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Los Amigos High School Admissions and Ranking

Mar 10, 2023

Los Amigos High School is located in Fountain Valley, California. It was established in 1968 as a public school. The school offers great benefits to students from economically weaker sections. The school has a yearly total minority enrollment of 98%, and around 83% of the students are from economically disadvantaged sectors. In addition, the school is known to offer advanced placement courses and tests that are helpful in college applications.

  • Student enrollment every year
  • Division of student population according to ethnicity
  • Academic performance of students at Los Amigos High School 
  • Sports facilities accessible to students
  • On-campus safety of students

2021 Ranking of Los Amigos High School 

All the national schools are ranked according to their academic facilities and how well they prepare students for college applications. Los Amigos High School is ranked #4,402 in the national ranking list of best high schools. The following table broadly explains the school’s ranking on different parameters:

Parameter Ranking 
Best National high schools4,402
Best California high schools662
Best CA metro area high schools266
Best Garden Grove Unified District Schools7

2022 Ranking of Los Amigos High School 

Los Amigos High School is ranked #3,960 in the United States. Schools are ranked based on how well they prepare students for college and how well they perform on state-mandated tests. The table below summarizes the school’s ranking on various parameters:

Parameter Rankings 
Best National Ranking3,960
California High School591
Los Angeles, CA Metro Area High Schools254
Garden Grove Unified School District School7

Student Enrollment Every Year

Students must know the enrollment statistics of schools before starting the application process. The total yearly enrollment of students at Los Amigos High School is around 1800 for grades 9-10. This data proves that the school is pretty large in area and is counted amongst the top 25% of all the high schools in California by area.


Students of Los Amigos High school feel like they are attending a small college. They get to interact with nearly a hundred students in one class. This allows participation in interesting activities, classes, and sports.

Your chances of admission to Los Amigos High school highly depend on the admission trends. According to the latest admission data, it can be said that the school has offered admission offers to more students every consecutive year. With an increased enrollment of students in grades 9-10, students have a greater chance to secure a seat in the school.


The following table broadly demonstrates the increased enrollment of students in the past year:

Grade Female studentsMale students Total number of students

The above table shows that the total number of students in the first-year class has 65 more students than the senior class. This proves that the school is accepting more students with each passing year. 


Division of Student Population According to Ethnicity

Another essential factor students need to consider is the ethnicity of the student population at Los Amigos High. This provides information on which ethnicity constitutes a major section of the student body.

From the available data, it can be said that the school has a homogeneous student population. This means that the majority of students are from a particular ethnic background. In addition, one-third of the student body of high schools in California present as little diversity as Los Amigos High School. This means that if you attend this school, you will see students from limited ethnic backgrounds with little variation.


Most of the students at Los Amigos are Hispanic. In addition, Hispanic students constitute nearly 51.5% of the student population in high schools in California. The following table broadly demonstrates the ethnicity of the student body at Los Amigos High:

Ethnicity No. of students Student Percent 
Alaska Native/ American Indian20.1
White 623.4
Black 110.6
Pacific Islander/Hawaiian Native50.2
Two or more other races20.1

Academic Performance of Students at Los Amigos High School 

Student academic performance is the most common method of evaluating how efficiently a school prepares its students academically. Student’s biggest concerns while deciding on a school for admission are:

  • How well does the school prepare its students for college admission?
  • Does the school provide AP courses?
  • What is the level of academic education at the school?

The Below-Mentioned Points Provide a Broad Understanding of the Benefits Offered at Los Amigos High:

Graduation rate: It is an important indicator of education being imparted at a high school. Any high school graduation rate means the number of students who complete their high school within four years of joining it. California expects most students to graduate from high school. It helps them get a good job and facilitates admission to top-ranked universities.

The graduation rate of Los Amigos High school is estimated at around 83%. This figure is a little below California state’s target rate of 90%. However, the average state graduation rate is 80-85%. This makes the school stand in the 49th percentile of public schools in California. 


Standardized tests: Test scores are prime factors used by colleges to determine students’ knowledge. This also acts as a crucial factor for distinguishing students from their peers during application for admission.

These Comprise Two Tests Which are Discussed Below:

SAT Scores

Most top-ranked universities look for applicants’ SAT scores to decide their compatibility for the chosen course and offer admission accordingly. Nearly 313 students of Los Amigos High school take the SAT every year. The average combined SAT score of the high school is calculated at 1340 out of 2400. 

This score is way below the national average of 1500. Therefore, Los Amigos High is included amongst the low 50% of high schools in California. Only 23% of the students here score higher or equal to the national average SAT score. This implies that the school lacks in offering high-quality education to its students.

The following table demonstrates the comparison of the average high school SAT score to the average national SAT score:

Source Math Reading Writing Composite 
California 5104984961504
Los Amigos High4554354501340

ACT Scores

Students’ ACT scores are not as essential as SAT. Moreover, students who take this test are academically more prepared for college admissions. Therefore, comparing students according to their composite ACT scores is pretty tough. Every year around 167 students of Los Amigos take this test. The average composite score of students is calculated at around 18. This is a little below the national average ACT score of 20. 

The low average ACT score puts Los Amigos in the bottom 50% of California’s schools.

The following table gives a piece of detailed information on the ACT scores of this school in comparison with national and state averages:

Source Math Reading EnglishScience
California 22.822.321.821.7
Los amigos19181718

AP scores: These are scores of Advanced Placement courses. Students who qualify for these tests stand a great chance of securing a seat in their dream university. Los Amigos offers these courses to its students to help them in their higher studies. Each year nearly 289 students of 9-12 grades take 562 AP tests at Los Amigos. Candidates who earn 3, 4, or 5 points on these tests qualify and also get credit for college admission.

Math tests: Math score is another important criterion that decides which school is better in offering quality education to its students. Generally, most students throughout the state score fewer points in math than in English or performance arts. For example, at Los Amigos, only 25% of students score equal to or higher than the national average math score. The low math score makes the school stand among the bottom 25% of the high schools in the state.

Academic Courses Offered at Los Amigos  

Students’ GPAs heavily depend upon the challenging courses they take in high school. Therefore, Los Amigos offers multiple AP and IB courses to students to choose subjects according to their interests. The school is known to offer 21 AP subjects. Although this number is way less than the total number of AP courses, i.e., 38, students get to choose the most popular courses that carry high weightage for college admission.

On-Campus Safety of Students

School safety is a crucial factor for students, and parents consider avoiding any conflicts and uncertainty during the course. There are two major criteria for deciding the safety offered by a school:        

  • Arrests      
  • Referrals for law enforcement

There have been zero arrests and law enforcement at Bear River High School in the past years. This makes the school highly safe for students. From the data provided above, it can be said that Los Amigos is counted amongst the lower 50% of the best schools in the state. However, students who take up challenging courses and prepare strategically have a good chance of excelling in their academic life.

Los Amigos High School


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