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What are Ivy League Universities and History

Nov 28, 2022

Your Primer to Ivy League Universities 

In this article, we learn about what are Ivy league universities. Let’s begin. 

Ivy League universities is a dream for many aspiring academic students who want to make it big in their professional careers. With excellent infrastructure, great faculty, amazing facilities, and exciting career opportunities, every SAT aspirant eyes the Ivy League by scoring higher in the examination. 


History of Ivy League Universities 

 The term “Ivy League” was into existence in the year 1954, when the NCAA athletic conference for Division I was formed. At the time, the elitism of these schools was really due to their prestige in the realm of sports like basketball.

Although the term “Ivy League” was not created until the 1950s, many of these schools were in existence as far back as 1636, when John Harvard became the first benefactor of Harvard University. This school is located in the Boston, Massachusetts, area.  


Yale was formed in 1702 by a benefactor by the name of Elihu Yale. Yale is located in the state of Connecticut in the town of New Haven (United States). In 1746, the New Jersey School of Princeton was founded and was originally simply named the College of New Jersey.  

The fourth-oldest university in America is the University of Pennsylvania. It was founded in 1740 by the famous founding father Benjamin Franklin. Brown University, founded in 1746, is located in Providence, Rhode Island.  


The smallest Ivy League school, Dartmouth, was established in 1769 in Hanover, New Hampshire. It received a large endowment of several billion dollars. In 1754, Columbia University began thanks to King George II of England.

It is located in New York City. And finally, Cornell University got its start in 1865 thanks to two benefactors named Ezra Cornell and Andrew Dickson White. This school is located in Ithaca, New York. 


Let’s learn more about getting into Ivy League universities through a Live webinar | Turito. 

Here is the list of the Ivy League Universities in the US: 

These universities have produced millions of talented graduates, and postgraduates with high cognitive skills and even global management experts. The universities also have a long history of celebrated professors and state-of-the-art library facilities.  


Ivy League schools and colleges gained a widespread reputation for producing graduates with high academic performances, social prestige, and promising career futures. Even today, these universities maintain their reputation, and they have a large presence among the top-ranked universities in the U.S.  

They are joined in this position by Stanford, M.I.T., and Caltech — schools that are not technically Ivy League schools but tend to enjoy a similar reputation and social status. 


Are Ivy Leagues Worth? 

Absolutely. Ivy Leagues colleges are like a dream come true when it comes to getting an admission- opening new doors of opportunity for aspiring students. Their professors are highly experienced in their respective fields of education and are passionate to bring nothing but the best to the student.

With interactive sessions and networking with global tutors and academic experts, Ivy League also opens new doors for students who are interested to get into research and get into higher career opportunities.  


What Should I know Before Applying for the Ivy Leagues? 

  • Competition:

The competition in Ivy Leagues is quite tough and stringent. They accept nothing but the best.  The admission rate on average is just 10% of overall admission. A high SAT score can increase your opportunity to get into the Ivy League. 

  • Focus on Building Complete Profile:

The Ivy Leagues not just look at the individual SAT scores, but also at the candidate’s- overall front. Profile building that includes extra-curricular activities, out-of-the-classroom activities, and achievements out there will bring you closer to the Ivy League. 

  • Select the Right Ivy League:

Though Harvard is the greatest university when it comes to business studies, it may not be a good choice for someone who is scientifically inclined. Hence, it is important to select the Ivy League based on its best offering.  Take the help of a counselor or a mentor to understand the pros and cons of each Ivy League. 

  • Plan Early:

The road to the Ivy League is no easy one. It needs the student to be well prepared beforehand to increase the chances of getting into the universities. Experts say that if a student plans early for getting into the Ivy League, the chances of getting admission are higher. 

  • Signup for an Online Course:

With Covid-19 times, e-learning has taken a new leap altogether. The learning has become online and enrolling in an online course that teaches about SAT Test prep, college counseling and guidance will lead you towards the Ivy League. Turito offers great SAT prep courses that also offer counseling from industry experts to get into the right Ivy League of their choice.  

 The Final Word: 

Getting into the Ivy League universities is no easy road. It is filled with challenges and obstacles that can lead to confusion and anxiety in the minds of students and parents.

But with proper planning and considering factors like subject aptitude, college history, and personal aspirations towards a career, the student can easily rope in the best Ivy league he/she can think of!

Frequently Asked Questions 

1.Is Ivy League Tuition Cost higher? 

There is no denying that Ivy League schools charge higher tuition than public schools. However, Ivy League schools have extremely large endowments and generous financial aid packages, which can significantly offset tuition costs. 

2.How many Ivy League schools are there? 

There are 8 schools in the Ivy League. 

3.How hard is it to get into Ivy League schools? 

The Ivy League schools are extremely difficult to get into, and this has become even more so in recent years. Harvard and Princeton remain at the top of the list, with acceptance rates as low as 3.19%. 

4. Which Ivy League school is the easiest to get into?

Cornell University has the highest acceptance rate of any Ivy League school, making it the easiest to get into. 

what are the ivy league universities


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