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May 11, 2022 | Turito Team USA

university of arizona acceptance rate

The University of Arizona was established in 1885 in Tucson, Arizona, by the 13th Arizona Territorial Legislature. Today it functions as a public educational institution and is counted among the top universities globally. It is a large university that enrolls nearly 41,000 students every year. The 392 acres of campus offer excellent learning opportunities by offering various courses. Apart from academics, the university also provides activities like sports, above 50 sororities and fraternities, and student organizations for regular involvement. 

The University of Arizona is highly renowned for its research department. The most notable colleges of this university are the Eller College of Management, College of Medicine, and James E.Rogers College of Law. Although the first-year students are not required to live on-campus, 80% choose to use the college housing facilities.

If you plan to get into this university, it is necessary to know the University of Arizona’s acceptance rate and various requirements for University of Arizona admissions.

2022 University of Arizona Ranking

The ranking of universities depends on their performance in a set of widely accepted excellence indicators. The University of Arizona has been ranked on different parameters.

Parameters  University of Arizona ranking
Best National Universities 103
Best colleges for veterans 62
Best value schools 122

University Of Arizona Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate of universities is the indicator of how many applicants succeed in securing a seat during the admission process. In Fall 2021, 48,202 applied for admission to different programs. Out of these applicants, the university selected 41,996 students for admission.

The admission data for Fall 2021 shows that the University of Arizona’s acceptance rate is 87%. This means that out of 100 applicants, the university offers admission letters to 87 students. This figure makes the university lightly selective in its admission procedure. The high University of Arizona acceptance rate proves that applicants who meet all the admission requirements have a great chance of receiving admission offers. Among the accepted candidates, 52% were in-state applicants, 45.5% constituted out-state, and 2.5% were international candidates.

Crucial factors for University of Arizona Admissions

A range of admission requirements determines the University of Arizona’s acceptance rate. All the incoming applicants need to meet the admission requirements efficiently to qualify for the application screening process. 

All the requirements have different weightage. While some are essential, others are comparatively less important.

The following table broadly demonstrates the importance of each factor that is crucial for the University of Arizona acceptance rate:

Admission requirement Importance
Academic GPA Highly important
Secondary school’s course rigor Highly important
Character  Important 
Applicant’s interest in the opted course Important 
Extracurricular involvement Important 
Standardized test scores Important 
Applicant’s talent Important 
Work experience Recommended 
Class rank Recommended
Essay writing Recommended
Volunteering work Recommended
Letters of recommendation Recommended

Importance level doesn’t mean an applicant can secure a seat by ignoring any admission requirements. All the candidates must provide genuine documents of each admission criteria to get a seat in the preferred course.

GPA Requirement for University of Arizona Admissions 

An applicant’s GPA is the primary factor that decides the University of Arizona’s acceptance rate. A high GPA means the candidate has excellent academic performance. While a low GPA reflects an applicant’s bad performance in the previous school, which ultimately results in the rejection of the application.

Most universities are interested in the weighted GPA of applicants because it considers the course difficulty during the calculation of grades. Therefore, applicants are recommended to submit their weighted GPA to the University of Arizona application. 

The university does not list any minimum GPA requirement for admission. However, applicants who do not meet the average grade requirement generally get rejected. From the previous year’s admission data, it is estimated that the average Arizona GPA of selected students is 3.42 on a 4.0 scale. 

The high GPA requirements make the university highly competitive. Generally, it accepts students among the B+ students in high school.

The following table gives clear information on the acceptance rate according to GPA:

GPA Arizona acceptance rate
4.0 43%
3.75 to 3.99 22.1%
3.50 to 3.74 16.77%
3.25 to 3.49 15.33%
3.00 to 3.24 13.67%
2.50 to 2.90 18.11%
2.00 to 2.49 1.87%

SAT Score Requirements for the University of Arizona Admissions 

Applicant’s SAT scores greatly influence the University of Arizona’s acceptance rate. The admission officers typically want students among the top 43% of the national SAT test-takers. According to last year’s admission data, the average SAT score of successful applicants at the University of Arizona is 1270. 

In some instances, the university has accepted students who score as low as 960 on the test. However, to avoid any hurdles, it is recommended that applicants take multiple tests to improve their scores. In addition, applicants must note that the University of Arizona does not provide a superscore of SAT scores. Therefore, it is crucial to have a high composite score on one test.

The given table provides a detailed picture of the applicant’s success rate for a particular score:

SAT score Arizona acceptance rate
Above 1350 Above 91%
1220 to 1350 85 to 90 %
1090 to 1220 77 to 84%
960 to 1090 66 to 76%
Less than 960 Below 65%

ACT Score Requirements for the University of Arizona Admissions

Apart from GPA, an applicant’s ACT scores are a great indicator of academic knowledge and excellence. University of Arizona admission data reflects that it accepts students with composite ACT scores of 21 and above. 

Applicants who succeed in the admission procedure are typically under the top 42% of the total test-takers in the nation. According to last year’s admitted student profile, the average ACT score of the University of Arizona is 25. Additionally, applicants with a composite score above 29 have a high chance of securing a seat.

Here is the estimated University of Arizona acceptance rate according to ACT score:

ACT score Arizona acceptance rate
More than 29 Above 90%
25 to 28 85 to 89 %
21 to 24 77 to 84%
17 to 20 66 to 76%
Less than 17 Below 65%


Essay Writing for University of Arizona

Essay writing is not a crucial factor for the University of Arizona admission requirements. But it provides a great platform for candidates to share their experience and professional goals with the admission committee. 

Students must utilize this space efficiently to talk about their academic journey and the hardships they faced bravely to accomplish their goals. Most universities seek students who are passionate about their goals. Writing a strong essay is the best way to tell the officers what your professional targets are and how the University of Arizona can help you achieve them. It is advised to take sufficient time to draft your essay and include every relevant detail. Proofreading the essay is highly recommended to avoid any grammatical and spelling mistakes.

University of Arizona Academic Life

The university gives special attention to promoting student-teacher interaction. For this, it allocates 1 teacher for a group of 15 students. Moreover, the university has most of its classes with less than 20 students. As a result, the university has an 83% freshman retention rate. This indicates high student satisfaction.

University of Arizona’s most popular majors include the following:

Majors  Student body
Marketing, Business, and Management  15%
Biomedical Sciences 10%

Social Sciences




Interdisciplinary Studies


Health Professions




Computer and Information Sciences 


Journalism and Communication




University of Arizona Student Life 

The university is a student-centered institution. The gender distribution of the student body reflects 45% male and 55% female students. The University of Arizona provides an excellent environment for students to collaborate with teachers to solve complex problems and improve the living standard of people. The university is recognized for preparing students for the fast-changing world and enabling them to leave a positive mark with their innovative works. 

Important Tips to Excel University of Arizona Admission procedure

To improve your chances of selection at the University of Arizona, applicants must focus on the following:

  • Improve your GPA in your previous school to showcase your academic learning potential.
  • Consider taking AP/IB and college preparatory courses to showcase your course rigor and readiness for university.
  • Take multiple ACT/SATs to improve your composite score on each test.
  • Invest time in taking high-rated extracurricular activities such as organizing a movement for a social cause, holding a leadership position in a club, etc.
  • Get convincing recommendations from your previous school’s faculty, who know you very well. Recommendations about your strength by quoting supporting examples make your application stand out among your peers.
  • Write a personal statement to inform the officers why you are opting for their course. Tell them your qualities that make you compatible with taking admission.

The high acceptance rate and excellent learning environment make the University of Arizona one of the most preferred institutions for students. But prospective students must note that the university requires a competitive GPA and test scores to take admission. By meeting all the requirements, applicants can succeed in securing a seat at the university. 

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