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Is 2.4 GPA A Good Grade To Get Into A College Or University?

Apr 5, 2022

Are you wondering if 2.4 is a good GPA or not? Well, then in this article, we’ll tell you whether it is a good grade or you need to improve. We’ll also give you a list of colleges where you can apply with this GPA. Besides, we’ll also tell you how you can improve your GPA to open up more college options for enrollment. 

What Does A GPA Of 2.4 Mean?

To understand the significance of 2.4 GPA, you must first know how a GPA is computed and used to check achievement.


Understand The Grade Calculations

Let’s understand how GPA is calculated first. A percentage score calculated out of 100 and a numeric equal indicating a scale ranging from 0.0 to 4.0 correlate with lettering grade. The letter A corresponds to a percentile score ranging from 90 to 100 on a scale of one to ten. 

According to major universities, the numerical value of a 95 percentile score is 4.0. A 94 percentile score equals a 3.9, a 93 equals a 3.8, and so on until a score of 65, which equals a 0.0. Some schools make small adjustments so that a 60 equals a 0.0. A GPA is a numeric average of your quantitative grades for an academic year, semester, or complete academic program.


Grade Conversion

Now that you know about the grade calculations let’s understand what 2.4 GPA means.

2.4 GPA equals C or C+. So, if you were wondering whether a 2.4 GPA is a good grade or not, it is an average score. 2.4 GPA falls between 75-84%. This indicates that this GPA is neither good nor does it fall in the bad category. 2.4 GPA is a common score that many candidates get. If you want to have a more competitive score, you should aim for 3.5 or 4. 


What Colleges Can I Get Admission Into?

If you graduate with a 2.4 GPA in a high school, it positions you within the academic boundary of the colleges mentioned below.

CollegeAverage GPA
Concordia University Ann Arbor2.2
Catawba College2.36
American International College2.57
Fisher College2.27
North Carolina A & T State University2.68
Morgan State University2.65
Bloomfield College2.6
Saint Augustines College2.37
Chowan University2.64
Kentucky State University2.44
Virginia Union University2.61

How Can I Improve My 2.4 GPA?

Assuming that you want your score to be a bit more competitive than others, but don’t know if it’s possible. Well, it is. Here are some fruitful ways which you can follow to improve your score. You can also get a perfect 4.0 GPA if you follow these tips dedicatedly.


Avoid Unimportant Classes

You’ll need to take classes necessary for your career or major in high school. So, while choosing your electives or any extra courses, keep the prerequisites and burden of those classes in mind. This will help you register for something you can handle during the session. For example, although advanced-level and honors classes can raise your GPA, keep in mind how much you can manage to score well. Choose these classes if you are more confident about obtaining an A+ or A in standard schoolwork.

Keep A Tutor For Help

Even though you might feel that you can complete the curriculum yourself, keep a tutor for help. A tutor will assist you with difficult topics and help you answer them seamlessly. For instance: If you are weak in Algebra, the tutor can help you ace it with formulas and easy solutions. This way, you will get better marks in Algebra and improve your overall score. Again, if you are weak in English, the tutor might help you with vocabulary and grammar and make you solve many practise questions which will help you score well in the main examination. 

Talk With Your Instructors

If you cannot afford a tuition teacher, you can ask for help from your school teacher. Engage in class and clear queries with your teacher related to any topic. You can also ask them about the reference books you can study apart from the textbook to get better scores. Besides, you can take timely feedback from them to improve on your weaknesses. Apart from this, you can also learn many tips and tricks from them to get a competitive score in the examination. 

Set Goals For Yourself

If you want to improve a 2.4 GPA score, you need to set a target. Whether you wish to get a 3.0 GPA or a 3.5 GPA, you need to be clear about your aim. Once you are clear with this, set daily goals for completing each topic. For instance: You can decide to study A subject for Monday, B for Tuesday and C for Wednesday. No matter what schedule you make, ensure to complete the syllabus on time and achieve each goal every day as you plan.

Join A Study Group

While preparing the lessons, join a good study group to ace up your preparation. When you study in a group, there is brainstorming of ideas, strategies, and different ways that you can use for better practice. 

For instance: If you are solving Maths with your peers, somebody from the group can suggest a way to solve it. Someone else can show an easy way to do it. The third person can bring in-class notes for solving the problem efficiently. So, this way, you will get exposed to more ideas and study materials that will help in smart preparation.

Improve Note-Taking Skills

Note-taking is very crucial to score extra marks in the examination. Your teacher will explain the lessons given in the textbook, but she might also give you some additional information that is important for the exam. If you are slow in taking notes, you might miss out on the important points. Thus, try to speed up your writing and note-taking skills to not skip on any important data.

Here are some of the ways how you can improve your note-taking skill:

  • Use short forms while writing notes.
  • Highlight the most important points.
  • Use codes for easy understanding.
  • Use initials wherever necessary.
  • Write down only the keywords or phrases.

Use Educational Resources

Studying from textbooks is a very good way to score better marks. But if you want to impress your examiner, you need to add references to your answers. For that, you need to study different educational resources such as study guides and books from various authors. You can get them from the library and even access them online. 

Solve Previous Year Question Papers

The more you solve test papers, the more you will get confident with a topic. For instance: If you finish one topic in English, you can write the answers from that particular topic from test papers. This will help you understand where your preparation stands. Besides, you will also know which questions appear frequently and are important for the examination.

Keep Everything Organized

Find a system that works for you for keeping track of your lecture notes, timetables, and project due dates. For example, a simple calendar with weekly and monthly layouts might help you keep track of your calendar, assignments due, and other crucial information. Use dividers to separate your papers, assignments, finished tasks, and projects you’re still working on in class notebooks. Clean up outdated documents and other things you don’t need any more at least once a week to maintain everything tidy. Keeping yourself organized might impact your mood and keep you motivated. 

Put Extra Effort On Assignments

When working on an assignment, go above and beyond to meet or surpass your instructor’s expectations. Although you may not get any bonus points, demonstrating your commitment to your academic objectives and willingness to use ideas to grow and learn will help you obtain better grades. When you put that much effort into your schoolwork, it shows in your grades, which leads to a better total GPA.

Engage With High GPA Peers

In your classes, engage with the toppers. When you join study groups, connect with other students who share your aims, congratulate them on their achievements, and practice good academic practices. These peers can be a great resource for expanding your knowledge, understanding how to use alternative learning tactics, and staying motivated to reach your objectives.


So, now you know what a 2.4 GPA is and whether 2.4 is a good GPA score or not. As per the scale, it is an average score, but if you want to get more, you can apply the tips mentioned above to reach your aim. If you follow our advice, nobody can stop you from getting your desired GPA for college admission. 

2.4 gpa


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