of your unique talents, abilities, and accomplishments.

Extracurricular Activities


Your extracurricular activities, volunteer work, and job to see how they demonstrate your organizing and leadership abilities, and your desire to serve others.

Special Talent


Several Syracuse University departments include a talent component. Faculty members evaluate talent and share their findings with the Admissions Committee.

Character Strength

Syracuse University seeks more than just academically capable students. You have the chance to demonstrate your character strength in responding to their application’s short answer question: “Why are you interested in Syracuse University, and how do you envision yourself contributing to a diverse, inclusive, accessible, and courteous campus?”

Syracuse University SAT requirements

Dive into the Syracuse University SAT scores requirements, which are as under:

The Syracuse University SAT requirement is above average. They have an “All Scores” policy. That means they require you to submit all your SAT scores, and out of them, they consider your highest SAT score for their application processing. Students worry about an excessive number of test results submitted. They are concerned that too many SAT scores in their application or test attempts to enhance their score may be frowned upon by Syracuse University. But how much is too much?

Up to 6 tests are an excellent quantity to submit. The college recognizes that you want to improve your chances of admission, and retaking the test is one method. It doesn’t matter how often you’ve taken it within a fair amount of exams. They’ll be concerned about your score.

You have an excellent chance of getting in if your average SAT score is 1340 or higher. However, if your score is between 1180 and 1340, you have an average probability of admission, while a score below 1180 has a very low likelihood of admission. The SAT is crucial in your application if you want a higher chance of admission.

If your present SAT score is less than 1275, it is highly advised that you prepare for the SAT and retake it. You don’t have much to lose, and you may potentially improve your score and increase your chances of admission dramatically.

What is the Syracuse SAT average, or the Syracuse average SAT?

The Syracuse SAT average is 1275 out of 1600. The New SAT 25th percentile score is 1180, while the New SAT 75th percentile score is 1370. In other words, a New SAT score of 1180 places you below average, whereas a score of 1370 positions you above average.

Let’s talk about Syracuse university SAT subject test requirements 

The SAT subject exam requirements vary per school. Typically, elite institutions demand them, although most schools in the country do not. Syracuse University most certainly does not require any specific SAT subject test. If you are unsure and want to retake the test, double-check for at least six months.

The Syracuse University SAT policy is test-optional for all undergraduate admissions cycle candidates for Fall 2024 and Spring 2025. 

What are Syracuse University SAT requirements for 2024-25?

Below is the average Syracuse SAT score statistic of previously accepted students, which can be used as the foundation for Syracuse university SAT requirements in 2024-25; however, the university insists that there are no definite Syracuse SAT scores and that all candidates are equally filtered for the admission procedure.

A score in the 25th percentile, a composite score of 1180, puts you below average. However, you will still be considered for admissions, and a score in the 75th percentile, a combined score of 1370, puts you above average, meaning above 75% of successful test-takers.

ACT Scores for Syracuse University 

Syracuse University’s average ACT score is 28. Syracuse University is Moderately Competitive for ACT scores with this score. The university has the same ACT testing policy for SAT scores. This indicates that it is unnecessary but may be considered if included in your Syracuse University application. The Syracuse University ACT average runs between 25 and 30, with the average Syracuse act score being 28. It will be very difficult to get in if you don’t have anything spectacular in your application while applying with an ACT score of 25 or lower. The superscore policy for the ACT can increase your chances of admission significantly.

You will receive an advantage if you give your ACT score rather than your SAT score. Because the SAT has an “All Score” policy, you must submit all your SAT results regardless of the marks you received. Still, the ACT has a “Super Score” policy in which you only need to send in the highest score obtained regardless of the number of exams you have completed. Furthermore, if you submit many SAT scores and they find no change in your scores, you will be at a loss when it comes.

GPA for Syracuse University 

GPA requirements for Syracuse University are typically about 3.67. To get into Syracuse, applicants must have exceptionally strong high school grades. The average high school GPA of Syracuse University’s admitted first-year class was 3.67 on a 4.0 scale, showing that most B+ students are accepted and ultimately attend. An applicant with a GPA less than 3.67 may still be admitted to Syracuse University if it is offset by extracurricular activities, athletic successes, high standardized test results, or other noteworthy achievements that distinguish your application from the crowd. 

If your GPA is below the average decided by the university, is a GPA of 3.67, then you must focus on improving your SAT or ACT score. This will allow you to compete successfully against applicants with greater GPAs than you.

Acceptance Rate

Syracuse University has an acceptance rate of 68.7%. This percentage rate shows that out of every 100 applicants, only 68 students get a seat in their choice of field at the university. Maintaining the Syracuse University SAT scores, and Syracuse University GPA cutoff averages are critical to securing your Syracuse University admission. To secure a position at Syracuse University, you must maintain an average SAT score cutoff and an average GPA cutoff decided by the university.


The Syracuse SAT scores or Syracuse average SAT scores are noted above. What are all of the Syracuse university SAT requirements and entrance criteria? Although a GPA of 3.67 is required for admission, admissions personnel at Syracuse University are looking for outstanding students in their applicants. Your whale application should show that you are an innovative leader of the future and deserve a place in the university. Proof of idea via real-world experience is an excellent way to demonstrate motivation to admissions committees. Suppose you have worked or interned in a business environment. In that case, it can prove to a university that you can apply ideas and concepts learned in school while demonstrating your knowledge in your field of study.



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