How To Sign Up For The SAT: Step-By-Step Guide

Feb 21, 2022 | Turito Team USA

how to sign up for the sat

Registering for the SAT might seem easy, but it is not. It is far tougher than one might expect. Even the slightest mistake can cost a lot of money. Thus, anyone planning to enroll in SAT must be careful during the form fill-up.

In this article, we will tell you how to sign up for the SAT in easy steps. Also, we will share some essential tips for the sign-in process. With this article, candidates will get all their queries answered on how to sign up for the SAT subject test.

SAT Registration Dates 2022

Test Date Registration Date Last Registration Deadline
12th March 2022 12th February 2022 2nd March 2022
7th March 2022 8th April 2022 27th April 2022
4th June 2022 6th May 2022 26th May 2022
27th August 2022 (Anticipated)
1st October 2022 (Anticipated)
3rd December 2022 (Anticipated)

SAT Registration Tips

It is essential to enroll for the SAT examination as soon as possible. This will help you get all the College Board’s updates about the examination. So, if a test date gets canceled, students will get information about it. Now let’s browse through some of the pointers on how to sign up for the August SAT or any other upcoming SAT examination. These registration tips are also applicable for candidates who are looking for ways to sign up for the SAT question of the day.

  • Many candidates prefer to sit for the SAT examination in their high school. But the location might not be convenient for you. The school can be quite far from where you live. So, what is the solution? Select the site for yourself. Besides, also decide a date that is convenient for you. SAT examination takes place many times a year at different test centers. You can pick a seat that is easy to locate from your home and according to your schedule. 
  • Candidates can make the registration on the College Board website. This is the easiest and fastest way to register. After the registration, candidates can also print their admission ticket, edit their registration and view their scores. 
  • See if you want mail notifications from college. For example, if you enroll in the College Board, you will receive emails from colleges and test prep companies. Besides, you will also receive emails from scholarship providers. 
  • Pay your fees or apply for a fee waiver. The SAT fees for 2021-2022 are $52. This fee also includes the cost of sending results to up to four institutions. (extra colleges are $12 each). Visit the College Board for a complete list of fees and more information about enrollment, price waivers, and the exam itself.
  • Send in a photo. With your SAT registration, you must include a picture of yourself. Candidates can view the exact photo submission guidelines on the College Board website. But you may not be able to determine if your photo does not fulfill the requirements.

Things To Consider Before Registering For SAT

Now you know the dates and registration tips for enrolling in the SAT examination and how to sign up for the SAT question of the day. So let’s move forward and learn the things to consider before signing up for the SAT.

1. Find Out The Test Dates

The first step is to check the dates for the examination. Also, check the deadline for the registration date. Also, see if there are any cut-offs or extra fees that a student needs to pay for late registration.

2. Decide whether you want to take SAT With An Essay

Before you sign up, this is a crucial step to consider. Taking the SAT essay is optional. Thus, decide if you want to take it before filling out the form.

3. Consider your schedule

Understand the schedule and then start the preparation. It is ideal to begin in the spring or summer season. Students can take SAT subject tests as many colleges need them. But taking the SAT and SAT Subject Tests together is not possible on the same day. So, decide when to take which one and then plan a schedule.

4. Decide A Test Date And Register For The SAT Early

Try to register for the SAT as soon as possible. This will remove all the chances of not getting an open spot in the examination centers. 

5. Keep The Basics Of SAT Registration In Mind

  • To register online for the SAT Subject Tests, you can fill in the details on the College Board site. Besides, you can also register by mail using the application in the Online Enrollment Booklet. Contact your school counselor to duplicate the booklet if you need to perform a paper registration.
  • Register for the SAT examination yourself. Do not rely on your parents or counselors.
  • Provide the exact information (full name and address) in the photo id.
  • You can choose The College Board’s Student Search Service. There is no registration fee required. You only have to answer your GPA or college major questions for enrollment.
  • Upload your picture for verification purposes.
  • Pay the registration fees. It costs $46 for the SAT examination and an extra $16 for SAT with Essay. Yet students in 11th and 12th standards who have low income can waive their fee.
  • Print your admission ticket without fail. You will need this on your test date.

6. Take An SAT Practice Test

Once you have followed all the steps of how to sign up for the SAT and how to sign up for the SAT subject test, now take an SAT to understand your preparation. Analyze the SAT score and see where you stand. Once you know this, keep practicing to improve your weaknesses.

Test-Day Requirements

  • All candidates and staff members will have to wear a mask or other protective face covering for safety during the entire test.
  • Examiners might not allow students to enter the examination hall without a mask.
  • Students will be sitting at least six feet apart throughout testing.
  • Students must go through COVID screening questions before entering the test center or testing room.
  • The Centre will dismiss the students who do not follow these guidelines. They will not be allowed a refund or to have their exam processed and scored.

Step By Step Instructions To Sign Up For SAT

There are specific steps for how to sign up for the August SAT. Below is a detailed list of how to sign up for the SAT or how to sign up for the SAT subject test on the college board.

Step 1: Open The College Board Website

Once logged on to the website, click on the “Register Now” or “Register For The SAT” link. The site will take you to a webpage where they need you to create a ‘College Board’ account.

Step 2: Put In All The Details In The “My SAT” Page

After you create your account, a “My SAT” page will appear. Here you will have put in all the essential details, which might take 30-40 minutes to complete. Here are the details you need to provide: 

  • Personal Information: In this section, you will have to enter basic details like name, address, phone number, etc. Make sure the details are correct and align with your photo ID. 
  • Demographics: Here, you need to put in your marks and other details for the college board to get your statistics. This is not an important section to fill. You can skip this part if you want. 
  • Create Student Profile: This is the most time-taking section. But it is essential to fill in so that the college board can send in updates in the mail ID. If you want to know about admission details in the other colleges, you can fill out this form. 

Step 3: Select Test & Centre

This step matters the most. Once your SAT page is ready, another page will appear where you will get the option to select the test and Centre of your choice. There, you will find the “Terms & Conditions” on the first page that you need to accept. It’s a long list, but here are the essential points: 

  • Candidates cannot use their cell phones in the examination hall. They are not allowed to cheat in the examination.
  • Candidates are responsible for their tests. Nobody can take the test on their behalf.

Next, you’ll have to select the test type and date. If you have any SAT fee waiver, you can out your details here. While choosing the test center, search by zip code. This will show all the exam centers nearby your location. 

Step 4: Upload A Photo

Now you need to upload a picture of yourself. Upload a clear photo and follow the directions for upload. This way, you can save yourself from rejection. 


Now you know all the essential steps for how to sign up for the SAT. Follow these steps, and you can register for the examination without any hassle. If you have any other queries, you can visit the College Board registration information page and get them cleared. 

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