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Environmental Consequences: Sources of Energy

Grade 10
Jul 25, 2023


All renewable and non-renewable sources of energy have a few environmental consequences. In this session, you are going to learn about a few of the environmental consequences.


Environmental Consequences:

Fossil Fuel Energy

  1. The combustion of fossil fuels is causing acid rain and damaging plants (crops), soil, and aquatic life.
  2. The burning of fossil fuels is increasing the amount of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
  3. The cutting down of trees from the forest (deforestation) to obtain firewood is causing soil erosion and destroying wildlife.
Fossil fuel energy
Fossil fuel energy

Hydro Energy

The construction of hydro-power plants is disturbing the ecological balance.

Hydro Energy
Hydro energy

Tidal Power

  1. The turbines can accidentally kill swimming sea life with rotating blades.  
  2. Some fish may no longer utilize the area if threatened by a constant rotating or noise-making object. 
  3. Installing a barrage may change the shoreline within the bay or estuary, affecting a large ecosystem that depends on tidal flats.
Tidal energy
Tidal energy

Wind Energy

  1. It is a threat to wildlife.
  2. It causes noise and visual pollution.
  3. It causes land use issues.
Wind energy
Wind energy

Biomass Energy

  1. It causes monoculture, which is not good for the soil.
  2. The type of feedstock and the manner in which it is developed and harvested significantly affect land use and life-cycle.
  3. Producing power from biomass releases greenhouse gases that may cause global warming.
Biomass energy
Biomass energy

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear power plants are increasing radioactivity in the environment.

Nuclear energy
Nuclear energy

Solar Energy

  1. Land use and habitat loss
  2. Water use and the use of hazardous materials in the manufacturing of solar cells
Solar energy
Solar energy

Questions and Answers

Question 1: What are the environmental consequences of using fossil fuels?


Environmental consequences of using fossil fuels are:

  1. They are the largest emitters of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane.
  2. The extraction of conventional fuels threatens the ecological balance in many
  3. These fuels cause environmental problems due to pollution.

Question 2: Suggest steps to minimize the pollution caused by various sources of energy, including non-conventional sources of energy.



Steps to minimize pollution are:

  1. The dependency on fossil fuels should be reduced by switching to alternate sources of energy.
  2. The judicious use of energy by avoiding wastage can reduce environmental problems.
  3. Regular servicing of energy conversion devices should be done in order to maintain their efficiency.
  4. We should focus on developing technology that could make the energy conversion devices much more efficient and cleaner.
  5. Research should continue to produce long-lasting devices so that the environmental damage caused by the assembly of devices gets minimized.
Environmental Consequences


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