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Apr 28, 2022 | Turito Team USA

bear river high school

Bear River High School is located in California, United States. Presently, it functions as a public institution and was founded in 1986. This school provides the opportunity of taking advanced placement courses to students. 

If you are a student who wants to take admitted to this grad school, it is crucial to know the requirements to take admitted to Bear River High School. In this article, you will know the following points to understand how you can secure a seat in the school:

  • ACT/SAT, AP scores of students at Bear River High School
  • The student body at Bear River High School 
  • What time does Bear River High School start?
  • Sports team students can join

2021 Ranking of Bear River High School 

Schools and colleges are ranked according to their performance in the required tests and how they prepare students for higher studies. In the National high school ranking list, Bear River High School is ranked #3,843. The following table broadly explains the school’s ranking on different parameters:

Parameter  Ranking 
Best National high schools 3,843
Best California high schools 588
Best CA metro area high schools 2
Best Nevada joint union high schools 1

Enrollment of Students

Students who aim at getting into Bear River must be aware of student enrollment every year. Around 784 students take admission in 9th to 12th grade every year. This figure makes the school somewhat large in area.  

As a medium-sized high school, it provides a balance between comfort and size. The school offers various activities in sports and clubs. Students can get diverse experiences by getting involved in these extracurriculars. However, the students in each group are small so that everyone familiarizes themselves properly. 

Student enrollment in the school also depends on the admission trends. The trends are helpful in understanding if a school is accepting more students or fewer from the past year. According to the previous year’s admission data, there has been an increase in the number of students who got into Bear River High School in the past few years. This adds to the advantage of students thinking of applying to the school.

The following table demonstrates the number of students who took admission in different grades in the past year:

Grade  Female students Male students  Total number of students
9 103 104 207
10 110 115 225
11 85 92 177
12 92 83 175

From the table, it is understandable that the freshman grade has 32 more students than the senior grade. This proves that the school is accepting more students for admission. This increase might be because the school has relaxed its application review policies, or the population of the Grass Valley city can be increasing.

Ethnicity of Student Body at River Bear

Students who want to apply to the school wonder what the ethnicity ratio of students there is. Does the school accept applicants of certain groups, or is there a fair balance of all the races?

The latest data shows the Bear River has a homogenous student population. Most of its students come from a certain ethnicity. If we explain it in comparative terms, only one-third of the high schools in California have a little student diversity like Bear River. This means that most students in a class are from a certain ethnic background with little variation.

More than 26.3% of the whole student body in California consists of white candidates. This data makes them the second largest student group after Hispanic students. Therefore, Bear River High School is counted among the hundreds of national schools with the highest number of white students.

The following table broadly demonstrates the ethnicity of the student body at Bear River:

Ethnicity  No. of students  Student Percent 
Alaska Native/ American Indian 10 1.2
Hispanic 58 7.3
Asian 3 0.3
White  686 87.5
Black  4 0.5
Pacific Islander/Hawaiian Native 1 0.1
Two or more other races 22 2.8

Academic Performance of Students at Bear River High School

Academic performance is a major factor in assessing a high school. The top concerns of students and parents include the following:

  • What is the level of education provided by the school?
  • If the school prepares students for the most selective colleges?
  • Does the school offer challenging Ap and IB courses?

The below-mentioned points elaborate on the advantages of joining Bear River in California:

The graduation rate of students: The graduation rate is the prime factor that decides if a school is good or not for imparting knowledge to students. The California government wants most students to graduate who start schooling at Bear River High. Students who successfully qualify their high school have a better chance of getting into universities or getting high-paying jobs.

The California government has marked 90% as the average graduation rate. Schools with a graduation rate above 90% are considered above average. In contrast, schools with a rate lower than 75% are considered below-average high schools. Bear River High has its Graduation rate at 98%. This means that most students graduate within four years of starting high school. This figure is evident that the school is extremely good for students.

Standardized tests: These tests are designed to compare students’ knowledge on a large scale. These are subdivided into two categories, namely SAT and ACT. Students need to take these tests as many top-rated universities look for scores for reviewing applications during admission. 

Let’s look at both the test scores briefly:

  • SAT scores

Students’ SAT scores are crucial factors universities consider when offering admission. With a greater SAT score, students have a better chance of getting into the top-ranked national colleges. Every year around 125 students at Bear River high take this test. 

The average SAT score of students at this school is estimated at 1620 out of 2400. This is an excellent score when compared to the average national SAT score, which is 1500. In addition, the average SAT score puts Bear River high into 25% of all the high chills in California. 

This indicates that at this school, students receive an above-average education. Therefore, although the school is not included in the top public schools in the city, students still receive an extremely good education here.

The following table compares the average high school SAT score to the average national SAT score: 

Source  Math  Reading  Writing  Composite 
California  510 496 498 1504
US 511 484 495 1490
Bear River 545 528 595 1620
  1. ACT scores

In California, students’ ACT scores are comparatively less popular than SAT scores. But, generally, students who take these tests are academically well-prepared for universities. Thus it becomes very challenging to compare the scores of different students on the national level. Every year nearly 40 students of Bear River High take the test to apply for university admission. 

The average ACT score of Bear River is estimated at 26 compared to the national ACT average score of 20. This figure suggests that the school is very good and stands among the top 25% of the high schools in California.

The following table compares the average high school ACT score to the average national ACT score:

Source  Math  Reading  English Science
California  22.8 22.3 21.8 21.7
US 20.9 21.3 20.3 20.8
Bear River 27 27 26 25

AP scores: AP courses are advanced university-level courses. Qualifying for this exam gives a great benefit to students during college application. Every year around 83 students of Bear River High take 147 AP exams. Therefore, it is crucial to understand a student’s performance in AP tests. Candidates who secure 3,4, or 5 points in AP exams, qualify and get college credit.

What time does Bear River High School start?

The school conducts classes five days a week, from Monday to Friday. Therefore, students who want to apply to this school want to know what time Bear River High School starts to schedule other classes and activities accordingly. The school starts at 8:30 AM sharp and continues till 3:30 PM. In this duration, students take six classes and get a 35-minute break.

Sports Groups to Join at Bear River High 

Sports are a crucial part of a student’s life at Bear River High. The school offers 19 sports teams for girls and 23 for boys. Students can join different levels of the available sports team at the school to improve their skills. The excellent sports facilities make the school stand among the top 25% of the high schools in California.

The following table demonstrates the best facilities offered in different sports for boys and girls:

Girls sports Boys sports
Basketball Basketball
Lacrosse  Lacrosse 
Tennis  Tebbit 
Golf  Golf 
Volleyball  Wrestling 
Softball  Football 
Track Field  Volleyball 
Waterpolo  Baseball 
Soccer  Track Field 
Cross-country  Waterpolo 
Swimming Soccer 

This school provides an excellent atmosphere for students to excel in various sectors, including sports, academics, extracurriculars, etc. All of which are crucial for getting into the best universities. The safe and student-friendly environment with a 25:1 student-teacher ratio provides a stress-free and efficient learning environment.

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