Act Score: is 22 a good score? List of Colleges that Accepts 22 ACT Score.

Apr 1, 2022 | Turito Team USA

is 22 a good act score

Is 22 a good ACT score? If you are wondering the same, here is all about understanding your score. If you secure a 22 on the ACT, you must be eager to know which colleges you can get into and how much you require to get into the top colleges. Here we have collected data from students and colleges that will help you figure out what colleges are you eligible for with a score of 22.  

Your score depends on your personal college goals. If you want to get into the top colleges, you will require a higher score. Read on to discover what colleges you are competing for.

How is the 22 ACT Score?

Is 22 a good ACT score? With an ACT score of 22, here is how you compare to other applicants and the colleges that are suitable for you. 

Percentile: 62nd

Amongst 1.91 million test-takers, there are 727627 students who scored the same or higher than you.

With 22 on the ACT, you are competitive for 679 colleges. So, you are eligible for 679 colleges, and you stand a good chance of getting admitted to them.

However, this score might cause you to miss out on 820 colleges, i.e., you have very low chances of getting admission into 820 colleges with an ACT score of 22.  

Still, 22 is a good score and provides you with higher chances of getting admission into some good colleges in the country. It indicates that you have performed above average in answering the questions on the test’s Math, English, Reading, and Science sections.

How Would An Improved Score Increase Your Chances? 

Now that you have read: is a 22 on the ACT good. Here is how an increase in score affects your chances of getting admitted. If you improve your ACT score by 4 points, i.e. you score 26 or above, you will be competitive for 547 more schools. Thus, you will increase your chances of getting into target colleges from 35.91% to 64.83%. 

Colleges That Require a Little More Effort  

Here are some colleges that you can get into with a little more effort. These schools can be hard for you to get into with a score of 22 as they have an average ACT score higher than 22. So, if you score more than 22, you have a better chance of getting into the following colleges. 

College  Location  ACT Avg
University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL 27
Quinnipiac University Hamden CT 26
Colorado State University Fort Collins, CO 26
University of Oklahoma Norman, OK 26
Pace University New York, NY 25
University of Arizona Tucson AZ 25
Ohio University Athens, OH 24
Arizona State University Arizona 24
San Diego State University San Diego 24

Colleges That You Have A Decent Chance of Admission For

The following table shows colleges that have an average ACT score closer to 22. So, if you apply to these colleges, you have a decent chance of admission.

College  Location  ACT Avg
California State University Long Beach Long Beach, CA 23
Florida Gulf Coast University Fort Myers, FL 23
University of North Texas Denton, TX 23
Washington State University Pullman, WA 23
University of Texas at Arlington Arlington, TX 23
San Jose State University San Jose, CA 23
Texas State University San Marcos, TX 23

Colleges You Can Apply To With An ACT Score Lower Than 22

If you have a 22 ACT score, you are strongly competitive for the following colleges for your admission. So, when you score higher, you increase your number of safety schools, i.e., the schools you are highly competitive for.

College  Location  ACT Avg
Kean University Union, NJ 20
University of Texas El Paso, TX 20
University of California, Merced Merced, CA 20
Texas A&M University  Corpus Christi, TX 20
California State University Northridge Northridge, CA 19
Indiana University of Pennsylvania Indiana, PA 19
California State University Sacramento Sacramento, CA 19

Subject-Wise Tips to Perform Better in ACT

You can score better with strategic preparation. Here are a few important tips for performing better in your upcoming ACT exam.

ACT English Tips

  • Select the most concise, straightforward, and answer with logical sentence structure as your answer. 
  • You must first read the entire paragraph. 
  • Be extra careful with “No Change” answers and check the other options twice before you select this option. 

ACT Math Tips

  • Focus on diagrams if provided as they provide clues to the most logical answer.  
  • When you have a question where you have to find the value of a missing variable in an equation, you must try to fit in the answers and verify the given statement/equation. 
  • It is better to start reading the topics that cover your area of interest and strengths. 

ACT Science Tips

  • You will have some conflicting viewpoint questions. Keep them for the end as they tend to take up a lot of your time.
  • Check out the visuals, graphs, or diagrams as they provide enough information to answer several questions.  

ACT Reading and Essay Tips

  • You must create a stellar intro and conclusion as they catch the reader’s attention.
  • You need not panic if you do not know a word or two. Read the entire plot carefully, and you will be able to understand the implied meaning.
  • Read the questions first and then read the passage so that you understand the requirements and save time.

Some Tips for ACT 

  • You must get a sound sleep the day before the test. Staying up late for revisions or preparations is not a good option. It reduces your overall efficiency.
  • You must answer all the questions as there is no penalty for incorrect answers on the ACT. You must fill a bubble for every question. An unanswered question and a wrong answer have the same impact on your ACT score. So, if you do not have an idea of the answer, it will be best to go ahead and guess an answer. 

Colleges That Require a High ACT Score

Most colleges accept applicants with ACT scores ranging from 15 to 19. On the contrary, certain elite universities and colleges in the country accept students with high scores on the ACT; these scores are way above the national average. 

Here are some colleges that have high score requirements. You must prepare well to get into the top colleges via 

  • Columbia University needs 32 to 35 ACT score
  • Cornell University: 30 to 33 score
  • Dartmouth College: 30 to 34 score
  • Harvard University: 32 to 35
  • Princeton University: 31 to 35
  • The University of Pennsylvania:30 to 34
  • Yale University: 31 to 35

Frequently Asked Questions on 22 ACT Score

  •  Is 22 a good ACT score?

A score of 22 is a good score and is better than average. It puts you in the top 62nd percentile of the applicants for the test. You have a chance of getting admissions into some good colleges with 22 on the ACT. 

  • What is a good ACT score?

The ACT score ranges from 1 to 36. A composite score corresponds to a percentile. This percentile compares your performance to other ACT applicants. Here are some ACT scores and their corresponding percentiles. 

  • ACT score < 16 represents the bottom 25%
  • ACT score of 20 is the average score and shows that you lie in the middle. 
  • ACT score of 24+ corresponds to the top 25%
  • ACT score of 28+ puts you in the top 10%
  • ACT of 30+ places you in the top 5%
  • ACT score of 33+ are some of the best performances and represent the top 1% of test-takers.
  • What is the SAT score equivalent to a 22 on the ACT?

A 22 on ACT converts to 1110 on the SAT( with reference to College Board / ACT concordance tables).

  • Can I get a scholarship with an ACT score of 22?

There are some American states that offer scholarships to those with an average composite score of even below 20. So, with a 22 score on the ACT, you have chances of getting scholarships. For instance, the CIA Undergraduate Scholarship extends an amount of $18,000 per year for students with 21 ACT scores or higher. However, the ACT score you require for a scholarship depends on the college you are aiming for.

  1. What scholarships am I eligible for with a 22 on the ACT?

Some scholarships for 22 and lower ACT scores are Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship, MSLP Governor’s Best and Brightest Scholarship, Lloyd M. Fujie Scholarship for Accounting Major Students, CIA Undergraduate Scholarship Program. However, you must check the eligibility criteria before applying for any scholarship. 

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