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820 Is A Good SAT Score For Popular University

Oct 4, 2022

The College Board’s SAT is required for applicants to undergraduate programs and a standardized test. The full name of the SAT is the Scholastic Assessment Test, originally known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test. The SATs assessed candidates’ verbal, mathematical, and writing abilities. People who want to enroll in undergraduate programs, mainly in the US and Canada, must take the SAT exam, administered using pencil and paper.

The SAT aids students in pursuing their college goals. Before June 2021, students who wanted to enroll in a particular course had to take the SAT topic test. However, the College Board has decided to stop offering SAT subjects.


Candidates must take the SAT to complete their education in the US. They can gain admission to the institutions of their choice with a strong SAT score. Prestigious colleges in Canada, Germany also accept SAT scores, and Australia. ‘is an 820 SAT score good?’ An 820 is unquestionably a low score. Out of the 1.7 million SAT takers nationwide, that ranks you in the bottom 12th percentile.

Your test results show that you did an inferior job responding to the Math and Evidence-Based Reading & Writing questions. Given that your score is at the lower end of the acceptable range, you might want to retake the SAT and see if you can improve.


SAT Score

The three parts of the SAT are reading, writing, and math. On a scale from 200 to 800, the total score for these two components may be as high as 1600. Additional subscores between 20 and 80 are also recorded. A student’s test results are compared to other students who also took the exam.

The SAT’s scoring is calculated using a 2400-point scale (from 600 to 2400). Scores for each subject range from 200 to 800, with 200 as the lowest and 800 as the highest. Your exam results are accessible three weeks after you take the test. Colleges use a variety of factors to choose students based on their test results.


SAT Score Acceptance Abroad

The College Board does not mention an SAT cut-off for students who wish to take the test and then apply to institutions overseas. Top colleges and universities don’t have rigorous SAT cut-offs, but applicants are expected to fall within a particular range to be considered for admission.

For exceptional circumstances, concessions would be made. Each nation has its selection standards for international students. Many institutions recognize the SAT Exam throughout the world. In the USA and Canada, college courses are where it is most common. Nevertheless, several Australian and British colleges also accept it.


Popular Colleges You Can Enter Through the SAT in 2022

University of Morgan State (Average SAT – 737)

is an 820 SAT score good?’ The University of Morgan State, a historically black college and university in Baltimore, was established in 1867 and is the top public urban research institution in Maryland. Morgan State, a Thurgood Marshall College Fund member, grants degrees in more than 100 academic fields.

The MSU university choir collaborates with more orchestras than any other chorus at the university level each year, which benefits students interested in music performance. The Morgan State campus has also been designated a National Treasure by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.


Albany State College (Average SAT – 849)

The University System of Georgia includes Albany State University, a historically black college and university in southwest Georgia. ASU is home to the colleges of Arts & Sciences, Health Professions, and Professional Studies. As part of their adjustment to college, all freshmen must also enroll in ASU’s First Year Experience course. ASU provides 13 men’s and women’s teams known as the Rams for students interested in athletics.

Lincoln College (Average SAT – 809)

Private Illinois university Lincoln College offers both two-year and four-year degrees. Lincoln University offers two distinct campuses, each providing a separate catalog of academic programs from about 20 different disciplines of study.


The Accelerated Bridge to Education program, which offers bachelor’s degrees with flexible scheduling, is another option for students. The college also maintains and runs the WLNX radio station and the LCTV cable channel, both of which are accessible to locals via Comcast.

Central State University (Average SAT – 881)

Historically Black College and University and a 4-year public institution, Central State University, was established in 1887. Central State University, a Thurgood Marshall College Fund member, houses colleges for education, engineering, business, and humanities, in addition to an agricultural education program. The National Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center is located on the Central State campus in addition to teaching facilities. Eight men’s and women’s teams called Central State fields the Marauders for students interested in sports.


Wheelock College (Average SAT – 879)

Boston University Wheelock, a college of education connected to Boston University, was first established as Miss Wheelock’s Kindergarten Training School. Ten academic topics are covered by the bachelor’s degrees offered by BU Wheelock. A concurrent bachelor’s degree from the College of Arts & Sciences is available through BU Wheelock’s Wheelock/CAS Double Degree program. All students are required to do educational fieldwork in Boston public schools as part of their curriculum, under the supervision of BU Wheelock professors.

Holy Names University (Average SAT – 851)

Holy Names University is a four-year Catholic university in Oakland, established in 1868. Holy Names offers 15 academic programs that lead to undergraduate degrees. Holy Names University, a Catholic institution, holds mass at the McLean Chapel on four weekdays and Sundays. The Holy Names campus offers a sweeping view of the Oakland and San Francisco skylines and the San Francisco Bay, thanks to its location in the Oakland Hills.

The University of Virginia (Average SAT – 855)

Virginia Union University is a historically black, private university in Richmond, Virginia, established in 1865. The National Baptist Convention and American Baptist Churches USA have ties to VUU. The institution is a member of the Washington Theological Consortium and provides a theology curriculum. Criminology, psychology, and education are some subjects people want to study.

Wilberforce College (Average SAT – 880)

The first historically black university in the country is a private school called Wilberforce University. Associated with the African Methodist Episcopal Church is Wilberforce. All Wilberforce students are required to participate in the “cooperative program,” which places students in internships to get job experience on top of their regular coursework. Top areas of study include communications, health and medical administration, and business support services.

Chowan College (Average SAT – 882)

Private Chowan University was established in the outlying hamlet of Murfreesboro, North Carolina, in 1848. It has a tight connection to the North Carolina Baptist State Convention. The university offers study abroad programs in Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, Italy, and France. Notable courses include those in history, teaching, and visual communication.

Livingstone University (Average SAT – 854)

Livingstone College, a Christian institution and historically black college and university in central North Carolina, was first established as a minister’s seminary in 1879. Livingstone University is associated with the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church and offers bachelor’s degrees in 22 different subject areas with a Judeo-Christian emphasis. Livingstone College, a Christian institution, hosts worship services every Sunday. The Livingstone campus is home to the student-run radio station WLJZ for students interested in media studies.

Is an 820 SAT Score Good? Here is a List of More Universities/College and Their Average SAT:

University/CollegeAverage SAT
Virginia State University 910
Albany State University 820
South Carolina State University 900
Delaware State University 910
Chicago State University 860
Alcorn State University 880
Wesley College940
Chowan University900
Coppin State University 900
Columbia College940
Paine College880
Fisher College940
Concord University930
Livingstone College850
York College1010
Thomas University810

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How can I acquire an SAT cost waiver?

The SAT Fee Waiver is available to 11th and 12th-grade students in the United States and territories. Additionally, the cost for US citizens living abroad is waived. However, students in grades 9 through 12 may qualify for a cost remission for the SAT Subject Test.

2. What abilities are tested on the SAT Exam?

The SAT evaluates a candidate’s writing, critical reading, and mathematical skills. The College Board claims that they assess students’ abilities in their academic settings. They test the capabilities that college students need to succeed academically.

3. What is the age requirement to take the SAT?

Candidates should Know that there is no set SAT age limit for pupils wishing to take the exam, nor are there any minimum or maximum age requirements. According to available research, individuals between the ages of 17 and 19 are most likely to take the SAT.

4. Is an 820 SAT score good?

The most common question asked is – ‘Is 820 a good SAT score?’ With an 820 SAT, you only performed better than 8.2% of all test takers, or a percentile of 8.2. A score of 820 is acceptable for admission to a few institutions, but the majority would prefer to see a higher score, at least in line with the national average.

5. What qualifications do you need to be eligible for the SAT?

The College Board, the organization that oversees and administers the SAT exam, has not established any particular qualifying requirements. However, high school students are permitted to enroll in it. To go to the next level of study, applicants for undergraduate programs overseas must have completed their high school coursework.

Is an 820 SAT score good


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