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The Cheapest Out of State Tuition Colleges

Dec 27, 2021

Cheapest Out of State Tuition

In this blog, we’ve brought together a list of schools for your information and knowledge that offer the lowermost & cheapest out of state tuition rates and highest rates of institutional aid to out-of-state students. So keep on reading to learn more about these schools and how you can get in!

If you’re anticipating moving out of your hometown and going afar to attend college but are concerned about the cost of an out-of-state school, you might face some problems during the application process. So how will you find out-of-state schools that still offer reasonably low-cost tuition?


What Are Economical Out-of-State Colleges?

First things first, it’s important that you pay attention to the fact that public colleges are the only schools where the given name “out-of-state” will have any meaning for you as a student tuition-wise. Public colleges typically are known to offer usually greater tuition rates for out-of-state students than they do for students who are from within the state, however, private colleges don’t concern themselves with students’ residential statuses.

Hence, you’ll simply see public colleges on this list. To say it in simpler language, we have included schools whose tuition fee would be determined based on whether or not you are a resident of the state.


Categorically, the cut-off for “inexpensive” colleges or cheapest out of state tuition fees would be schools with after deductions prices lesser than $13,000. At present, the typical public school tuition and fees for out-of-state residents are $22,698. In this blog we have attempted to pick out schools that have would have a low impact on your budget and is, therefore, less than average for students hoping to attend from out of state.

We’ve also tried to include the cost of lodging and boarding at each of these schools because tuition is every so often not as much as the price of room and board. We hope that this will give you a better idea of the actual cost of joining these colleges.


We have also delivered the data and figures on how much aid is characteristically accessible to students at each of these colleges so that you can see for yourself how generous these schools are in assisting students who can’t afford to pay full tuition.

As a final point, this blog as includes stats for admission rates and enrolment to help you get a better idea of the scope and extent of the competitiveness of these schools.


17 Of the Most Low-Cost Out of State Colleges

The following schools are enumerated in order of net cost from lowest to highest. However some schools might have higher tuition charges, but they make up for it by proposing substantial financial aid to students.


All the Statistics Below Come from the College Board, and all Costs are for Fall 2021.

SchoolOut of State TuitionRoom & BoardAvg. Aid PackageNet PriceAcceptance RateUndergrad Enrollment
1. Minot State University$6,691$7,493$10,173$4,01174%2,288
2. Southern Arkansas University$11,970$6,926$13,713$5,18369%3,122
3. West Texas A&M University$7,842$8,576$10,725$5,69368%7,331
4. Delta State University$8,190$8,114$9,202$7,10294%1,933
5. Central State University$6,842$10,680$10,000$7,85456%2,033
6. Alcorn State University$7,290$10,788$8,907$9,17158%2,648
7. University of Southern Mississippi$10,786$10,937$12,001$9,72296%11,387
8. Dakota State University$10,611$7,148$7,882$9,87777%2,031
9. Truman State University$16,086$9,313$15,297$10,10262%3,845
10. Youngstown State University$10,313$9,775$9,922$10,16667%9,154
11. Arkansas Tech University$13,920$8,754$12,137$10,53794%7,384
12. Harris-Stowe State University$9,672$9,691$8,812$10,55152%1,383
13. Mississippi Valley State University$6,928$8,161$3,065$12,02489%1,546
14. University of Nebraska at Kearney$13,650$10,628$12,175$12,10385%4,302
15. Rogers State University$12,900$8,975$9,330$12,54589%2,945
16. Southwestern Oklahoma State University$13,478$6,230$7,016$12,69290%3,839
17. University of South Florida$15,475$12,256$14,937$12,79447%37,984

Why do These Colleges Cost so Less for Out-of-State Students?

If you are wondering why are the tuition fees on this list so low? So to answer your question, a substantial amount of these schools, do not differentiate between in-state and out-of-state students. With the growing level of competitiveness in higher education, fewer well-known schools are offering low prices to entice students to attend their school.

The affordability of a college education is turning out to be a huge concern as tuition prices carry on to rise at most schools. The greatest way for more ambiguous schools to escalate their capability in the higher education market is to lower their price tags. This gets them on grades of “best value” schools and cumulates to become a strong status for being considerate about the financial struggles of students.


Some of these schools which offer the cheapest out of state tuition are merely committed to reducing the effect of financial concerns on those who choose to attend their college, whether they’re in-state or out of state. For instance, Delta State University offers the equivalent tuition rate for all students irrespective of their residential status, affirming that, “These rates are established to increase financial parity, lessen the sway of financial considerations on educational policy and increase equality across the university.”

Most Affordable Colleges that Offer Cheapest Out of State Tuition

If you’re considering an affordable option to choose a university, then these are the least costly out-of-state colleges you can take into consideration. Furthermore, if you are a foreign student and cannot qualify for in-state tuition, then these are the cheapest universities in America for international students.


Inexpensive doesn’t always translate to the fact that you will be able to find a school with a low out-of-state tuition fee. It is very important to research the unique financial aid package which is being offered by the school, the usual net price in reality paid and utmost considerably the quality of education you get for your tuition dollar. Sometimes a school that gives the impression of being reasonably priced recognized on the list price can be of poor relative value if it can’t grant competitive financial aid or doesn’t offer a quality education.

Most Inexpensive and Cheapest Out-Of-State Online Colleges

Is the program you’re looking to pursue is being offered at an affordable price in another state? Don’t let the cheapest out of state tuition expenses stop you from reaching your goals! Take a look through the list of cheapest online colleges in the United States in this helpful blog.

Recommended Schools

1. Southern New Hampshire University

    • It offers one of the most affordable online tuition rates in the US with a network of support.
    • Committed to giving you the backing you need to pursue your degree.
    • Decide on over 200 inexpensive programs.
    • Non-profit. Accredited

2. Liberty University

    • The leading private, non-profit university in the country.
    • Known for its high student approval and retention rates.
    • Students and professors hold each other to high standards and sincerely care about each other’s welfare.

3. Purdue University Global

    • Entirely tailored, flexible online education personalized to the needs of working adults
    • A public, not-for-profit institution that’s part of the prominent Purdue University system
    • Extremely easy to get to, world-class education, with 180 online programs at the associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s as well as doctoral levels
    • All-inclusive career counseling services before and after graduation

Each person has this hypothesis that any public institution within the state is reasonably priced, but that is always not the case. There are numerous institutions in the country where the tuition prices are very high.

Typically the college fee for each year together with the dorm was $21,370 and the tuition fee along with housing facility in public colleges costs more than double which is $48,510.

If you are one of the ones who want to go out from your native state and consider the other state, we have listed down a few low-cost out-of-state tuition colleges that you must think through.

Which are the Cheapest State Tuition Colleges in the Country?

An out-of-state tuition college is a college that is not in your present living state. Out-of-state colleges also mean a lot of expenditures right from rooming to housing to other assorted expenses apart from the tuition fee. The following are a few universities that comparatively have the cheapest out of state tuition fees.

1. The University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida

If you are prepared to take a step into South Florida University, you should meet the least possible requirement and have basic minimum charges. Below are the fee structure and information along with other additional charges at the USF.

Out-of-state students who are not Florida residents can assume a one-year cost of $36,085.

The Projected Annual Cost for Non-Residents is as follows:

Tuition Fee$17,324
Additional Fee$1,851
Flat Cost$11,610
Books and Supplies$1,200
Campus Expenses$4,100
Acceptance rate44%

2. Chadron State University, Nebraska

Chadron State University is a 4-year long degree program college instituted in 1911 in a small rural agricultural community. This University offers both the degrees Undergraduate (bachelors) and Graduate (masters). It also offers Majors and Programs with nearly 52 undergraduate programs and 8 graduate programs. CSU makes available scholarships at both degree levels.

The Estimated Annual Cost for Undergraduate Tuition is as follows:

Tuition and Fees$7,682
International Student Fee$300
Housing Cost (Double Occupancy)$3,892
Books and Supplies$1,890
Food cost$2930
Health/Accident Insurance$730.00
Total Estimated Charge$20,348

The Expected Annual Cost for graduate Tuition is as follows:

Tuition and Fees$9,190
International Student Fee$180
Housing Cost
Books and Supplies$1,890
Food cost
Health/Accident Insurance$730
Total Estimated Cost

On-campus accommodation and meal plans are not available for graduate students. International student fee covers costs like wire transfer fee and conveyance facility.

3. Oklahoma Panhandle State University, Oklahoma (OPSU)

OPSU, 1909 gives students the most inexpensive higher education prospects both on-campus as well as online. Students have a boundless chance to apply for grants, scholarships, as well as student loans.

Typical Out-of-State Tuition at Oklahoma Panhandle State University is $14,766 each year.

The Estimated Annual Fee for Out-State Students is as follows:

Tuition and Fees$6,216
 Miscellaneous and Personal expenses$1,000
Housing and Meals$5,510
Total Estimated Cost$14,766

4. Southern University, New Orleans (SUNO)

The Southern University which was established in 1956 offers 25 degrees at the associate, bachelor’s, and master’s levels. One significant feature to be noted about SUNO is it has a vigorous online learning program.

The Estimated Annual Cost for all Out-State Students is are as follows:

Room and Board$9,040
Books and Supplies$1,300

5. Minot State University – North Dakota

Minot State University was founded in 1913 and can be said to be the third-largest university offering both undergraduate and graduate degree programs. It has a recommender board at the institution for the benefit of the students.

This university has to offer at least 9 master’s degrees and one education specialist degree in the field of mathematics, communication disorders, as well as management. It also boasts of 60 majors at the undergraduate level which offers its students courses in business, education and health sciences, arts, and sciences.

Tuition and Fees$7,592$7,820
Room and Board$7,144$5,490
Books and Supplies$1,100

Regular Out-of-State Tuition: $6,086 for each year and health insurance of $2,364 is offered to international students.

6. Mississippi Valley State University (MVSU)

The Mississippi Valley State University has a distinctive feature that provides scholarships for students who can cover their college expenditures along with their personal costs. According to the U.S. News and World Report, it is well-thought-out and one of the best colleges in the entire southern area.

CostsUndergraduate Per Year CostGraduates Per Year Cost
Tuition Rates$6,746$7,220
Living expenses, Books, and Supplies$12,758
Student Activity Fee$10$10

7. Peru State College, Peru, Nebraska

Peru state college offers its students a four-year degree college that provides almost 13-undergraduate degrees and 2 master’s programs with class proportions bearing about 20 students.

Residents/Non-Resident StudentsAnnual Cost
Room and Board$9,088
Other Fees$2,944
Books & Supplies$1,200
Estimated Total Cost$20,936

Students staying in the residence halls must select from the below list:

  • 275-Meal Block – $2,193 (each semester)
  • 210-Meal -Block – $1,789 (each semester)
  • 130-Meal Block – $1,192 (each semester)
  • 75-Meal Block – $596 (each semester) (Oak Hill Only)

Computer grads can choose from any meal plan.

Refunds are also available:

  • Peru State College has the preference to get reimbursed 100% if any students have canceled their housing rent in the first week of class of their room and board charges.
  • Students should check in with their residence halls within 48 hours of canceling or withdrawing.
  • On no account refunds are given after the eighth week of school.
  • If any student terminates their rent for fun, severe action is taken by the College Board, and will not be given the money back.

8. New Mexico Highlands University – New Mexico

New Mexico Highlands University (NMHU) is a community-university in Las Vegas, New Mexico. It was the first time-honored New Mexico Normal School in the year 1893. The establishment became New Mexico Normal University in 1902, and then New Mexico Highlands University in 1941 after it stretched out its role beyond teacher education.

Today, NMHU offers its students both graduate and undergraduate programs in arts and sciences, business, education, and social work. The price of attending NMHU is broken down below

On-Campus Annual FeeUndergraduate
Tuition & Fee$8,472
Housing costs$7,872
Books and Supplies$1,144
Other Living Expenditures$3,968
Other Fees$1,830

Out-of-state colleges provide unlimited chances for students who want to explore life beyond their comfort zones and up for some real challenges. Out-of-state colleges also demonstrate students to live self-reliantly and responsibly. If you are hopeful to apply to an out-of-state college, this blog will come in handy.

Which are the Most Affordable Online Colleges that can Offer you the Cheapest out of state tuition?

Do you ask yourself the question as to why out-of-state tuition is sometimes costly? Tuition is economical for state residents for the reason that state schools obtain state taxpayers’ money. For “outsiders,” a school adds somewhere from $0 to many thousands each year. Rest guaranteed you can still experience online education out-of-state for a reasonably priced fee. Occasionally, neighboring states make tuition agreements, giving each other’s residents in-state prices or their lowermost out-of-state tuition rates.

Tips for Getting the Lowest Tuition in Online Colleges:

  • Discover State-To-State Deals
    • Cross the boundary of your state for low tuition! State schools frequently let residents of neighboring states pay in-state tuition fees. In further cases, they pledge their lowest out-of-state cost to people in the region. Here are three top instances.
    • Midwestern Colleges
      • The Midwest Student Exchange Program routinely provides tuition concessions to residents attending qualified state schools in Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Wisconsin, to name a few.
    • New England Colleges
      • More than 80 state colleges and universities bring into being the New England Board of Higher Education offer their lowest out-of-state tuitions to people of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.
    • Western Colleges
      • The Western Undergraduate Exchange comprises schools in Alaska and Hawaii along with dozens in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. Students need to complete extra paperwork to be considered. Not all candidates are offered the lowest out-of-state tuition.
      • Many states make autonomous agreements too. For instance, schools in South Dakota provide approximately in-state rates to Minnesotans and also have a substantial “Border Bonus” for residents of Wyoming.
    • Become a State Resident
      • If you live nearby a school for most of the year, why keep giving out-of-state tuition fees? Numerous students overlook that they can start state residency after 12 months. Some methods to help establish residency are registering to vote, attaining a state driver’s license, and setting up a local bank account.

A Final Word about Costs:

After going through the low price tags on all these numerous schools, you might be interested to relinquish your other main concern in favor of a loan-free future. Nevertheless, there are numerous factors to consider besides cost in the college search process when considering which is the cheapest out of state tuition colleges option for you.

Even if you know it will be challenging for you to pay for college, several schools offer substantial monetary aid packages to those with confirmed needs. Avoid forgoing your preferences for location, academic programs, and campus life just so you can spend less money on college.

Before you make a judgment based on how expensive a school is, contemplate the following:

  • How large the school is and whether you think you’ll choose a large or small environment
  • Where the school is situated in the country and whether it lines up with how far away from home you want to be
  • The school’s program’s strong point and whether they bring into line with your benefits—what chances do you want to have available to you in college?
  • The social prospect—do you want to be at a party school or one that provides for smaller gatherings? Are you interested in Greek life at all?
  • The general quality of academics is founded on its admissions rate and student feedback
  • The environment beyond the campus—do you wish to choose a large city or a small town?

As soon as you’ve made up your mind about these key factors about the cheapest out of state tuition, you can move on to matching schools based on financial standards. It’s alright to negotiate on some things, but be sure you know what’s most significant to you so you end up with the finest possible college experience.

If you’re not certain where to start and want more specific advice, this blog will come to your rescue in making a decision. Good Luck with a bright future!



Cheapest Out of State Tuition


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