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Study In France- Admission Criteria for Indian Students After 12th

Feb 7, 2023

After graduating from high school, deciding what subject(s) you want to pursue is crucial because it will help shape your future. Since it will have such a significant impact on your career, this decision is critical.

However, France ranks well for both safety and popularity when considering European countries. The French educational system has a stellar reputation and is cost-effective as well. Hence, it is convenient for those on tight budgets. Some of the best universities in the world offer business and finance courses, many of which are located in France. Due to its prominence as a location for prestigious institutions of higher learning offering programs in business and management, the area has earned a reputation as a prime location for pursuing a career in either field.


The Benefits of Study In France For Indian Students After 12th

  • Full and partial financing options are available from the French government for Indian students attending graduate school in France. Financial needs and academic achievement will be considered for awarding the scholarships. In addition, full-tuition scholarships and other forms of financial assistance are available to help with additional expenses.
  • The French educational system places a premium on research and development. As a result, international students flock to the country for its STEM programs.
  • There has been a yearly rise in international students choosing France as their study-abroad destination. It’s because French colleges consistently rank among the best in the world.
  • There is little to no danger in France. The campus has a meager crime rate and almost no raging incidents.
  • French culture is rather varied. Indian students have many options, but many choose France since the government spends more than 6% of its GDP on education.
  •  A degree from a French institution or study in France for Indian students after the 12th has considerable prestige, especially in law, IT, and engineering.
  • In India, undergraduate students strongly prefer universities in France due to the country’s enviable academic environment. In addition, many other types of conferences, seminars, excursions, and artistic endeavors are available to students.

Options Available for Further Study In France For Indian Students After 12th

France has a well-respected higher education system and some of Europe’s lowest tuition costs. In France, students may get degrees from Bachelor’s up to Doctorate because of the country’s extensive system of public and private educational institutions. A leading institution in management and business education in France and beyond, INSEEC-U attracts students from all over the globe. 

Paris, Lyon, and Bordeaux are home to its many prestigious member institutions, to name a few of INSEEC-major metropolitan hubs. Earning a degree from one of our universities will pave the way to a successful career in business or politics, among other fields, and provide entry to various job markets.


To enroll in a Master’s program at a French university, applicants must already have a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent. INSEEC-U is a French university where you may get a Bachelor’s degree as a first step toward a Master’s degree if you are an international student studying in France after the 12th.

How the French Schooling System Works

When it comes to maintaining the highest possible educational standards, France is quite stringent. The French place a high value on education, and the country invests much in its educational institutions. France’s top education system is a popular destination for international students seeking careers as engineers, physicians, military leaders, etc. It is essential to know that the progressive academic year in the nation begins in the middle of September and continues until the end of June.


Like the predominant educational structure in India, the school system is neatly divided into elementary, middle, and high schools. When they’re done with high school, students have several options for continuing their education, all of which end with a diploma. Almost all schools in France are publicly funded, and as a result, they prioritize offering high-quality education to low-income students. 

Two advantages of studying in France are small class numbers and frequent teacher guidance. Time to learn, ask questions, and get answers is now available. You may be sure that France will provide you with the appropriate education for your chosen field of study.


Admissions Criteria for Study in France for Indian Students After 12th

If you are an Indian student who has just completed your 12th grade and you want to study in France, you must meet the following requirements:

  • In addition, you must be at least 18 years old.
  • It would help if you graduated from high school with a diploma from an accredited program.
  • Apply for the entrance exam; if you want to study in English, you’ll need to show proof that you passed the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), and if you’re going to study in French, you’ll need to show proof that you passed either the Diploma of French-Language Studies (DELF), among other tests.
  • You’ll need to bring a slew of paperwork, including a passport, photos, an acceptance letter from a French university, evidence of medical insurance, and a receipt for your visa fee.

The Job Market in France is Open to Indian Students

An excellent opportunity awaits Indian students who want to study in France since graduates of various French academic programs may pursue a wide range of rewarding careers. An Indian national may get a work visa in France. Following are some of the most common fields in which Indian students in France find employment:

  • Informatics and computer science

Multinational corporations in France are the only sector that often seeks graduates in this subject. As a result, the global need for web designers, programmers, and IT pros is high. Indian students in France have increasingly focused on these fields because they see them as gateways to prosperous futures.

  • Engineering

This study area is well-liked among students from India, and France offers a wide variety of programs and career options, which draws many Indian students.



To study in France for Indian students after the 12th, you may take advantage of various scholarship opportunities. Undergraduate and graduate students who want to learn in France may choose from multiple scholarship opportunities with varying degrees of financial support, admissions requirements, scholarship lengths, and selection processes.

Study in France


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