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NAPLAN – Effective Methods for Preparing Your Children

Nov 8, 2022

If your kid is going to sit for NAPLAN this year, then, you should know the best ways to prepare your kids for NAPLAN.  

Undoubtedly, it is one of the best ways to assess a child in terms of literacy and numeracy. Every May, Australian school students sit for the exam so that researchers can understand the student’s performance. Moreover, it also helps the teacher to improve the teaching.  


Thus, we can conclude the fact that it is a national assessment test throughout Australia that is designed to assimilate learning. The results comprehensively understand the child’s academic performance according to the Australian standard.  

Further ahead, we got a lot of questions from the parents whose kids are in years 9, 7, 5, and 3 about the best ways to prepare for NAPLAN. But remember not to compare your kid with anyone else. Every kid is unique in their way. Moreover, prepare your child enough for this assessment test but do not brag to others. Therefore, in order to prepare your kid, you both should be familiar with a couple of things mentioned below:- 

  •  The primary thing is to know the exam format. It will help you to prepare for your exam in a strategic way. 
  • Your kid must know how to complete the multiple options answer sheet.  
  • At last, make your kid confident about the assessment. Try to give him some calm quick therapy like deep breathing to deal with the feelings of nervousness and anxiety. This will definitely help him to increase the efficiency of the performance.  

 Apart from that this writing will help you to assist your kid in his preparation.  

What are the ways for writing practice for kids? 

 Undoubtedly, all the parts of the assessment test are equally important to work upon. However, some require special attention and proper practice in order to gain mastery.  


For the writing part of the assessment, students should be well versed in persuasive, narrative, or informative pieces of writing. So, in order to get ideas during exams, one must practice a lot as some might be struggling with creative ideas. Therefore, it is important to spend time improving their brainstorming skills. Practice questions as much as you can. This will help your kid to attempt the part confidently, and he will be ready to get creative ideas during his exam.  

Moreover, if I talk about the time for writing the test, It is only 40 minutes. The time limit might seem nonsense to you, but the marketing criteria make a lot of difference.  


The marking scheme explicitly depends on how much it appeals to the audience along with its overall structure like ideas, logical connection with the ideas, in-depth knowledge of vocabulary, spellings and punctuation, sentence structure, paragraphing, etc. However, the weightage for each criterion is different. From appealing audience to sentence structure to spelling, these categories attract the most marks in the writing.  

The next step is to prepare for language learning. So, How to prepare for this part? Let’s find out in the next section!! 


Language Learning for kids 

According to various reports, indigenous children, whose primary language is not English, are likely to get lower marks in this section. Because of a lack of resources, they are unable to get knowledge. But, the question is, why is there important Language learning for kids? 

To the reader’s knowledge, this section tests the essential areas of literacy which also includes grammar, spelling, and punctuation. No doubt these are important parts of reading and writing. Thus, we can say language and writing go simultaneously.  


Moreover, to prepare your kid for the Language test, make them understand the correct use of tenses and punctuation. Make sure you are polishing their grammar skills. Give them a topic to write an essay or story and check their work. Give feedback where there is a need for improvement. In this way, your kid will be prepared for writing as well as the language section.  

Why does the NAPLAN assessment cover math tests online and how you can prepare for kids?  

If we talk about the numeracy part of the assessment, it tests the four areas of your kid- understanding, reasoning, problem-solving, and fluency. It helps to test important skill in order to progress throughout school life. The test includes three areas – probability and statistics, geometry and measurement, and algebra and number.  


Reading Practices for Kids 

The reading section of NAPLAN will assess the student’s vocabulary along with the infer information ability from the texts themselves. Thus, to make your kids pros in the section, explicitly enlighten them with all the comprehension strategies and also give them reading materials for practice. 

Moreover, if your kid is weak in this particular section, then you need to buck up. The reading ability will affect the assessment as a whole. Otherwise, he will be unable to understand the question clearly. So, make them read books, newspapers, and other useful materials to improve their understanding. Moreover, give them previous years’ reading tests or reading materials so that they can have an estimate of the test.  

Things to keep intellect while training for the NAPLAN assessment test 

  •  Focus on the format rather than memorizing the content 

More or less the format remains the same every year; however, the content and the questions change. Therefore, make them understand rather than cramming the same set of questions and answers. Otherwise, your kid will panic when he sees a change in the content at the time of the test.  

  •  Give them practice tests daily. 

 It is important to record the improvement. Thus, give them practice tests daily and work on their weak areas. Initially, do not bound them with time but as the time comes for the test, give them a set time limit according to the NAPLAN assessment. Moreover, go thoroughly after the test and understand your mistakes and work on them. Repeat the process.  

There are a lot of materials available online, along with the material available on their official website. You can use them for practice and help your kid to score better.   

  •  Discuss how to solve a certain set of questions  

 Your kid should know tricks and techniques to eliminate the options in multiple choice questions. This will make the question a lot easier. Thus, taught them techniques and gave them questions for application.  

  •   Encourage and Motivate your Kid 

Keep your child motivated and help them to build confidence. The panicking situation will not lead them anywhere good. So, make them understand to give their best and not think about the result and remain consistent and positive.  


This piece is everything you are looking for in terms of why they take the NAPLAN assessment test, along with the subject’s importance. Moreover, it guides you on how to prepare your kids for D-day, along with some tips. So, buck up with the preparation but do not forget that pressurizing your kid can have a negative impact on them. So handle them in a friendly manner and make things interesting for them.  

How to prepare your child for naplan


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