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Free MBBS In Abroad

Feb 6, 2023

Hearing that you can get a Free MBBS abroad makes everyone’s eyes light up with excitement. MBBS programs may be found at many international institutions. To secure a brilliant career in medicine, you need to take off. Every year, thousands of students embark on the journey of a lifetime to get their MBBS degree in a foreign country. International medical research has a vast reach. 

Further, by pursuing an MBBS degree program abroad, Indian students have an excellent opportunity to succeed in the MBBS profession. Several affiliated institutes with the NMC make it possible for Indian medical school applicants to continue their education outside India.


If You’re Considering Medical School, Here Are Some Reasons You Should Consider Studying in Germany

  • Germany’s medical school curriculum is highly regarded as among the best in the world.
  • Regarding cutting-edge medical technology, Germany is among the world’s top nations.
  • International students may get a high-quality medical education at an affordable price and a degree respected worldwide.
  • Indian students who get their medical degree in Germany are granted permanent residency after finishing the program.
  • Many people consider the German medical school system among the best in the world.
  • Germany’s cutting-edge medical facilities and advanced medical equipment mean the country can treat a large population.
  • Medical school admission in Germany does not need a standardized test.
  • Getting a medical degree in Germany won’t break the bank.
  • Internships in top-notch private and public hospitals are available to students at all medical schools.
  • Qualifications in medicine that are respected all across the world.

Documents Required to Study in Free MBBS Abroad

The following items are necessary to apply for an MBBS program in Germany. However, admission criteria may vary somewhat from one medical school to the next.

  • A diploma from an accredited secondary school, if you are a non-EU/EEA citizen, is considered the same as a high school diploma in Germany.
  • To get a Free MBBS abroad in Germany, one must be fluent in German. Several standardized examinations in the German language are available. German as a Foreign Language (TestDaf) is one such option. To enroll in a German medical school, you’ll need at least a Level 4 in each area of the TestDaf. 
  • Previous academic performance; you should have obtained good marks in specific disciplines relevant to medicine, such as chemistry and biology.
  • Some medical schools may also require you to take supplemental exams to more accurately assess your strengths in certain study areas and your aptitude for their Free MBBS in an abroad program. For this reason, many institutions will request either the TestAS or the Test for Medical Studies. Fill out an application, which you may get on the university’s website, An inspiration letter, and a reference.
  • Remember that although Latin fluency is not necessary, it may be considered.

Prerequisites for Attending Medical School in Germany

After completing their secondary education in India, students may apply to begin their Free MBBS abroad in Germany (12th). In India, students interested in pursuing a career in medicine must complete a year of prerequisite coursework before enrolling in college. Students entering the foundation year are expected to have previously acquired intermediate to advanced German language skills (B1-B2), have a high-grade point average, and pass an admission test. The final test of the first year prepares Indian students to apply to German medical schools.


Each medical school decides whether or not to admit students from countries outside the European Union, including India. However, according to federal law, universities must set aside five percent of their total enrollment capacity specifically for overseas students. The competition for these slots is fierce, and colleges often give them to those with the highest GPAs. Only those with perfect grades usually have a chance. Colleges and universities may also look at your scores on the Test of Academic Skills (TestAS) and your years of job experience.

Leading German Medical Institutions for the MBBS Degree

Most German universities offering medical programs have received approval from the United Nations Organization and recognition from the Medical Council of India and the World Health Organization, contributing to the widespread belief that German medical schools are among the best in the world. This broadens the employment options available to medical students from India so that they are not limited to only Germany. 


If you’re interested in a career in medicine after completing your MBBS in Germany, you have access to the medical industries of all EU partner countries. These are just a few of Germany’s prestigious academic institutions that provide medical degrees:

  • RWTH Aachen University
  • The University of Berlin
  • Lubeck University
  • Heidelberg University
  • The Hamburg University
  • The University of Wurzburg

These are only a few of the top universities in Germany where one might get a Free MBBS abroad. The MCI recognizes these schools as legitimate. In Germany, students may choose from more than 30 institutions, all of which are accredited.


Opportunities for Graduates of Germany’s Medical Schools

Indian students accepted into MBBS programs would be well-positioned to pursue rewarding careers in the healthcare industry. Well, it is totally up to students whether or not they continue their education and pursue a career. However, specific topics may pique the curiosity of everyone.

  • If you’re a medical student or graduate interested in practicing medicine in India, you can do so. First, however, this preliminary examination must be passed.
  • The Indian government will administer a screening exam to prospective doctors. Candidates who are successful in this exam will be eligible to practice medicine and establish their medical practices.
  • The medical board makes use of and defines an individual’s performance based on several indicators.
  • Conversely, if a student does not do well enough on the exam, the NMC may stop that person from ever practicing medicine again.
  • The number of times you may take the NMC exam is not capped at any specific number.


However, the country’s low crime rate is an excellent place for students from India to study. If you’re an Indian student looking to learn in Europe, Germany is one of the safest options. When it comes to Free MBBS abroad, German medical schools prioritize the well-being of women. The institution has installed closed-circuit television cameras in all its buildings, including classrooms and libraries. The hostels are constantly guarded.

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Free MBBS Abroad


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