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PSAT Test Registration – All You Need To Know

Feb 22, 2022

Sophomores and juniors have the chance to take the PSAT every fall. But the question is how to enroll for the PSAT test? Is everyone’s PSAT registration date the same? What is the cost of taking the PSAT? How to signup for PSAT?

Here in this article, we’ll discuss all you need to know about PSAT test registration. We’ll begin with a quick review of how registration works before going over the three major procedures you must take to register for the PSAT. We’ll also go through how to sign up for the PSAT and register if you’re homeschooling or live outside the United States to ensure a smooth PSAT test registration procedure.


Overview of PSAT Registration

In contrast to the SAT, where you register online through the College Board, for the PSAT test, you need to register through your high school. It is up to your school to determine how to sign up for PSAT. Here’s how it works in reality: schools notify their students of the PSAT registration deadline and then provide information about how to register and pay for the test.

The PSAT is given three times a year in the fall, on a prior date, a Saturday date, and an alternate date. Your school will decide when and where the PSAT will be given. Schools select the primary date; however, some may administer the PSAT on one of the two alternate days if the original date does not work well with the school’s calendar. Currently, the PSAT is not given at every school. If your high school does not provide the PSAT, you may take it at another nearby school that provides this.


Following that, let us go over the PSAT test registration process and study how to look for high schools that offer the PSAT if your school does not plan to conduct it.

How to Register for the PSAT in Three Easy Steps

This section will go over the three processes necessary to register for the PSAT at your (or a neighboring) school.


Step 1: Determine Whether or Not Your School Will Provide the PSAT Registration

  • Verify whether the PSAT will be administered at your high school. The College Board’s school search tool is the most convenient way of checking this. You need to enter the name of your institution and its city, state (if relevant), zip code, and country.
  • When you click “Search,” you’ll see an item with your school’s name and address, as well as its examination and test dates. Select “PSAT/NMSQT Fall 2022″ from the drop-down menu. (If fall 2022 dates aren’t yet available, select “Fall 2021” to discover if your school gave the PSAT the previous year.)
  • If you know that your school will not be giving the PSAT, or if you are a homeschooling student, you can search for your city, state, and zip code to see which schools in your area will be offering the PSAT test registration.
  • Next, you’ll need to approach each school individually to check if they administer the PSAT to outside students. Again, this policy differs by institution, so start contacting testing venues at least four months ahead of time.
  • If you cannot use the search engine, you can ask your counselor if your school will provide the PSAT or know of any nearby schools that will.

Step 2: Determine Your PSAT Registration Deadline and Exam Date

  • The primary exam date, which is always a weekday in early or mid-October, is selected by most high schools. However, to facilitate particular timetables or religious holidays, some schools may choose the Saturday PSAT date or an alternative exam date instead.
  • Check your counselor or seek up the 2022 PSAT administration date for your school using the school search tool to determine when you will administer the PSAT.
  • Your school should notify you in advance about the PSAT test dates and the testing location. Talk to your counselor if you haven’t received anything by early or mid-September.

Step 3: Register for and Pay for the PSAT

This step will answer the most important question: how to sign up for PSAT.

  • PSAT signup procedures differ by school. Although some institutions may need you to register and pay for the test in person, others may require you to register online through a website.
  • In any event, the school must provide clear directions about accomplishing your PSAT test registration. Schools often distribute or email necessary PSAT registration information to students in the early fall.
  • If you intend to take the PSAT at a neighboring school, you must call that school or consult with one of its counselors about the PSAT registration procedure and whether it modifies the process for students who do not attend that school.
  • When you register for the PSAT, you’ll normally be asked to submit basic personal details such as your complete name, residential address, contact information, email address, grade level, and student ID number (if applicable).
  • The PSAT test registration costs $17 per student, but some schools may reimburse all or a portion of this expense. Similarly, some schools may charge more than $17 to cover the costs of invigilators and test administrators.
  • Your school should notify you how much you’ll have to pay for the PSAT and how to attach your payment. Most schools take cash or checks, but an acceptable payment method varies per institution. Checks will very certainly be made payable to your school and not to the College Board.
  • Finally, if you are a low-income junior, you may be eligible for a fee exemption for the PSAT test registration. Consult with your counselor to verify your eligibility. Only schools, not students, are permitted to contact the College Board to obtain fee exemptions. If you have any questions regarding PSAT enrollment or payment, you should speak with your counselor directly.

Which are the 5 Ways to Make the PSAT Registration Process Go Smoother?

Follow these guidelines below before registering for the PSAT to guarantee a fast and smoother PSAT registration procedure.

  • Begin the Process As Soon As Possible:

You can’t presume your school will give the PSAT unless your counselor has confirmed their plan. It is recommended to begin the PSAT registration process as soon as possible, ideally after your sophomore year. Remember to give yourself ample time to contact schools, especially if you’ll be requesting cost waivers or specific accommodations for a disability.

  • Keep Your October Calendar Open:

Because all PSAT dates are typically set for October, you’ll want to leave your October schedule somewhat empty to accommodate the PSAT—especially if your school hasn’t yet revealed the precise date on which the exam will be administered.

  • Inquire About Fee Waivers:

Many students are unaware that they are eligible for a PSAT cost waiver, which is why we recommend consulting with your counselor about rebates for low-income 11th graders early in the PSAT registration process. Fee waivers are available to all students, including homeschooled kids, US citizens testing outside of the US, and non-US citizens testing in the US. However, there is a catch: fee exemptions only reimburse the actual cost of the exam ($17), excluding any additional fees that the institution may need.

  • Determine Whether or Not You Will Take the PSAT as a Sophomore:

Most students take the PSAT as juniors, but others take it as sophomores to gain a sense of the test structure. Unfortunately, sophomores are not qualified for National Merit scholarships, which are only available to high-scoring juniors; therefore, taking the PSAT as a sophomore has no monetary reward.

  • Contact your Counselor for Questions:

Finally, if you have questions about the PSAT, such as when it is, how to pay, PSAT test registration, and how to request price waivers and special accommodations, always consult your school counselor. Your counselor is the most trustworthy PSAT resource!


The PSAT does not appear on your college application, but it is helpful in other ways. Use the PSAT as a practice test for the SAT. Examine your PSAT results to determine your qualities and shortcomings in specific courses. PSAT registration is a wise step toward preparing for college applications.

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