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Is a 3.7 GPA Good? List of Colleges That Accept 3.7 GPA

Feb 26, 2022

If you are a student who has scored a 3.7 GPA and wondering if it is an excellent score to increase your chances of selection to your dream college, then this article is for you. In this article, you will find out:

  • Is A 3.7 GPA Good enough to get you into top universities?
  • Colleges that accept a 3.7 GPA.
  • How you can increase your GPA score.

Grade Point Average, commonly known as GPA, is the most crucial factor universities consider for making an admission decision. Unlike ACT and SAT scores, GPA score policy varies from school to school. While some schools follow the weighted GPA, others follow the unweighted GPA policy. 


But you must remember that colleges consider you for admission based on your course difficulty. This simply means that the more challenging courses you take, the more your chances of acceptance.

Why Is GPA Considered So Important?

Your GPA score is the average of your academic performance in high school. Though it does not decide how you will perform in college, it displays your educational field capabilities. Universities do understand various ways a high school measures the GPA score of students. This means that what is a 3.7 GPA in one school might be a completely different GPA in another. Therefore, most universities mainly focus on the course difficulty to determine your strengths and capabilities. The universities also compare your performance to that of peers.


Is A 3.7 GPA a Good Score?

Although your GPA score is not the only factor universities consider in your application, it is undoubtedly one of the most critical factors. But this does not mean that you should focus on your GPA. Many colleges follow a more comprehensive selection process that involves SAT scores, ACT scores, essay writing, extracurriculars, and more.

Moreover, GPA is not a unique grading system followed by all schools. On the contrary, different schools follow different procedures for calculating GPA. That is why it is pretty challenging to say if a 3.7 GPA is a good score or not.


Still, if your GPA is anything higher or near the average GPA score of a college, you have a great chance of getting admission. Remember, the college authorities want to have those students who can prove valuable to the school. Still, a 3.7 GPA is an excellent score, and with this score, your chances of success increase.

What Is a 3.7 GPA For Different Categories of Students?

If you are a student with a 3.7 GPA, you must wonder if it is a good score and your chances of selection. It would help if you remembered that the national average GPA for college admission is considered 3.0. So with a 3.7 GPA, you have an excellent chance of getting an admission offer. Below is the listed custom advice for students with a 3.7 GPA.

  • High-school students

If you are a high-school student, you must be thinking is a 3.7 GPA good score. You would be happy to know that it is an excellent score. With this score, you present yourself as a competitive and capable candidate. In the future, you can take up more challenging courses to further improve your grades and performance. With this score, you will be admitted to the state’s top universities to pursue the course that interests you the most. 

  • College students

Do you want to know, what is a 3.7 GPA for college students? It represents that you are capable enough to take up more challenging courses and succeed in them.


What Is The Acceptance Rate With a 3.7 GPA?

All the students are highly skeptical about their selection and want to know their chances of success beforehand. As the admission decision is based on various factors, it wouldn’t be fair to say the acceptance rate with a 3.7 GPA. 

Some Steps To Increase Your GPA Score  

All high-school students, sophomores, and first-year students have enough time on their hands to focus and improve their GPA scores. You can follow the below steps to improve your GPA score.

  • Consider talking to your tutor and making a strategy to improve your grades. You need to work with great focus and enthusiasm to complete the most challenging courses with good grades. 
  • Identify your weak areas and work rigorously to strengthen them. This will ultimately benefit you in gaining confidence to take up more complex tasks.
  • Take classes as per your interests because there is a high chance of success. Generally, students who fail to give their best in some courses have no interest in that area. If you choose subjects per your interest, then you will focus more on your learning, and this ultimately will help you earn high scores.
  • Focus on taking AP subjects if you are concerned about enhancing your performance. The AP and honors subjects carry high credit that will dramatically help get good grades. 
  • Do not invest your time in taking unnecessary classes. Suppose you want to increase your chances of getting into top universities. In that case, you need to invest your time smartly in required courses and carry high weightage. Rather than wasting your time on courses with less credit, utilize them by taking worthy classes.
  • Actively participate in tasks because it will broaden your knowledge to help improve grades.
  • Invest time in making your assignments stand apart. Your projects will surely help you in earning high scores. So, you need to be careful while making them.
  • Seek help from faculty and friends. If you have the necessary support available, you should utilize it to improve yourself.
  • Evaluate yourself regularly. Proper evaluation is necessary to know where you stand and how much effort you need to achieve your goal.

What To Do If I Have Less Time To Improve My GPA?

If you are an aspiring college student, you must be thinking: Is a 3.7 GPA a good score to get an admission offer? What if you don’t get this score? Will you get into your dream college? You need to remember that GPA is not the only aspect of admission. Many students with a good GPA get rejected because of a weak application. Therefore, if you have less or no time to improve your GPA score, you should focus on other selection criteria. 

Writing a compelling essay is an excellent way of strengthening your application. You can represent your uniqueness through writing skills. This also helps you in getting an edge over your competitors. This will eventually increase your chances of success. Focus on improving your ACT and SAT scores. College authorities hugely consider your test scores for granting admission. However, enhancing your GPA score takes considerable time as it consists of all the courses undertaken at high school. This is not the case with stellar test scores.


 To achieve good scores, you must practice by reviewing your weak areas. If you need to seek the guidance of a tutor for the same, then you must go for it.

Some Colleges That Accept Freshman With A 3.7 GPA 

Suppose you are a high-school student who wants to know what is A 3.7 GPA. In that case, you should know that many top-ranked colleges set their average GPA score around 3.7 for admission to different degree programs.

Below is the list of colleges to apply for admission with a 3.7 GPA.

College Region State Type 
Colgate UniversityMid EastNew YorkPrivate
Clark UniversityNew EnglandMassachusettsPrivate
Indiana University-BloomingtonGreat LakesIndianaPublic
Loyola University ChicagoGreat LakesIllinoisPrivate
SUNY at BinghamtonMid EastNew YorkPublic
University of DelawareMid EastDelawarePublic
University of VermontNew EnglandVermontPublic
University of Southern CaliforniaFar WestCaliforniaPrivate
Purdue University-Main CampusGreat LakesIndianaPublic
Villanova UniversityMid EastPennsylvaniaPrivate 
Michigan State UniversityGreat LakesMichiganPublic
North Carolina State University at RaleighSoutheastNorth CarolinaPublic
University of Colorado BoulderRocky MountainsColoradoPublic
University of DenverRocky MountainsColoradoPrivate
University of California-RiversideFar WestCaliforniaPublic

There is no doubt that your GPA score is an essential selection criterion, and you need to focus on improving your high-school GPA. This can only be done by taking up extra challenging courses available to you. But you should also remember that the college wants an applicant that can bring value to the institute. For this, your application needs to have strong essay writing and excellent extracurricular involvement to showcase leadership capabilities.

So, to secure a seat in a college, you must work on your overall grooming. 

3.7 gpa


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