University of Central Florida (UCF) Acceptance Rate and Admission Requirements.

May 10, 2022 | Turito Team USA

ucf acceptance rate

Do you want to get admission to the University of Central Florida? If yes, you should first learn about the UCF SAT requirements, UCF average ACT scores, its average GPA, UCF acceptance rate and other UCF admission requirements. Let us first know about the background of this University. 

The Institution of Central Florida (UCF) is a public research university located in Orlando, Florida. UCF boasts the most students of any university in Florida and is one of the country’s largest public universities. It has more students on campus than any other university in the United States. 

The University of Central Florida provides more than 220-degree programs, including 101 bachelor’s degrees, 88 master’s degrees, 32 doctoral degrees, and three specialist programs in business, journalism, architecture, marketing, biomedical sciences, management, and other subjects. Let us now understand the UCF acceptance rate and its admission requirements one by one.

University of Central Florida(UCF) Acceptance Rate 

UCF’s acceptance rate is estimated to be around 44%. This means that 44 out of 100 applicants who applied for admission to the school were accepted. The SAT scores, for example, range from 1170 to 1340. It’s worth noting that the admitted kids’ ACT scores range from 25 to 30.

With a 45 percent admission rate, the school is ranked #9 in Florida for the lowest acceptance rate. Last year, UCF accepted 21,661 out of 47,957 applicants, making it a more difficult institution to get into with a good likelihood of acceptance for qualified students. 

Scholastically, it has extremely high admissions test score requirements, frequently admitting students who rank in the top 26% of their class. Students who achieved an ‘A’ in high school are usually accepted and drawn to the University of Central Florida. Only 37% of accepted students opted to attend. The vast majority of new first-year students graduated in the top quarter of their class in high school.

If you’re on the lower end of the scale, your outstanding personal achievements may be taken into account. Athletics, extracurricular activities, and recommendations are all crucial components of your application. However, they will only make a difference for admission if your GPA and SAT/ACT scores are in the 75th percentile. 

As previously said, UCF admission is quite competitive. Even if UCF is your favorite school and you are in the 75th percentile, you should apply to a range of institutions to ensure you get in somewhere. It is becoming increasingly tough to gain admission to the University of Central Florida. If this pattern continues, UCF will be even more competitive when it comes time to apply.

SAT Scores Requirements at UCF

The SAT Range which will get you to UCF is 1160 – 1340. Around 70% of the applicants submit SAT grades. 

  • Reading : 590 – 670
  • Math : 570 – 670
  • Composite : 1160 – 1340

The Average UCF SAT Score should be 1250. The University of Central Florida anticipates that its prospective students will rank among the top 31% of SAT test-takers. On a scale of 1600, the university reduces SAT results to 1160. Applicants with an SAT score of 1070, on the other hand, are unlikely to be admitted. 

On a scale of 1600, the average composite SAT score is roughly 1250. It’s also worth noting that 70% of all applicants submitted their SAT results for consideration. It’s also worth noting that the SAT scores listed on this page have been revised upwards for test takers after March 2016, according to the College Board’s concordance table.

ACT Scores Requirements at UCF

Coming to the ACT scores that candidates need to get accepted to the University of Central Florida, the latest data suggests that one requires an average ACT score of 27. The majority of the candidates accepted by the University of Central Florida for admissions have composite ACT scores belonging to the range of 25-30. 

To be considered for admission by the University of Central Florida, one needs to have a minimum ACT composite score of 25. And, for admission consideration, ACT scores are also required. According to the most recent data, 21% of candidates submit their ACT results for admission to this institute.

ACT Requirements at UCF

The ACT Range, which will get you into the UCF, is 25 – 29. Around 30% of the applicants submit ACT grades to this university. 

  • Math: 22 – 27
  • English: 24 – 30
  • Composite : 25 – 29

The Average UCF ACT Score should be 27.

GPA Requirements & Average GPA at UCF

A better GPA is frequently seen to be a crucial element in an applicant’s ability to gain admission to any college of their choosing. A high GPA is a significant consideration for admission at the University of Central Florida, as it is at most other universities. However, there are presently no statistics available on the average high school GPA of individuals who are accepted to UCF. Applicants must also have a good understanding of the admission requirements, including the required documents and what information is taken into account when making decisions for the University of Central Florida admissions

A high school GPA (about 3.81 on a 4-point scale), high school rank, high school transcript, college prep course, and SAT/ACT scores are required for admission. Applicants who meet these criteria and have a 42.5 percent acceptance rate may find it difficult to gain admission to the University of Central Florida.

The University of Central Florida has a simple application and admissions process that consists of four steps:

  1. Filling out the application form: The first step in the admissions process is to fill out an application. Candidates can apply online or by calling the UCF admissions office. 
  2. Acceptance: After submitting their application and paying the enrollment fee, the candidates must provide specific documents in order to receive the UCF decision. Candidates must submit the following documents to the University of Central Florida: 
  3. Transcripts: Candidates must provide required high school and university transcripts as part of the screening process. 
  4. Essay: Also known as a personal statement, the essay provides applicants with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to highlight their accomplishments and personalities. Personal experience and anecdotes are required from candidates to showcase their skills and knowledge. 
  • Official SAT or ACT Scores: Candidates who submit their official SAT or ACT scores strengthen their case for acceptance to the University of Central Florida. It is not a necessity, and not all students are required to submit their grades. Additional documents or information may be needed after the institution has finished reviewing your application.
  1. Certifying the attendance: Step 3 requires the candidate to certify their attendance. The candidates must confirm their presence at UCF in the third phase. They will also be needed to complete their Financial check-in process and choose their lodging. Some of the processes involved in UCF admission include reviewing and verifying the Summary of Accounts and Financial Aid (scholarships, fees, and tuition charges), picking a lodging option, establishing a payment plan, and making the first payment. Candidates must pass the Math and English examinations before registering for lessons. 
  2. Registration: It is the fourth step where candidates are needed to register for courses once all of the above-mentioned stages have been completed. 


The UCF admission process is quite competitive. Despite the fact that the University of Central Florida admissions process appears to be highly tough, it is still possible to succeed and stand out among prospective students.

The institution offers a limited number of residence alternatives to its students. Every student cannot make use of the on-campus housing option. Living in Florida isn’t inexpensive, and neither is off-campus living, which may range from 2,000 US dollars to 4,000 US dollars depending on the sort of housing you pick.

UCF’s faculty is among the greatest in the country. The faculty recruiting process is of the highest caliber. UCF hires the top faculty members based on their qualifications and teaching experience. Teachers are responsive and sensitive to all types of questions. The university’s central park hosts a yearly event that assists hundreds of students and alumni in finding work. This program is more akin to an on-campus placement program, and it is quite beneficial.

International applicants can apply for undergraduate and postgraduate programs online using one of two methods: The UCF Undergraduate Application or the Common App. The University of Central Florida usually informs accepted candidates by May 31st of each year. UCF Admission offers are verified with the delivery of a letter. The Executive Director of Undergraduate Admissions will recognize it.

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