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A SAT Score of 1080 is Good For University Admission

Oct 4, 2022

Is 1080 A Good Sat Score?

If you got a score of 1080 on the SAT, you are probably thinking “Is 1080 a good SAT score?” and how good your score is compared to that of other students and whether 1080 is a score good enough to enter into college. Although it mainly depends on which colleges you plan on applying to, we have discussed everything in detail here to guide you through the process. We have collected statistical data and presented it to you here so that you get to know what colleges you are competing for. 

Can you get into your top choice of colleges?


We have assessed data from thousands of colleges and evaluated the scores of millions of students to help you know what your chances are of getting admitted to these colleges with a 1080 SAT score. You will also get to know how your chances increase with a higher SAT score

If you improve the score of your SAT by 200 points, you will be good enough to enter 745 more colleges in the country, and your chances of entering your targeted colleges will increase from 30.56% to 69.97%.


What schools can you get into with a 1080 SAT score?

We have chosen several schools that lie within your range. 

Name of the schoolLocationAverage ACTAverage SAT
Quinnipiac UniversityHamden, CT261175
University of AlabamaTuscaloosa, AL271184
University of North TexasDenton, TX231160
Ohio UniversityAthens, OH241170
Pace UniversityNew York, NY251140
California State University Long BeachLong Beach, CA231145
Florida Gulf Coast UniversityFort Myers, FL231135

Same Level: Equally Hard to Get Into

The average SAT scores of these schools are close to 1080. You have a decent chance of getting admitted to these schools if you apply to them. If you can increase your score by 200 on the next SAT tests, your chances will significantly increase, and your entry to these schools will be guaranteed.

Name of the schoolLocationAverage ACTAverage SAT
Old Dominion UniversityNorfolk, VA221098
Indiana University – Purdue University IndianapolisIndianapolis, IN221100
Georgia State UniversityAtlanta, GA241090
Texas State UniversitySan Marcos, TX231095
University of California, MercedMerced, CA201080
University of North Carolina at GreensboroGreensboro, NC201080
Liberty UniversityLynchburg, VA241069

Safety Schools: Easier to Get Into

If you have 1080 SAT score, you already have a good chance of getting into these schools if you apply. Your chances will get even better if you improve your SAT score. 

Name of the schoolLocationAverage ACT scoreAverage SAT score
California State University Sacramento, CA191035
University of Texas at El PasoEl Paso, TX201040
Indiana University of PennsylvaniaIndiana, PA191017
California State University NorthridgeNorthridge, CA191030
California State University East BayHayward, CA19992
Kean UniversityUnion, NJ20990
California State University Los AngelesLos Angeles, CA18985

How to prepare for the SAT?

Step 1. Decide on a Target Score Range

Before taking the test, you must set your target score. Earning a certain score might help you impress your dream college, or you might need a few more points to meet the requirements for the application. Setting a clear target will help you realize how much more hard work you need to put in to reach your goal. It will also motivate you as you prepare to take the test again. 


Step 2. Register for the SAT

Now that you have set your target score, you should look for the upcoming SAT exam dates and decide when you can take the test. Choose a date that goes well with the timeline of your college application and provides enough time for you to practice also. It is recommended to practice for at least 6-8 weeks before you take the test to gain a fundamental understanding of the concepts instead of cramming those at the last moment. 

Once you have decided on the date of the exam, you should register right away. This is because test centers get saturated very quickly for certain SAT dates, so it is best to reserve your seat in advance. If you are taking the SAT for the second time, the registration process will take much less time as you will already have a college board account and have submitted your information. 


Step 3. Set up a Practice Schedule

The good news is that you aren’t required to pay for private tuition to perform well on the SAT. Many online portals offer SAT Practice Tests, including the official ones. You can even find those on the College Board website. Solving the practice test papers to increase your SAT score is highly recommended. 

Step 4. Use These Best Practices to Guide Your Study Time

Once you have your practice schedule mapped out, it is time to start practicing. Spend more time on official SAT practice and use your time effectively. As you solve the official SAT papers, you can learn new skills that will level up your preparation and indicate that you are constantly advancing in the type of content asked on the SAT.


It would help if you also took full-length practice tests in the same scenario as the real exam. This will help you master time management and boost your confidence, both of which are invaluable resources for doing well on the SAT exam. Simulating the exact conditions of the real exam will give you a taste of the official exam, and you will feel less nervous when it actually approaches. 

The College Board wants students to perform well on the test, so they have provided eight practice SAT papers free of cost. That does not mean that you should take all eight of them. Practicing two or three tests should be enough. You can also print out these tests to get a real exam-like experience. As the actual SAT will be a pencil and paper-based exam, it is better if you practice the same way.


However, even if you prefer the online version, it’s totally fine. Choose the way that works best for you. The main idea, after all, is to gain experience and confidence, which can be achieved both ways. 

Step 6. Take the SAT

Now that you have planned, practiced, and are ready to take the real test, you should be confident. Have a good night’s sleep the day before the test, and refrain from doing all-nighters. Follow the instructions carefully and check if you have assembled everything you need to take to the test. Be confident, knowing that you have put your best foot forward in preparing for the test.

After the test is over, the scores will be available to you in a matter of about two weeks. You can see your SAT score report online and find a lot of valuable information regarding how well you have performed and which sections have been your strengths. If you didn’t achieve your target score, don’t worry. You can prepare for it again and ace it on the next attempt. It will be easier the next time as you will already know how you need to prepare. 


We hope that you got your answer to the question, “Is 1080 a good SAT score?” and how much it can help you to get into your college. If you aim for a competitive college, you can take the test again to improve your score by 50 or so and qualify for your dream college.

Frequently Asked Questuibs

1. Is 1100 a good SAT score?

Having a score of 1100 on SAT places you in the 58th percentile, which means that you performed better than 58% of the millions of students who take the test. This score renders you eligible for most colleges and universities. So, it is a pretty decent score and guarantees your entrance into some of the best colleges.

2. What is the least SAT score required to enter Harvard?

The admission authorities at Harvard typically expect the applicants to be in the top 2% of the SAT takers. The SAT composite scores are consistently taken down to 1460 on a scale of 1600 by the school. Some students with an SAT score of even 1400 have a chance of entering the school. 

3. How to decide on the target score?

To decide on your target score, you can make a list of your preferred colleges and look for the range of SAT scores they are looking for. You can then compare these ranges to the SAT score you have acquired to see how many more points you need to achieve. Setting a target score is important because then you can prepare for the test accordingly. It is hard to keep moving on without a goal. 

Is 1080 A Good Sat Score


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