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When are PSAT Scores Released ?

Apr 8, 2023

When are PSAT Scores Released?

It can be burdensome to wait for PSAT results. The PSAT can help you get a picture of the spectrum in which your final SAT score is likely to fall since this is probably the first time you’ve taken a test comparable to the SAT. Additionally, if you achieve a high enough score, there are numerous scholarship opportunities.

When will the wait finally end? When are PSAT results made public? When are PSAT scores released? This guide explains when you’ll receive your PSAT results. The article walks you through the entire PSAT schedule and provides advice on what to do after you receive your results.

  • The PSAT results are often made public in the first week of December.
  • Students will probably receive their 2022 PSAT/NMSQT October results on December 5–6, 2022.
  • The PSAT will be administered on October 12,15 and 25 in 2022.
  • Students can access their PSAT score report online, or their school might also provide hard copies.
  • A PSAT score in the 75th percentile or higher is considered good.

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When Are PSAT Results Announced?

How long will it take to announce the PSAT results? Or, when are PSAT scores released in 2022? You will typically receive your PSAT results within six to eight weeks after taking the test in December.


Thus, the first online release of PSAT Scores 2022 results will take place in the first week of December. As per last year, the PSAT scores for 2021 were made public on December 6 and 7. Students typically receive their results on a different date, depending on where they took the test.

The College Board hasn’t set a date for the release of the PSAT scores 2022 results, but based on prior years (and the predicted test dates for this year), we anticipate that the PSAT scores 2022 results will be accessible online starting around December 5, 2022. Notably, your guidance counselor and school will have access to your results one week before November 30.


PSAT test takers outside the US can anticipate receiving their results around December 6th or 7th, a few days later than those inside the US.

PSAT Result Schedule

Let’s be more specific now. How much time does it take to declare PSAT results? The projected 2022 PSAT schedule is shown below in complete detail so, you can see when you’ll be taking the exam and receiving your results.


Step 1: Attempt the PSAT Examination in October

The PSAT examination is typically conducted around the middle of October. However, the specific dates can vary. The PSAT test dates for 2022–2023 are as follows:

  • Preferred Date: Wednesday, October 12, 2022
  • Alternate/ Backup Date: Tuesday, October 25, 2022
  • Saturday Date: October 15, 2022

Your school will determine the specifics of the PSAT. You may need to make arrangements to take the PSAT elsewhere if your school does not provide PSAT sign-up or requires all 11th-grade students to take the exam.


Ask your school how they intend to plan for and manage the PSAT by September 1 to make sure you won’t be left without a score. If you don’t seem to like your school’s approach, don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to think about other options and make arrangements.

Step 2: Check Your PSAT Scores Online in December

PSAT results are anticipated to be released in the first week of December (the exact date you get yours is based on what location or state you took the test in). You’ll receive an email when your results are ready to be viewed.


You would get an email informing you when your exam results are available if you wrote your email address on your answer key on test day. A special access key will be provided in the email, allowing you to access your scores online. You can still view your test results online even if you didn’t write an email address on your answer key on test day.

If you haven’t previously registered an account, you will be required to create a free College Board account to view your results. If you don’t have an account with the College Board, set one up immediately to save time. To get your PSAT results after logging in, click “PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT 10, and PSAT 8/9 Scores.” You’ll then be redirected to a page that displays your PSAT results.


When you receive your results, read the Resources section below to find out how to use them for practice, scholarships, and other opportunities.

You can also read the comprehensive guide to the PSAT score report for more information on obtaining your PSAT results, including what to do if you cannot view your PSAT results online.

Step 3: Schools May Provide PSAT Paper Reports

Commencing in the fall of 2021, the College Board no longer mailed paper PSAT reports to schools. In past years, school paper reports were handed over to the students in the first week of January.

Although it is not obligatory, schools are still free to print and disseminate their student score reports. You can ask your school counselor whether you’ll receive a paper report in addition to your online report.

PSAT Scores: What Comes Next?

Following completion of your PSAT results, you have the following alternatives.

Option 1: Create a National Merit Scholarship Plan.

If your PSAT score is sufficient and you are a junior, you may be eligible to compete for a semifinalist position in the National Merit scholarship competition. The top 1% of PSAT test takers, or roughly 16,000 kids, receive a Semifinalist rank each year through this program.

The only criterion for Semifinalist status in this program is your PSAT results. If you want to secure a scholarship, it’s wise to know the exact score you’ll need before taking the PSAT because it differs based on the state.

If you are selected as a Semifinalist, remember that moving on to the Finals will take a little more work, including maintaining a good GPA. Research all the requirements needed to lay the foundation for being a National Merit Finalist by your senior year.

Option 2: Repeat the PSAT as a Junior

Repeating the PSAT in your junior year is a good option if you took it as a first- or second-year student and are an early bird who wants to be considered for National Merit and eventually obtain a very high SAT (or ACT) score.

Taking the PSAT as a first- or second-year student is beneficial since it gives you early exposure to the SAT question styles. Additionally, it gives you a sense of your areas of weakness and the abilities you need to develop in your preparation, thereby improving your chances of making it to the National Merit Semi-Finals and achieving your target SAT/ACT score on your first or second try.

Option 3: SAT Preparation (or ACT)

The PSAT’s primary goal is to prepare students for the SAT, which they will take either in their junior year or the autumn of their senior year, just before they enroll in universities.

Your PSAT score is a reliable indicator of how you’ll perform on the SAT. It indicates that if you receive a PSAT score of 1200, you can attempt the SAT without any further preparation. Also, you can probably achieve a good SAT score!

You can also utilize the PSAT to prepare for both SAT and ACT examinations, as they have similar structures. (Remember, however, they are similar, there are a few variations between the two exams, with the ACT’s addition of a Science component being the most significant. Additionally, if you intend to take the ACT, it may be wiser to take the PreACT rather than the PSAT.)

Don’t lose hope if you receive a low PSAT score. Instead, try to analyze what went wrong and utilize that information to enhance your knowledge and abilities to perform better on the SAT or ACT.

Even if you get a perfect PSAT score, you still need to go through the process of examining your mistakes because the PSAT and SAT don’t cover the same material. The maximum PSAT score is 1520, not 1600 as it is for the SAT. It is because the SAT includes more trigonometric and more difficult arithmetic problems. It tests more difficult grammar rules and includes higher-level reading passages. Therefore, even if you receive a good grade on the PSAT, your SAT score doesn’t need to be flawless.


Your PSAT scores will show if you are reaching the standards for reading, writing, and math, in addition to a more in-depth analysis of the subskills you are strong in and which ones you need to work on.

Try to concentrate on understanding why you underachieved in a certain area rather than criticizing yourself for what you did incorrectly. Was it because you felt anxious or because it was your first time taking an exam of this kind? Perhaps you were short of time during some sections or unaware of some of the content covered.

Whatever the causes of your problems, be sure to begin your SAT or ACT preparation by addressing the PSAT-uncovered shortcomings.

When are PSAT Scores Released


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