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How to Study in UK After 12th Commerce

Jan 30, 2023

There are several degree options and job scopes in the extensive commerce sector. After finishing the 12th grade with a commerce stream, you can follow any of these courses at one of the many top colleges in the UK. So here’s your chance to launch a worldwide career if you want to study in the UK after 12th commerce.

The UK is a global economic leader and the best place for commerce students to study. It has over 100 approved universities, and more than 50,000 commerce degrees are available.


The UK universities offer students post-study work permits and internship possibilities so that they will have an excellent resume and a job, which is your ultimate goal. Moreover, studying in the UK provides immense opportunities to explore Europe. If you want to learn in the UK after the 12th commerce, go through this article.

Reasons To Opt for the UK

The universities in the UK are some of the greatest and have an excellent worldwide reputation. At least 4 of the top ten institutions in the UK provide the finest chance for a research-focused education. Therefore, if you attend a UK university, you will experience a world-class academic environment.


Moreover, the courses are shorter in the UK and are of superior quality. First, you are molded over the 3 years of your undergraduate study with knowledge and real-world experience. Then you will complete your post-graduation in just 1 year, unlike in India. Studying in the UK after 12th commerce lasts only 4 years if you opt for a master’s.

In this field, you can select various topics like business, finance, law, and accounting. Also, you get a 2-work permit after finishing your UK studies. There are numerous job openings in the best finance and marketing organizations, enabling you to have sufficient work experience abroad and will boost your career path.


Eligibility Criteria for Commerce in the UK

If you want to study in the UK after 12th commerce, you must fulfill all the criteria required for admission in the UK. The essential requirement is the 10+2 results. In addition, you must score a minimum of 15% in the 12th board examinations and commerce. The SAT/ACT scores are also crucial. In addition, some colleges may require Letters of Recommendation and Statements of purpose.

The best colleges in the UK offering undergraduate commerce courses will scrutinize your ACT/SAT scores. The SAT score must be between 1000-1290, and the minimum ACT score has to be 23. In addition, since you are an international student, you must submit all your English Language Proficiency Test scores.


If your first language isn’t English, you must take the IELTS and TOEFL tests. The minimum IELTS score must be 6.0, and the TOEFL score must range from 20 to 120. After that, you will receive an acceptance letter if your eligibility criteria meet the university’s requirements. After that, you can apply for a student VISA.

The Application Process for the UK

You can apply for undergraduate programs to study in the UK after 12th commerce through the Universities and College Application Services (UCAS). It is a website for UK universities, and you can visit it to fill out the application forms. You can apply for several courses with commerce background, like finance, economics, accounting, management, etc.


After registering with UCAS, you must find the university that fulfills your subject preferences and go through their application form and brochure. You must submit all the necessary documents as already mentioned above. If you have any issues, you may contact the admission department of that university.

If you meet all the eligibility criteria, the university will accept your form and email you an acceptance letter. This acceptance letter is required when you will apply for a student VISA. After getting the VISA, you can plan your accommodation in the UK, whether you want hostels or rented rooms. You can register in the UCAS through mobiles now.


Scholarships in the UK

You must apply for scholarships to study in the UK after 12th commerce. It would help if you enquired about the total cost of living and the tuition fees in the UK, as they significantly differ from India. Overall, you must consider 2 types of expenses; tuition fees and the living cost.

UK universities will provide adequate financial aid and scholarships if you are a deserving student. This assistance can finance your educational costs partially or fully. However, you must fulfill some criteria to get the scholarship.


For instance, some scholarships require you to send video introductions of yourself. You may also need to send essays to get financial aid from some universities. Some colleges may offer you a scholarship if you fulfill the admission criteria. The most popular scholarships are:

  • Bristol University Think Big Scholarships (5000-10,000 GBP)
  • CastleSmart Scholarship (6000 GBP)
  • International Ambassador Scholarships at the University of West London (5000 GBP for tuition fees)

Best Courses And Colleges For Commerce

If you want to study in the UK after 12th commerce, it is ubiquitous to be in a dilemma about which course to opt for, as the UK offers several exciting programs in this field. The commerce program includes law, management, economics, finances, etc.

The most common courses you can opt for are BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration), BA in Business Economics, B.Sc. in Politics and International Studies, LLB (Bachelor of Law), B.Sc. in Accounting and Finance, and many more. After completing the UG courses, you can go for MBA and masters in other fields.

Plenty of UK universities offer you commerce courses. The most popular of them are:

  • The University of Cambridge
  • Oxford University
  • London Business School
  • Edinburgh University
  • Leeds University
  • Sheffield University


Wanting to study in the UK after 12th commerce is an excellent decision, as the UK offers the best commerce universities. You can choose from many subjects if you have a commerce background in your higher secondary. Moreover, you get a 2-year work permit after finishing your short-term course. Thus, you will develop your academic knowledge and boost your career.

Study in UK after 12th Commerce


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