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Rollins College Acceptance Rate And Admission Requirements

Jan 24, 2023

Want to get admission to Rollins college? If yes, you need to adhere to Rollins college GPA requirements to fall into their acceptance rate list.

Established in 1885, Rollins college has recently been awarded the title of No. 1 regional university. Over the years, it has witnessed many students flocking here to complete their undergraduate studies. So, if you too want admission to this college, you need to be competitive. Besides, you need to know the tactics to beat the other competitors in the race.


Read below to know Rollins college’s acceptance rate and the score you need to fall within the rate.

Rollins College Admission Chances

Admission requirements for Rollins College. But they don’t have a rigid one. Over half of the students who apply to the university crack their admission process. So, if you meet their ACT/SAT and GPA scores, you have a good chance of being a part of Rollins. It is important to know that Rollins considers other aspects, too, apart from numbers. 


Work on your application essay and extracurricular activities. Besides, try to get as many letters of recommendation as possible to improve your admission chances. Your resume should speak of you, even outside the classroom studies. Thus, try to collect prizes and certificates in other programs to enhance your application.

Rollins College Admission Factors

Rollins College authorities consider several factors while selecting a candidate for admission. They check the student’s CV and place their data into very important, important, and considered categories. The categorization helps them shortlist candidates worthy of admission.


Check out the categories in the table below to know which one you should focus on. 

Admissions Factors


Rigor Of Secondary School Record 

Very Important

Academic GPA
Application Essay 





Extracurricular Activities
Standardized Test Scores
Personal Qualities 






Work Experience
Class Rank
Level Of Applicant’s Interest
Volunteer Work
First Generation

Rollins College Acceptance Rate

You must be aware of Rollins’ acceptance rate if you hope to succeed there. This rate demonstrates the college’s level of selection. For instance, Rollins college has an acceptance rate of 66.6%, which is higher than the national average. It denotes that 67 applicants out of 100 were chosen for admission. As a result, the chances of graduating from Rollins College are considerably higher. 

Acceptance rate66.6%
GPA score3.26
SAT score1252 on a 1600 scale
ACT score27

It is important to know that the college attracts many applicants at this rate. So, although cracking the admission is not very difficult, the applications are many. Thus, you still need to manage to get their basic GPA, SAT/ACT score, and more to ensure a seat. For example, if 1000 students apply, some might have the same qualification as yours. So, when the authorities list the candidates, your name might not be on the list due to limited seats. Hence, try to get better scores to beat even the students who fall in your range. 

Rollins College GPA Requirements

Rollins’s college GPA is 3.26. It means you need to have a ‘B’ grade in most of your high school examinations. In other terms, you need to have a percentage between 83-86% in the board examinations. It is not an unachievable rate, and you can easily get this with the right guidance and timely study. But, if you get fewer grades in one subject, you can compensate for it by trying to get an ‘A’ in some other subject. This is because Rollins college checks the final percentage and not what you get in each subject.

Rollins College ACT And SAT Requirements

Whether ACT or SAT, test scores are optional at Rollins College. So, you can choose to avoid taking these tests. But, if you take one, it can elevate your chances of admission. Besides, if your GPA score is not up to mark, this can balance your overall score and boost your application. It will also place you in a higher position than other applicants. Furthermore, it will create a good impression on the authority’s mind.

Rollins College SAT Requirements

Rollins’s acceptance rate for SAT is 1252 on a 1600 scale. In other words, you need to have an above-average mark on the SAT for your application to get accepted. 

Rollins College SAT Score Choice Policy

Rollins College SAT score choice policy is based on the ‘highest score.’ In other terms, the authorities will consider the highest score for admission. For example, if you sit for two SATs and get 1200 and 1250 on the first and second tests simultaneously. The second score will be considered your SAT score since it is the highest. But you need to submit the test results of both the attempts and let the authorities select the score for you. 

Rollins College ACT Requirements

Rollins’s acceptance rate for ACT is 27 ACT. It is an easy score to beat, and you can easily achieve it with timely preparation. But aim for more than 27 ACT to impress the authorities and beat the other competitors. 

Rollins College ACT Score Sending Policy

Unlike SAT, where you have to send all the test results, the ACT score-sending policy differs. Though here also, the highest score is taken for admission, you don’t have to send all the test results. You have the freedom to send the highest score whenever you prefer. This will save you from embarrassment from the authorities. How? You can take many tests and send the one with the highest score. This way the college will never know how many attempts you took to get that score. Whereas, in SAT, the authorities will understand how many tests you took, which can create an impression about you.

Documents Required For Rollins College Admission
  • A Complete Application
  • A Letter Of Recommendation From A Counsellor
  • A Letter Of Recommendation From A Teacher
  • A Personal Statement
  • An Official Copy Of General Educational Development (GED)/A Transcript
  • SAT Scores/ACT Scores
Documents Required For Rollins College Admission (International Students)
  • A personal Statement
  • A School Transcript
  • A Complete Application
  • A Letter Of Recommendation From A Counsellor
  • A Letter Of Recommendation From A Teacher
  • IELTS/TOEFL iBT or Duolingo English Test scores for candidates whose native language is not English

Early Decision At Rollins College

While some universities offer an early action, Rollins college provides an early decision. In Early Action, you can apply early to be considered first for admission. Yet, it does not guarantee admission. However, you can apply to other universities if you don’t get through one. But in the case of Early Decisions, if you are selected for admission, you have to get admitted. So, if you are passionate about getting admission here, you can go for the Early Decision option. However, if you want to explore other options, you can apply through Regular Decision. 

The Rollins acceptance rate for Early Decision is 38%. So, out of the 66.6% Rollins acceptance rate, 38% get selected from Early Decisions. So, you can increase your admission possibilities by going for early decisions. Yet, know the limitations before applying for this and then decide accordingly.

Tips To Increase Your Admission Chances With Extracurricular Activities

Now you know the scores that you need to get through Rollins admission. But you also need to improve your extracurriculars for the college to consider you. Here are some tips that can help you make an impression.

  1. You can take up volunteering work as your extracurricular activity. This will give a better image of you. The authorities might think you can contribute to an ambassador role if admitted.
  2. Engage in a group activity or take part in a school band. It will show your talent and socializing skills. Besides, it will also prove your fascination with art and building relationships.
  3. You can lead a team that plays sports or any other activity. Engaging in this will show your leadership qualities and team management skills. Besides, mention any achievement or prize that your team won in a competition in your CV. It will make your CV look impactful.

Steps To Prepare A Strong Application

Apart from meeting the Rollins college GPA, you need to focus on making a strong application. The following tips will guide you into making one.

  1. Write a compelling essay that proves why you are the right fit for admission to Rollins college. Try to include information that the resume does not have. Include your qualifications and merits to improve your admission chances. Make the best use of this facility and convince the authorities to select you. 
  2. Ask teachers to write about your character. The teacher’s opinion will help the authorities understand how you are as a student. The more recommendation letters you can get from the teacher, the better it will be. A recommendation from the principal can lead to a better impact.


Now you know everything about the Rollins college acceptance rate. So, start preparing from today and consider the guide to make your name fall within the Rollins acceptance rate list. If you have more queries, you can contact the college and get them cleared. Do not delay when the form is out to easily get your name through Rollins’s acceptance rate.

rollins college acceptance rate


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