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Coastal Carolina University – Complete Guide

Feb 16, 2023

This publicly controlled liberal arts institution, Coastal Carolina University, is housed by over 10,473 students. Among these, 9,790 are undergraduates, and 683 are graduate students. Coastal Carolina University was established in the year 1954 and was set up in a Suburban location. The University provides more than 100 primary study topics at the undergraduate level and more than 30 at the graduate level (doctoral educational specialist, masters). In addition, the University provides a Ph.D. in education sciences as well as a Ph.D. in coastal and marine systems science. 

Where is Coastal Carolina University?
Coastal Carolina University is located 10 miles northwest in the historic coastal city of Myrtle Beach, S.C. The campus is very scenic, offering some of the best beaches in the world with miles of coastline and world-class attractions. The University is spread over 621 acres and has 115 primary buildings, including the East Campus’s Coastal Science Center, Burroughs & Chapin Center for Marine and Wetland Studies, and the General James Hackler Golf Course, an open-to-the-public 18-hole course right next to campus. 


Coastal Carolina University: The student body, Majors, and faculty 

Faculty to student ratio at Coastal Carolina University is 17:1, with 40% of the classes with less than 20 students. Popular majors offered and opted at Carolina are Business Administration and Management, Speech Communication and Rhetoric, Marketing/Marketing Management, Exercise Science and Kinesiology, Marine Biology and Biological Oceanography, Sport and Fitness Administration/Management, Psychology, Intelligence, Public Health Education and Promotion, and Biology/Biological Sciences. 

With a total student body of 10,473, 47% of the students are in-state students, South Carolina residents. However, 52% are out-of-state students from 47 states, and the remaining 1% are international students representing 50 other countries.  


Coastal Carolina University Acceptance Rate and Rankings: 

Admission to Coastal Carolina University is moderately complex, with an acceptance rate of 70%. Most of the students enrolled at Carolina University have an average SAT score of 1100 and an ACT score of 22. Around 51% of the applicants choose to submit their SAT and ACT scores during application. With a 70% of acceptance rate, Coastal Carolina University has received 14,152 applications for the fall of 2021. Among these, 5,597 were men, and 8,555 were women. With a 68% of acceptance rate, the University has admitted 3826 male and 6144 female candidates, with a 72% acceptance rate. 

Coastal Carolina University has ranked #38 in Regional South Universities’ best colleges for 2022-23. Some of the other rankings are #16 in best colleges for veterans, #12 in best undergraduate teaching colleges, #7 in best value schools, and #14 in top public schools. 


To apply to Coastal Carolina University, candidates can fill out the application at the online college application portal, and $45 application fees apply to all. In addition, applicants must submit high school transcripts and two letters of recommendation as a part of the application. And SAT/ACT scores will be sent directly by the respective testing bodies.  

Coastal Carolina University Cost: 

Coastal Carolina University Cost differs for in-state and out-state students. For the academic year 2022-23, the total cost for in-state students is $26,014, including Coastal Carolina University of $11,640. And Coastal Carolina University’s fee for out-state students is $41,768, including a tuition cost of $28,490.  Carolina University offers financial aid to students – need-based and merit-based. Need-based financial assistance is given basis the student’s family’s economic status. And merit-based is by student merits, talents, and academic achievements. A complete breakup of Coastal Carolina University costs for 2022-23 is below. 

Break-up In-state students Out-of-State Students 
Tuition $11,640 $28,490 
Housing $6,466 $6,466 
Books and Supplies $1,098 $1,098 
Others $3,548 $3,548 

 Coastal Carolina University ROTC program: 

Coastal Carolina University offers an ROTC (Reserve Officers’ Training Corps) program. This is intended for students who want to serve in the military while still in college. Army ROTC, Navy and Marine Corps ROTC and Air Force ROTC are the three categories of ROTC programs. Students who sign up for their college’s ROTC program pledge to serve for several years, basis the course they choose. 

And the students who choose Air Force ROTC undergo training in different United States air force academy centers. The United States air force academy – is a public military service academy in the United States. The Air Force’s students, known as cadets, follow a rigid daily routine that does not leave much time for extracurricular organizations and activities. 


The United States air force academy acceptance rateGetting admission to the United States air force academy is highly challenging and selective. And the United States Air Force Academy acceptance rate is 12%. The application deadline date is December 31st. 

A distinctive college extracurricular: ROTC teaches you the leadership skills required for success and the technical abilities employed in the Army. In addition to your graduation, you will also be appointed a second lieutenant in the American Army after you graduate. Each year, hundreds of students get scholarships from ROTC that are only given out based on merit. 


United States air force academy cadet chapel: 

The Cadet chapel is the most iconic structure at the United States Air Force Academy and the busiest artificial tourist destination in Colorado. This tower, made of steel, glass, and aluminum, rises 150 feet into the air. It is regarded as one of America’s most exquisite works of contemporary academic architecture. In addition, the location of graduation ceremonies, religious functions, and other activities brings people together from across the globe. 

The United States air force academy cadet chapel today – Cadet Chapel is undergoing a significant renovation and is closed until necessary repairs are made. The expected completion date given by officials is 2027. Check before scheduling your trip to the Academy, as the chapel is occasionally closed for private services, weddings, and funerals throughout the year. 0

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