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University Of Georgia (UGA) : SAT Scores And GPA

Nov 2, 2022

What The Oxford English Dictionary Doesn’t Tell You About the University of Georgia

Georgia is a captivating country with mesmerizing tourist hotspots that includes the Historic Wormhole Site, Providence Canyon State Park, etc. Apart from tourism, the country is also known for its universities.


Who doesn’t want to visit Georgia for a vacation? 

Just imagine sitting and chilling under a canopy of trees in Forsyth Park, Georgia.


But wait!

University entrance exams are nearby, and you have not applied anywhere. 


How can you think of visiting such a beautiful place, but your whole future is clouded in uncertainty? Don’t be upset.

What if we told you that you could visit and soak in this location’s beauty while also achieving new stages of academic excellence?


Yes, you heard it right. 

Today this blog will take you on a drive to the University of Georgia, where you will explore its admission process, the scores required to get admitted to this university, and UGA SAT scores


So, your car has arrived, put on your seat belts, and be ready to unlock the door of new heights in your future.

First Year Admission Criteria 

High School Grade 


your high school grades matter more than any other single factor in determining your competitiveness for admission to UGA. Because there are so many different grading scales and weighting methodologies, we recalculate a GPA for each first-year applicant based solely on academic courses taken in the five core academic disciplines (with the addition of AP Art and Music Theory courses). We convert each grade earned according to the grading scale in use at your high school at the time the course was taken using a standard 4.0 scale.

Furthermore, if a weight is not already applied to an individual grade, we raise each AP or IB grade by the equivalent of one letter grade (1). Unlike AP and IB curricula, there is no standardized methodology for designating Honors courses. As a result, when recalculating a student’s GPA for admission, UGA has a policy of not adding any weight for Honors courses. However, when determining the rigor of a student’s overall curriculum, we consider the number of Honors courses he or she takes, as well as the availability of AP and IB courses.


The Secret Recipe of Your Way to The University of Georgia  

Before we understand The University of Georgia’s admission essentials, let us look into some stats. 

More than 75% of those who qualified were accepted to Athens, with an average GPA of 3.6 and SAT exam score of close to 1200. The typical UGA applicant in 2022 has SAT scores in the middle range of 50%, that is, between 1350 and 1480, and a GPA of at least 4.0. Only ‘A’ class candidates who have standardized exam results within or above the 90th percentile are eligible to apply.

Without a doubt, the examinations required for recruiting to this university are difficult, but the effort is worthwhile. If you are determined, no one can deny success. 

First, we will talk about The University of Georgia’s acceptance rate. Acceptance rate means the percentage of applicants who are admitted to a university out of all those who apply. 

The acceptance percentage at UGA is 42%. This rate shows that this university is reasonably picky. 

Furthermore, the acceptance rate for 2016 and 2017 was 54%, whereas for 2018, it was 52.88%, and now it is 42%. 

As you can see, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get into this university. The University of Georgia (UGA) will certainly be even more challenging by the time you enrol if this pattern continues.

But hold onto your hope. Good things demand work, and if you put the work in, it will pay off.

Now, we enter the second part of the blog, that is, the UGA GPA requirements. Let us dive into its pool of essentials. 

Although many institutions have baseline GPA essentials, in practice, these standards are typically the lowest amount required to apply without being dismissed. The GPA requirement that matters is the GPA you must achieve to have a realistic chance of being admitted.

The Average GPA at UGA is 4

UGA expects students to lead the class in performance by having a GPA of 4. To contend with other candidates, they need to score ‘A’ in every subject. If a student’s GPA, in any case, is below 4, then they have to score better results on SAT exams and ACT exams to compensate for the lost GPA. Then, they will be in a position to contend with candidates who have higher GPAs. 

From here, we begin the third part of this blog, SAT exam and ACT exam prerequisites.

On the scale of 1600- 1325 is the typical aggregate SAT exam score at UGA.

With this result, UGA is considered potentially ambitious for SAT scores.

The updated SAT component scores are broken down as follows:

SubjectsAverage Rate25th Percentile Rate75th Percentile Rate
Reading and Writing665630700

On the other hand, the ACT exam score required to get admitted to the University of Georgia is 30. The score shows that it is relatively challenging to get into UGA. 

But you don’t need to worry as you already know what you have to do. 

Furthermore, the ACT exam score for the 25th probability/percentile is 27 and for the 75th probability /percentile is 32.  

If you go to this university with an ACT exam score that is below 27, then you will face a challenging time in getting accepted, until and unless you carry another component in your extremely amusing form. 

Note: The essay portion of the SAT and ACT is optional. If you opt for it, then consider it as another aspect when deciding who to invite.

Acceptance Rate at UGA – Class of 2026 

We have yet to receive official Class of 2026 numbers. We do know that there were 39,615 applicants and approximately 16,600 acceptances. This equates to a 42% acceptance rate.

For the Bulldog Class of 2025, there were 39,400 applications. Only 15,700, or slightly less than 40% of that group, were accepted—an all-time low. It is important to note that obtaining admission to this university is far more difficult if you are not a Georgia resident. The Class of 2025 was made up of 81% in-state students. According to the most recent data (Class of 2024), residents are accepted at a 58% rate, while out-of-state applicants are accepted at a 40% rate.

Georgia SAT Scores 

SAT Requirements & Average SAT Score 

SAT Range   1250 – 1460 Applicants Submitting SAT 69% 
SAT Reading 25th   –   630 SAT Reading 75th         – 720 
SAT Math 25th        –   620 SAT Math 75th                –  740 
SAT Composite 25th  – 1250 SAT Composite 75th    – 1460 
 Average SAT Score 1360 

Tips for Garnishing Your Application 

Only two indicators are deemed extremely important by UGA in the admissions process: the difficulty of the high school curriculum and GPA. The only relevant factor is the results of standardized tests. The institution considers many factors, including essays, recommendation letters, extracurricular activities, first-generation status, and paid and volunteer labour.

The UGA also considers that academics are paramount. So, keep a check on your SAT exam and ACT exam scores and the

University of Georgia acceptance rate.  

Following is some application advice for this university:

  • Interviews are not a part of the assessment process at UGA. As a result, you will have to come up with alternate strategies via your essays and references to establish a personal attachment with an admissions committee.
  • Legacy has no bearing on the admissions procedure. Being a parent who visited UGA does not affect their decision to admit applicants, making them one of the few institutions to proclaim this officially.
  • You won’t be evaluated based on whether you visited the campus, spoke with an admissions officer, or anything else because UGA also does not take demonstrated commitment into account.
  • Make sure to invest enough time and energy into the one supplemental essay that UGA requires.

Final Thoughts

The University of Georgia is among the elite universities in the United States of America. Being accepted into this university is an honour. Studying at this University will not only shape your future but also enhances your overall personality. All you have to do is thoroughly review the entrance standards, keep up with any new announcements, and work diligently.

The opportunity is at your doorstep, grab it and experience the new world within you.

UGA SAT Score Requirements


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