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May 9, 2022 | Turito Team USA

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Do you want to enroll in Baylor University for your graduation or master’s degree? If yes, you need to abide by Baylor’s admission requirements and acceptance rate. 

The following guide discusses Baylor University’s admission requirements and acceptance rate. Read the guide to know about it and apply as soon as possible to not miss the chance of completing graduation or post-graduation in a prestigious institution.

Baylor University’s Admission Requirements

Baylor checks the academic history of a student before shortlisting them for admission. Thus, try to achieve brilliant scores in your high school. This will improve your chances of fulfilling the Baylor University admission requirements. Apart from this, Baylor also selects candidates with the following qualities.

  • Students who have taken part in intellectual activities
  • Students who have good extra-curricular performance
  • Students who have high recommendation letters from teachers

Documents Required For Baylor University’s Admission 

The following table consists of the documents required for Baylor University admission for undergraduate and graduate students. 

For Undergraduate Admission For Graduate Admission
ACT Test Scores Graduation Degree
Baylor SAT Test Scores GMAT Test Scores
Resume GRE Test Scores
2 Recommendation Letters Resume
High School Rank Minimum English Language Proficiency (ELP) Scores
Short Answer Response For Candidates Applying For Early Decision  Recommendation Letters
Financial Aid Profile Transcript
Transcript Statement Of Purchase

Necessary Factors For Baylor University’s Admission

Baylor selects candidates based on certain essential factors as per 2020-2021 data. The following table shows which factors are considered very important, important, and unimportant for Baylor University admission.

Very Important Important Unimportant
Rigor Of Secondary School Record Class Rank Interview
Standardized SAT Or ACT Test Scores Alumni Relation Geographical Residence
Academic GPA Application Essay First Generation
Extracurricular Activities Religious Affiliation
Recommendation(s) State Residency
Talent Racial Status
Personal Qualities
Volunteer Work
Work Experience
Level Of Applicant’s Interest

Baylor University’s Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate is the first thing you must consider before applying to a University. The acceptance rate gives an idea of how competitive a college is. For example, Baylor’s acceptance rate is 45.3%. This means it is moderately competitive with other universities. So, getting through the Baylor acceptance rate is not quite difficult. But, if you have poor academic records, you need to elevate your GPA and ACT/SAT score to get through the admission. 


Always try to get more marks than Baylor University requirements to ensure your seat at the University. Read below to know how much GPA and SAT/ACT marks you must get.

Baylor University’s GPA Requirements

You must try to achieve the highest score possible in your high school. The GPA that Baylor requires for shortlisting candidates is 3.74. With a 3.74 GPA, you need to be a topper in class or a top ranker. Besides, you must get an ‘A’ in most subjects for the authorities to consider you for admission.

Baylor University’s ACT And SAT Requirements

While it is not necessary to sit for the ACT or SAT, doing so can increase your chances of admission. Many students apply at Baylor, and many get the desired GPA. So, you can show your ACT or SAT score to stand out from all the other applications. You can choose to sit for either of the two based on your preference. 

Baylor University’s SAT Requirements

Baylor’s SAT requirement is 1293 SAT on a 1600 scale. So, if you want to make an impact among the authorities with your SAT score, aim for 1293 or more. Anything below this score will make you a below-average student. But if you can score 1370 or more, you will create a good impression at Baylor. Besides, this score can make you appear more competitive than other candidates.

Baylor University’s SAT Score Choice Policy

It is important to understand how Baylor selects the SAT score. Baylor follows the “Highest Section” scoring policy like many other universities. As per this scoring policy, the authorities will consider the highest score to derive a composite SAT score. The authorities will then match the composite SAT score with Baylor’s SAT requirement to see if you have the desired score. Let’s look at an example below to understand the highest section scoring policy.

Section Reading And Writing Math Composite
Test 1 600 700 1300
Test 2 200 300 500
Test 3 400 300 700
Highest Score 600 700 1300

From the table, you can understand that the highest score for each test is taken into account. In the table, the highest score for ‘Reading and Writing’ is 600, and hence this score is considered. On the other hand, it is ‘700’ for Math, so 700 is considered. So, the highest SAT score derived is 1300. Such a scoring pattern is beneficial as you can sit for many SAT examinations to improve your score. In the table, 3 tests are taken as an example. But you can appear more times unless you are satisfied.

With this pattern, you can also focus on one examination at a time. For instance: you can focus on scoring high in the Math examination in the first examination. You can focus more on ‘Reading and Writing for the second examination.’ This will give you ample time and scope to improve your scores for each subject.

Baylor University’s ACT Requirements

If you wish to sit for the ACT examination instead of SAT, you should know Baylor University’s cut-off. Baylor University requires 29 ACT for admission. The 75th percentile ACT mark is 32, and the 25th percentile ACT mark is 26. So, you need to get at least between 26 to 32 for your application to get selected as per the Baylor University requirements.

Baylor University’s ACT Score Sending Policy

Now let’s understand Baylor’s ACT score-sending policy. Similar to the Baylor University SAT requirements, the authorities also consider the highest score for the ACT. But, here, you have to send the highest score yourself. The authorities won’t calculate your ACT score like Baylor SAT. Instead, you have to do it for yourself. For example, you can take 5 ACT examinations and send the highest ACT scores to the authorities. In the ACT examination, you don’t have to send all the scores to the University. You have the right to decide which score you want to send and which to not send.

How To Ensure A Seat At Baylor University?

Ensuring a seat at Baylor University might seem difficult. But, if you follow the steps below, you can get a seat at Baylor without any hassle.

  1. Improve Your GPA

Now that you know Baylor’s admission requirements for GPA let’s understand how you can improve your GPA score. If you are in senior school, improving your GPA can be difficult. But, you can still do so by increasing your academic index. Take up honors and IB or AP courses to elevate your academic index. This will raise your GPA, and you might fulfill the Baylor admission requirements.

  1. Get A 31 ACT And 1350 SAT

By now, you know Baylor’s SAT requirements and ACT requirements for your application to get accepted. But if you want your name to appear at the top of the list, try to aim for more. For example, try to get 31 ACT or more than the standard Baylor University SAT requirement, such as 1350 SAT. This will improve your possibility of getting admission to Baylor.

  1. Engage In More Extra-curricular Activities

Apart from catering to Baylor University’s ACT and Baylor University SAT requirements, you need to build a strong portfolio for extracurriculars. Thus, take part in more extra-curricular activities in your school life. This will help the authorities understand how active you are. Baylor looks for candidates who can serve the University outside the classroom studies.

  1. Work On Essays

If you want the authorities to have a good impression of you, work on essays. 

Write compelling essays that describe your personality. Explain why you deserve admission to Baylor University, your qualities, and what makes you stand out from others. The better you present yourself in the essays, the more your chances of selection will be.

  1. Apply Early Decision

Baylor offers an Early Decision facility to the students. So, try to apply as early as possible to improve your chances of selection. But, as per the Baylor University requirements, an Early Decision comes with some limitations. So, ensure that you know about the limitations before applying.

Thus, these are some effective ways to elevate your chances of getting into Baylor. Follow the above tips, and make a strong application for submission.


Now you know everything about the Baylor acceptance rate and Baylor University admission requirements. So, do not wait any longer. Start your preparation today and achieve the standard GPA and ACT/Baylor SAT to fall under the Baylor acceptance rate. 

Also, take part in extracurricular activities to improve your chances of enrollment. If you have more queries, you can contact the authorities at Baylor and get them cleared. Know about the application dates so that you don’t miss your chances of getting a seat in your dream college. 

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