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Sedimentary Rocks: Formation, and Uses

Aug 20, 2022

key Concepts

  • Sedimentary Rocks

Conglomerate rocks   

Uses of sedimentary rocks: 

  • Sedimentary rocks are very useful. Chalk is made up of limestone. 
  • Shale rock is used for making pottery and bricks. 
  • Combination of shale with limestone is used to make cement. 
  • Bituminous coal or soft coal that is formed over millions of years from dead plants buried in ancient swamps and forest. When coal is burnt, we get energy stored in ancient plants. 
  • Fossil rocks give us the information about the sturcture of living things in the past. 
 Chalk – limestone
Pottery – shale 
Bituminous – Heat energy 


  • Sediments are mainly tiny pieces of rocks, and minerals.
  • Sedimentary rocks are formed by the pressing of sediment in layers.
  • B Compaction and cementation convert loose sediments into sedimentary rock. Limestone generally contains shells or bones of animals or remains of plants.
  • Sandstone is formed when sand is glued (cemented) together.
  • Shale rock is used for making pottery and bricks.
  • Fossil rocks give us the information about the structure of living things in the past.


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