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American University Acceptance Rate & Admission Requirements

Apr 26, 2022

Are you considering American University for admission and want to know about the American university acceptance rate? Then keep reading this article. It discusses the American University’s GPA and SAT requirements and provides an insight into the American University acceptance rate in 2025 and other admission criteria.

An Overview of American University

The American University was founded on December 5, 1892, in Washington, D.C., by the efforts of a Methodist named Bishop John Fletcher Hurst. He aimed to build a training institute for his subsequent public servants. Then he chose to locate the university on the outskirts of the District of Columbia. Following more than thirty years, the university was officially dedicated on May 15, 1914. After a few more decades, it aimed at securing financial support. 


The first classes began in October of that year, with 28 students enrolled, 19 of whom were graduates, and the remainder were non-degree students. On June 2, 1915, the first Commencement was held, but no degrees were awarded. Instead, a master’s degree and two doctorates were awarded at the Second Annual Commencement Ceremony. Today the American University is a student-centred research organization with over 170 programs and over 14,000 students. It is located in the residential district of the nation’s capital. 

Courses Available at the American University

American University students can choose from eight schools and more than 170 programs, including bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. These programs are taught by internationally renowned faculty in courses that take them from the classroom to the nation’s capital and across the world. American University’s faculty includes many distinguished academics with extensive experience.


Notably, 94 per cent of the faculty members have earned the highest degree in their respective fields. Nobel Prize winners, Pulitzer Prize and Emmy Award-winning journalists, and Nobel Prize recipients and Pulitzer Prize winners are among the university’s prominent teachers. American University’s campus is constantly updated to provide students with the most cutting-edge educational opportunities. There are high-tech laboratories, libraries, art studios, computer labs, and Wi-Fi access on campus. 

Campus Life at the American University

American University students’ lives are filled with excitement due to campus life. The institution places a high value on the overall development of its students. There is a gym, a restaurant, and a theatre on campus, among other things. 


The university is estimated to have 250+ student groups and organizations interested in sports, performing arts, and other forms of recreational activity. Students can also participate in several community service projects. The community of future leaders fostered by American University contributes to establishing a world society that is both sustainable and progressive.

Let us now check how to take admitted to this educational institution.


American University’s Acceptance Rate 2025 

AU’s Acceptance rate is 31.5 per cent. For every 100 applicants, 31 or 32 are accepted. This university has a high level of competition. 19,675 applications have been received at AU for the Class of 2025, with a target enrollment of approximately 2,300 students. 

However, the American University’s acceptance rate for 2025 has not been confirmed yet. As per the most recent official data, there were 20,036 candidates for the Class of 2024, with a 39 per cent acceptance rate. AU’s acceptance rate for the class of 2023 was only 33% the previous year.


American University Early Decision Acceptance Rate 

Like any other university in the country, American University will lavishly reward you for making a legally binding Early Decision (ED) commitment. American University’s test-optional policy has been in place for more than a decade, so it is not a quick fix in the event of a pandemic. The ED acceptance rate at AU was 47 points higher than the ordinary decision rate. 

The ED round occupied 42% of the class. Only 133 students were accepted out of a total of 1,657 applicants. Fifty-one per cent of enrolled first-year students provided SAT scores, while 31% provided ACT scores. Based on statistics, this is an excellent strategy to employ if you are a candidate on the verge of acceptance. 


This claim is evident because 83 per cent of the Class of 2024 has been accepted into the ED. The ED received 962 applications, with 803 of them being selected. There are two Early Decision rounds at AU. ED I and ED II deadlines are November 15 and January 15, respectively.

How many scores do I Need to Fulfil the American University’s GPA Requirements?

Most colleges and universities use a weighted GPA of 4.0, but some institutions use an unweighted GPA. AU expects candidates to have a 3.65 GPA. In other words, you should have obtained at least a 3.65 cumulative score with A and B grades to fulfil the American University’s average GPA requirements with a preference for the former. 


AP and IB classes can help you make up for a low GPA. This signifies that you can handle more difficult coursework than the average high school student. Changing your grade point average in time for college applications can be difficult if you’re junior or senior. If you cannot meet the American University’s GPA requirements, you must take a higher SAT or ACT. 

What are AU’s SAT/ACT Requirements?

The average SAT composite score at American University is 1300 out of 1600. It ranks American University in the moderately competitive range on the SAT. The New SAT’s 25% and 75% percentiles are 1220 and 1380. Students accepted in 2021-22 had an average SAT score of 1310-1460 and an ACT score of 29 to 33. In the meantime, 50%, of the weighted GPA ranged from 3.63 to 4.15.

The latest stats show that the average high school GPA of those enrolled in the Class of 2024 was 3.79. Three-quarters were in the top 10% of their high school class, 68 per cent in the top 25%, and 95 per cent in the top 50% of their high school class. The average SAT score was 1310, and the average composite score was 30.

What is AU’s Yield Rate?

Last year, American University’s yield rate (% of accepted students who choose to enroll / the total number of accepted students) was an astonishingly low 21 per cent. This is due, in part, to AU’s competition for the same pool of students with several of the Northeast’s most renowned universities. 

As a result, the university places a high value on demonstrated interest (more on that moment). Boston University (20 per cent) and Georgetown (44 per cent) have yield rates that are comparable to private colleges (24 per cent).

What Else Should I Consider for Admissions to AU?

There are only three factors considered essential in American University’s admissions procedure. (i) The quality of an applicant’s secondary school transcripts, (ii) GPA (iii) Their level of enthusiasm. Given the previously mentioned low yield rate, AU is particularly interested in determining whether a specific student will enroll at their university. 

American University considers six additional factors to be essential in their evaluation of an applicant:

  • The application and essay
  • Letters of recommendation 
  • Talent/ability
  • Extracurricular activities 
  • Character/personal traits
  • Volunteer work. 

First-generation status, ancestry status, geographic location, and race/ethnicity also play a significant role in selection.

American University follows a holistic approach to selection and enrollment by discovering academically interested students passionate about making a difference. According to the admissions process, it is ‘extremely critical” for American University to see evidence of “demonstrated interest.” 

Don’t forget to give the AU’s mandatory supplement essay enough time and attention. In the 2021-22 cycle, all applicants were required to answer a single question: “What drew you to American University in the first place? Explanation in 150 Words.”

All of the documents students need to apply for undergraduate admissions are listed in the table given below:

Domestic StudentsInternational Students
  • Filled application, including my essay and resume.
  • Official high school transcripts translated into English
  • English proficiency exam score
  • Personal essay or statement of purpose
  • Two Academic LOR (letter of recommendation)
  • Teacher LOR  
  • Any other documentation requested
  • The required minimum grade point average (GPA) on an official college or secondary school transcript.
  • TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, ACT, PTE, or other exam results 
  • Financial aid applicants must complete an International Student Financial Aid Application (ISFAA).
  • Recommendation letters from two people and a resume
  • Visa and other relevant documents

Final Words

After learning about American University’s average GPA and other admission requirements, you might have understood that AU considers students more based on skills than marks.

However, if you cannot meet the criteria, get your backup plan ready. All students should have a list of target schools on which to base their college search. You can also consult with an admissions counsellor about this. We hope you find your dream college as soon as possible.

american university acceptance rate


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