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Arizona State University Acceptance Rate & Admissions

Mar 14, 2023

Every year more than 50,000 candidates apply for admission to Arizona State University (ASU). If you are planning to apply to ASU this year, you must know the  ASU admission requirements and the ASU acceptance rate. Applicants who are aware of these factors can prepare a strong application.

In this article, you will learn about various ASU admissions requirements. Moreover, you will get some additional tips that will provide you with an edge over your competitors. First, let’s have a quick overview of the university.


Arizona State University Rankings 

Arizona State University was founded in 1886. It is a comprehensive public research university located in greater Phoenix. It is one of the largest universities in the US. Its campus is spread across 650 acres to provide enrollment to 100,000 students in 400 majors.

According to the US News and World Report, ASU ranked No. 1 for innovation. Furthermore, it stands at #46 amongst the top public schools in the United States. In addition, the university provides some of the best undergrad courses in management, engineering, artificial intelligence, and marketing.


ASU ensures its students are well prepared for the real professional world by providing professional development services and a comprehensive career. In addition, many faculties and students of the college work with NASA to develop, innovate and advance space explorations.

What is the ASU Acceptance Rate? 

When students apply for admission to Arizona State University, they are skeptical about their chances of getting into the college. However, from the previous year’s available data, 147,290 out of 53,516 applicants received the admission offer. These figures suggest that ASU’s university acceptance rate is 88%. 


By looking at the ASU acceptance rate, it can be concluded that it is an easy college to take admission to. But when you look at the ASU admissions requirements of GPA, it might seem challenging. 

ASU Admission Requirements

While planning to take admission to Arizona State University, the first question that comes to your mind is – what are the ASU admissions requirements? Though many aspects are included in this university’s admission. It would be best if you primarily focused on the following:


In this section, you will get to know the ASU admissions requirements to increase your chances of selection. If you want to enroll in ASU, the first thing to notice is the ASU acceptance rate because it tells you the level of competition. From the above-mentioned data, it can be said that ASU is not too selective in offering admission to freshmen. Applicants who fulfill all the ASU admissions requirements have a great chance of receiving an admission offer.

Arizona State University GPA Requirements

Candidates who apply for admission to ASU are highly skeptical about the minimum GPA requirement to secure a seat in the university. Although there is no minimum requirement of GPA to apply to the university, students need to have an average GPA of 3.54.


As per the GPA requirements, ASU seems to be highly competitive. However, students who have lower GPAs can compensate by taking more difficult IB or AP courses in high school. The following table demonstrates the ASU acceptance rate according to the ASU admission requirements for GPA

School GPAASU acceptance rateCompetitiveness 





Above average





Below average



Arizona State University SAT Requirements

Applicants’ SAT scores are crucial for getting admission to Arizona State University. The University wants applicants who are in the top 41 percentile of SAT test-takers. Therefore, the average SAT score to fulfill ASU admission requirements is estimated at 1210 on a scale of 1600.

Applicants with an SAT score below 1100 have a hard chance of getting into the university. However, in certain situations, the university accepts students who have SAT scores as low as 990.

ASU ranks No. 3 in Arizona for considering the highest SAT score while offering admission to applicants.

The following table clearly shows the ASU acceptance rate according to the SAT score requirements:

SAT score

Acceptance RateCompetitiveness 


93% and above




Above Average







Below 990Below 72%


Arizona State University ACT Requirements

The applicant’s ACT score is also crucial for fulfilling ASU admission requirements. Last year’s admission data shows that the university accepts only applicants with ACT scores above 26. This figure makes the Arizona State University admission procedure moderately competitive. 

Applicants with an ACT score below 20 have a hard chance of getting into the University. However, in certain situations, the university accepts students who have an ACT score as low as 18.

Applicants who have an ACT score of 28 or above are given priority when granting admission offers. Therefore, if you have an ACT score above 28, you will have a great chance of securing a seat in the University.

The following table gives a clear idea about the ACT score and its competitiveness.

ACT score

ASU Acceptance RateCompetitiveness 


93% and above




Above Average







Below 18

Below 72%


Advantages Of Sending ACT Score Over your SAT Score

At ASU, applicants get the choice of sending either their SAT score or ACT score. Applicants who send their ACT score instead of SAT have the added advantage of securing a seat in their preferred course. 

For SAT scores, applicants are required to send all the test scores irrespective of the marks they have secured in different subjects. But when they send their ACT score, they get the chance to send only the highest-scoring test results. This way, they get an excellent opportunity to improve their ACT score by taking as many tests as they want. When they have a satisfying score, they can choose to send that particular test score to the university for the application process.

What is the Superscore Policy for the ACT?

Superscore policy means that a University combines the highest section score from the applicant’s submitted test dates to find out the best possible score. However, most universities do not practice the ACT super score policy. 

At Arizona State University, applicants get the opportunity to submit only the highest ACT scores. Therefore, all the dedicated applicants can continue with their preparations to take exams until they get an ACT score of 28 or above.

Requirements of SAT Subject Test

All the schools have different SAT subject test requirements. Some competitive schools seek SAT scores. On the other hand, most rely on the ACT score of applicants for granting admission. ASU is considered a slightly selective university. Therefore, the ASU acceptance rate generally depends on the ACT score and average GPA. 

Applicants have a great chance of getting into Arizona State University until their SAT scores do not fall below average. If applicants meet all other admission requirements, they will succeed in securing a seat in the university with an SAT score of 1210.

Essay Writing

Many universities consider essay writing an important factor in granting admission to applicants. The good part here is that Arizona State University does not require applicants to submit any essays for general applications. However, if you are applying to Barrett Honors College, you do need to submit a supplemental essay with your application. Barrett Honors College considers essays an essential part of the admission process. Therefore, applicants need to give their best shot at writing a solid essay.

ASU Transfer Acceptance Rate

Nearly 12% of the total student body of Arizona State University are transfer students. In the previous year, around 4958 applicants out of 5927 got admitted to the university. This figure shows that the ASU transfer acceptance rate is 83.65%.

ASU Transfer Requirements

Candidates applying to Arizona State University for transfer programs need to submit the following documents for consideration.

  • High School Transcript
  • College Transcript
  • Standardized Test Scores of ACT and SAT

In addition to the above-mentioned requirements, ASU also needs a minimum number of credits for transfer students. 

International Students at ASU

Arizona State University is known to have a huge international student population. The university offers admission to students from nearly 50 countries. Moreover, the countries that have the largest on-campus enrollment include China, Saudi Arabia, and India. The university reports having 8,351 international students. This figure suggests that 16.2% of the total student body is international students.

Admission decisions at Arizona State University primarily depend on the GPA, SAT, and ACT scores of applicants. However, you do need to include difficult AP or IB courses to get an edge over your competitors. By focusing on the above-mentioned points, you have a great chance of succeeding and securing a seat in the university.

asu acceptance rate


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