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UCLA SAT Scores and GPA Requirements

Jan 4, 2023

Admission to UCLA can be a complex process, Having a solid overall profile gives you a better chance of beating the competition. UCLA offers GPA requirements instead of UCLA SAT scores restrictions. Continue reading to discover more UCLA admission requirements as well as tips on how to submit a winning application. 

The University of California (situated in) Los Angeles is the best public land-grant research university in Los Angeles; it was founded in 1881 as a teacher’s college and was then called the California State Normal School’s Southern Branch. The school was mopped up with the official recognition of UCLA as the southern branch of the University of California in 1919.  


Hence, the tenacious amelioration of the university and its curriculum over so many years has always kept it ‘Numero Uno’ and made the admission process more precise and strenuous. Your stress and worries regarding admission are for sure justified. Still, your fear will vanish after completing this page as it has all the information about the university’s admission process, UCLA’s average SAT, and GPA. Let us dive into the set of queries and their solutions!  

UCLA SAT Scores Requirements and GPA 

New SAT scores range from 1290 to 1510, with 1510 being the 75th percentile. 


In other words, if you get 1290, you’re below average, and if you get 1510, you’re above average. Although UCLA doesn’t have a strict SAT requirement, they definitely like to see at least 1290 to be considered. 

The New SAT Scores are Broken Down into Parts as Follows: 

Section Average 25th Percentile 75th Percentile 
Math 715 640 790 
Reading + Writing 690 640 740 
Composite 1405 1290 1510 

Worthy Insights 

According to the “US news rankings 2021”, the University of California Los Angeles has been crowned by the 1st position retaining its ‘Numero Uno’ tag, and checking the “World University Rankings 2021”, has been placed at 15th position. It has attained 1st place in the “15 best college dining halls in the US” by the students and 4th place in the “Top 25 American Film Schools”. Having numerous awards in varied fields justifies its enormous number of 41,364 students studying currently.  


The tuition and residing charges at UCLA are $36,787; after aid, it is $15,023 (including grants and scholarships from the institution, state, and federal government). UCLA SAT Scores requirements set a record every year as it receives the most college applications in a year. The top five most popular undergrad majors at UCLA are- biology, business economics, political science, psychology, and psychobiology.  

Many celebrities and famous people are great alumni of UCLA, including Mark Harmon, Russell Westbrook, James Franco, Catherine Bell, etc. This makes it again a significant center of multicultural influx. Getting insights into numerous brains and thought processes in a multicultural hub like UCLA prepares you socially, academically, and culturally. It also increases the zeal of getting to the top of the brim among students as UCLA provides you with a platform to compete globally. 


Calibre Aspects 

Sighting the admission review process, the main epicenter for getting selected is demonstrating qualities like intellectual curiosity, leadership, initiative, and tenacity. Students with these standards would contribute generously to the UCLA learning community. Other than the required UCLA SAT scores, there are many more attributes to pay heed to. 

  • Leadership 

Students possessing leadership qualities and collaborative skills are the ones who can work with more and more brains at the same point in time, and that increases the efficiency of work as well as make more space for innovation and creativity. 

  • Intellectual Curiosity 

It is the best quality one could possess as the mind is a muscle through continual exercise and application. A curious mind generates questions, and they result in a problem-solving approach and ultimately result in upheaval, and it organically makes our mind stronger. 

  • Initiative and Tenacity 

Bringing the initiative to come up with something creative and fresh creates a vacuum for metamorphosis, and having the tenacity to complete that work makes a person responsible and dedicated. This approach is in demand in deemed universities like UCLA. 


Academic Pursuits 

Average SAT for UCLA concerning middle 25% – 75% students: 

  • High School GPA: 4.18-4.32 
  • ACT Composite Score: 29-32 
  • ACT English Language Arts: 30-35 
  • SAT Evidence-Based Reading & Writing: 670-760 
  • SAT Mathematics: 690-790 
  • SAT Essays: 16-19 

By attaining the needed average SAT score for UCLA, students get into UCLA. Another way of getting into the University of California Los Angeles is through IELTS; the required score is band 7.  


This distinctive approach to selecting students directed by UCLA creates it the most demanded university in present times as the development and fame of a university depends on the students and their achievements. UCLA wants that by taking insight into the personality and brain of a student, they can help them progress further toward their future aspirations and goals.

UCLA wants students to use most of the services and platforms of the university that make them culturally, socially, and academically sound.  

UCLA Classified 

The teacher-student ratio at UCLA is 18:1, which justifies the personal guidance of mentors and familial teacher-student relations that makes international students more comfortable so that they can focus on their studies without worrying about anything else.  

The school’s 48% of the classes consist of less than 20 students each; this creates a robust personal interaction between teachers and students that help the student understand everything clearly and solve their doubts in the class itself with the help of the best faculties. 

The more exciting thing about UCLA is that being an alumnus of this university is enough for you, as its median starting salary for alums is $58,500. This gives a student the confidence  

that their future is in safe hands.  


The above-mentioned freshman admission guide is a go-to manual for all the students willing to attain UCLA SAT scores. UCLA is an extraordinary university with the best faculties, curriculum, practical style of modern education, and multicultural environment. It is a most selective university with an acceptance rate of 14% but the GPA and SAT scores are very competitive as you must be at the top of your class to get into UCLA. 

The additional feature that signifies them as an excellent institute is the diversity of its students. In recent years a storming influx of students from all over the globe has made it an ocean of innovative and creative brains. 

You can also ensure your immense progress in the future by enrolling yourself in this deemed and demanded university. The last registration date is 30th November this year, so don’t wait, decide whether you want to be in the best or sit and moan like the rest.  

The admission process makes UCLA different from contemporary universities as it tests you so that it can create compatible services for you and your personality that assure your success and accomplishments of your aspirations and aims.



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