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UCF Financial Aid, Admissions and GPA Requirements

Apr 13, 2023

Do you want to pursue your higher studies at the University of Central Florida (UCF)? If yes, you need to know certain things before applying for admission. Of course, the admission requirement is one of them. But what is even more important than this is the UCF fee.

The University of Florida charges an expensive educational fee from students. Therefore, not everybody can afford to pursue their studies here. However, the college also provides UCF financial aid to help students with their education charges. They give the students a fair chance to study at the university and get their dream job.


In this article, you will get to know everything about their admission requirements, UCF in-state tuition fees, UCF out-of-state tuition fees, and scholarships. Keep reading to know how you can afford the courses with UCF financial aid and then enroll in the University admissions.

What is the Admission Fee at the University of Central Florida?

The UCF fee for Florida students is $19,077. It includes the UCF tuition ($6,379), room fee ($11,498), book fee ($1,200), etc. However, this fee is different from the outsiders. The fee for non-Florida students is $35,177. It comprises UCF tuition ($22,479), room fee ($11,498), and book fee ($1,200). The UCF cost of attendance is also included in both fees. 


Apart from this, the price of supplies and books, housing, and extra expenses are also included in the University of Central Florida tuition fees. The UCF cost of attendance considers all this to decide a Financial Aid for both national and international students.

University Of Central Florida Financial Aid

Now you know how much you need to pay to get admission to the University of Central Florida. But if you feel you cannot afford the University of Central Florida tuition fees, don’t get disheartened. You can opt for the UCF Financial aid to help yourself with the charges. 


You’ll be glad to know that many students who get admission here don’t pay the entire cost of attendance. UCF Financial Aid helps families pay the education fees without paying the total cost. Hence, many students get educated here by paying only a minimum admission fee. By taking UCF financial aid, the families reduce half the expense and let their children study at a low cost. So, if you too want to complete your education at UCF, you can also opt for financial aid for UCF in-state tuition or UCF out-of-state tuition.

Types Of University Of Central Florida Financial Aid

UCF provides financial aid in various ways, such as in the form of scholarships, loans, and grants. Read below to know the UCF financial aid that the University provides to its students.  

  • Need-based Scholarship

A need-based scholarship is provided to those students who are in dire need of finances. In UCF financial aid, the work-study and federal loans are provided to the students to help them pay University Of Central Florida tuition fees.

  • Merit-based Scholarship

A merit-based scholarship is offered to candidates with excellent academic records. It is provided to the students based on their specific talents and marks. So, class toppers can avail of this scholarship and study at a prestigious university at a lower rate. 

  • Loans

Student loans are given to those who need money immediately. But here, the students have to repay the loan after a specific time. Generally, 40% of the candidates have federal loans, and 2% of the students get private loans. The interest fee can vary yearly for these types of loans. Unlike grants, these need to be repaid with the interest rate. Students must read the terms and conditions before taking up the loan.

  • Grants

Not every student gets grants. Around 45% receive grants which are school-based from UCF Financial Aid. Students can expect to get $2,000 as a grant. It is important to note that the UCF only offers these grants. Federal aid plays no role here, and it can change depending on the financial condition. Unlike loans, students don’t need to pay back the grants. However, they must meet specific criteria to keep them for a long time.


It is essential to know that whatever financial aid package you choose can change yearly. Furthermore, it can also change after every semester. Besides, the total price of scholarships can also change. It is applicable not only in the case of scholarships but also for grants. Thus, it is important to stay updated with the changes from the official website and accordingly select the financial aid that can serve your purpose.

University Of Central Florida Acceptance Rate

If you wish to get your education at UCF but don’t have sufficient money for the admission fee, UCF can help with their financial aid. However, all this will be useless if you don’t clear their admission requirements. UCF has a basic acceptance rate, and you need to meet their requirements to fall into this rate. The UCF acceptance rate is 44.4%. It means that 44 candidates are selected for admission for every 100 enrollments.


Thus, this shows that it is moderately selective in its admission process. So, you can crack the admissions with little preparation and consistent study. However, you need to meet their required GPA cut-off to be eligible for admission. If you are wondering what their GPA cut-off is, read to find out.

University of Central Florida GPA Requirements

Like other universities, UCF also has a minimum GPA requirement. But, if your dream is to get through UCF, you need to target more than their basic GPA need.

The UCF GPA requirement is 4.05. This GPA score equals 94-96%. Thus, you need to be a class topper to get this GPA. Furthermore, you need to have an ‘A’ in all high school subjects. Don’t worry! If this sounds overwhelming and unachievable, there are ways you can make up for this score. You can try to get more in the ACT or SAT examinations to balance your percentage.

University of Central Florida ACT And SAT Requirements

UCF does not mandatorily need the  SAT and ACT scores. However, they do consider these scores if the GPA score is less. So, you can sit for either ACT or SAT to improve your chances of getting admission. Besides, if you sit for these examinations, it will show how much you value admissions to UCF.

University Of Central Florida ACT Requirements

UCF does not have a rigid ACT cut-off. But that does not mean you can score less and get away with the admissions. If you cannot manage to get the bare minimum, your application will get rejected. UCF has an average ACT cut-off of 27. In other terms, you need to get between 25 to 30 to be considered for admission. However, if you sit for the ACT to compensate for a low GPA, try achieving more than the requirement. 

University Of Central Florida SAT Requirements

UCF does not have a rigid cut-off for SAT as well. However, it expects its students to get 1259 on a scale of 1600 for the application to get shortlisted. So, if you want your application to clear the first round, aim for a 1259 SAT score. However, if you want to impress the authorities or make up for a low GPA, try getting more, such as between 1265 to 1270. This will help you get through the admissions and make you look competitive.

Extra-curricular Activities

Apart from the scores, you should also focus on improving your extra-curricular activities. It is important to understand that a few applicants can have the same qualifications as you. So, to stand out from the rest, you need to show something impressive in your resume. 

Thus, extra-curricular performance is a good option. If you receive awards in extra-curricular activities, it will show that you can contribute to the college’s welfare outside the classroom. Choose the extra-curricular activity wisely to create a good impression on the authorities’ minds. 

Letters Of Recommendation

Another way to stand out is by collecting letters of recommendation from teachers. Ask your teacher to write about you in a letter format and attach the copy along with the application. The better they write about you, the more your chances of admission will be. These letters of recommendation will give the authorities an idea of how you are as a student. So, collect as many recommendation letters as possible to add weight to your application.

Documents Required For University Of Central Florida Admissions

Important Documents For Admission
Application Essay
High School Marksheet
ACT/SAT Scores
Application Fee of  $30
Completed Online Form
Certificates (for any program attended in high school)
High School Transcript
Letters Of Recommendation

So, these are the admission requirements that you need to abide by to get admission to the University of Central Florida. The college is moderately selective with its admissions, yet the demand is immense. So, to challenge the demand and get your way into the University, you must cater to their eligibility criteria. Besides, you should also determine whether you can pay the UCF tuition fee in advance. If not, you can take up the financial aid for UCF tuition per year to pursue your studies.

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