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Emory Acceptance Rate & Admission Requirements

Mar 31, 2023

Chance of admissions are you going to look into the admissions standards for Emory University? It is one of the extremely competitive Universities in the USA. This article will discuss Emory acceptance rate, its GPA requirements, Emory’s average ACT/SAT requirements, and other relevant details. Let’s start with an overview of the college.

Emory College Overview

Emory Institution is a private research university in Atlanta, Georgia. Episcopal Church, a Methodist, established this University in 1836 as “Emory College,” named after Methodist bishop John Emory. It has nine schools having students come from all over the United States and from more than a dozen other countries. Emory University has the 15th largest endowment among all colleges and universities. 


Emory University Hospital Midtown is one of seven major hospitals that make up Georgia’s largest healthcare system. The Yerkes National Primate Research Center and the Win ship Cancer Institute are two of the disease and vaccination research facilities located at the university. Additionally, this university oversees Ebola teaching and training in the US. 

The CWTS Leiden Ranking recognizes this University for its high scientific performance and citation impact. Emory University was granted accreditation by the Association of American Universities (AAU), an organization of the nation’s top research universities, in 1995. Today Emory has over 149,000 alumni, and there are 75 alumni groups in 20 countries worldwide. The National Science Foundation ranked Emory 36th in the United States for research and development (R&D).


Now let us understand Emory acceptance rate.

University of Emory Acceptance Rate

Emory University accepts only 19% of applicants, making it one of the most highly selective universities in the country. Therefore, meeting Emory’s average GPA and SAT/ACT requirements is crucial to advancing through your initial screening process and demonstrating your academic preparedness.


If you do not meet their standards, they will reject your application. After you’ve passed this test, you’ll need to impress the Emory University admissions committee with your extracurricular activities, LOR (Letter of Recommendation), and personal statements to be eligible for Emory University admissions.

Emory Early Decision Acceptance Rate

The Early Decision programs allow you to learn about your admission status early in your senior year. Students, their parents/guardians, and the school counselor must sign an agreement to participate in an Early Decision program. Early Decision applications are accepted at both Oxford College and Emory University. However, if you apply for Early Decision to both colleges and only one of the campuses takes you, you must pay your admission deposit to that school. 


Emory’s Early Decision Emory acceptance rate for 2023 was 29.3 per cent. The Class of 2023 admissions process was the most difficult ever. Emory University received 30,017 applications for the Class of 2023, with 4,512 candidates accepted, for an overall acceptance rate of 15%. The number of applications increased by 8.1 per cent, from 27,759 to 30,017. The early admissions process for the Class of 2023 resulted in 559 students being accepted among 1,910 early applications. Resulting in an early acceptance rate of 29.3 per cent. 

What Are Emory’s GPA Requirements?

Emory’s GPA requirements are highly competitive. It requires a 3.78 GPA as a minimum for admission. At a minimum, you’ll want a mix of A and B grades, with a preference for the former. Opting for more complex subjects like AP or IB courses can help you fulfil Emory University’s GPA requirements.


Taking challenging courses will demonstrate that you can handle more complex subjects than an average high school student. However, if you cannot meet Emory’s average GPA and are a senior/ junior, changing your GPA is difficult.

Emory University admissions officials regard a student’s GPA as a critical academic factor. When available, an applicant’s high school class rank is considered, and letters of recommendation are very important to be admitted to Emory University. 


What are Emory’s SAT Requirements?

The 25th percentile score on the New SAT is 1350, and the 75th percentile score is 1520. In other words, 1350 on the New SAT is considered below average, whereas 1520 puts you in the category of above-average students. The score-choice policy implemented by your institution is an essential aspect of your assessment preparation. 

Emory went test-optional because the availability of SAT and ACTs was so limited due to the pandemic. 


As a result, you can send only specific SAT exams to the school. Out of all the results they receive, your application readers will consider your highest section scores across all SAT dates you provide.

Here’s a Breakdown of Emory’s SAT Scores.

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What is Emory’s Average ACT Score?

According to admissions data, Emory consistently accepts students with ACT scores of 31 or higher; however, Emory’s Average ACT score is 17. Some schools will accept ACT composite scores as low as 30. Potential students with an ACT score of 32 or higher are in the top half of applicants, and those with 34 or higher are near the top of the heap. Emory’s average ACT score is the state’s second-highest average ACT composite score. Forty-eight per cent of Emory University’s applicants have an ACT score.

Sending the ACT score instead of SAT gives you an advantage. You can select which exams to send to institutions when submitting ACT scores. While many schools require all previous ACTs to be sent, some allow you to take ten tests and only send the best of them. It means there is a no better chance to improve your ACT score. To meet the school’s 34 or higher ACT requirement, you should take the ACT as many times as possible. 

Finally, if you are satisfied with your last score, you can send it to all of your schools. On average, most institutions do not award a high ACT score. The term ‘super score’ refers to the process of combining your best section results from all test dates to produce the best possible composite score.

As a result, colleges frequently accept only the highest ACT score from a single testing session. Therefore, you can send your best ACT score to Emory University, so prepare until you reach the target ACT score of 34. Although you have learned about Emory’s GPA, SAT, and ACT requirements, you need to know more to enroll in college.

What Else Should I Consider For Emory University Admissions?

Apart from Emory University GPA requirements and SAT/ACT scores, students have to consider the following for admission:

  • Academic Performance

The classes you study and the grades you obtain are significant. In general, Emory University looks for students who have taken more challenging courses and excelled at them (this varies from school to school). Standardized test scores are an additional option, but they are not required for consideration.

  • Recommendation Letters

Your teachers are the most familiar with you, and the university wants to know what they think of you in the classroom. However, you don’t have to rely solely on the advice of your best teachers. Instead, consider the professors who assisted you in overcoming obstacles in the classroom. Teachers who taught you may have noticed a different side of you that your future college should know.

  • Personal Statements and Essays

You can describe to the admission committee who you are through personal statements and essays. Emory’s ideal candidates should be self-expressionists with a keen interest in current events and a thirst for knowledge. Therefore, before submitting your essay, choose a topic that interests you and thoroughly proofread it.

  • Extracurricular Activities

Emory University looks for students who can make a difference at the university and in the Atlanta community. What will you gain, and how will you help the college community? In addition, they would like to learn more about your extracurricular activities, whether you were in a club, a sport, a job, or volunteering at home or in the community.


Emory University admission is challenging due to the low acceptance rate and the high average GPA; SAT/ACT score requirements. Like many of the country’s most selective universities, Emory bases admissions on more than just grades and test scores. Emory’s early decision acceptance rate may not help you if you are not up to the mark. Even if the GPAs and test scores are below Emory’s average, students with highly compelling stories or accomplishments may be given special consideration. 

You will stand out from the throng if you actively engage in important extracurricular activities, maintain a hard academic schedule, and submit an amazing application essay, along with solid letters of recommendation. We sincerely hope that reading this post helped you enrol at your ideal university. 

emory acceptance rate


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