Colleges And Universities That Don’t Require SAT 2022

Sep 10, 2022 | Turito Team USA

Is Foreign University Possible Without SAT or ACT Exams?

Many students aspire to get admitted to a foreign university. However, being accepted into a university abroad is not as easy as one would think. 

It is said that the student phase is reputedly one of the most stressful phases in human life. 

We, too, think it is true. 

A student endures extreme pressure, lots of confusion, and frustration during their school years. Getting admitted to a foreign university demands sacrifice, determination, deprivation of sleep, etc. And they all emerge from this tragedy with a grin on their face and the goal of attending a foreign university in their hearts.

Well, not anymore. 

Every student should be able to achieve what they strive for, even if it’s the ambition of attending a foreign university. 

Therefore, after completing the extensive investigation, we brought the answer to the most frequently asked issue, do colleges require SAT?

So, let us unfold the secrets to help you to get admitted to your dream university. 

Are you ready to begin? If yes, then ready, steady and go.

How to Dream Foreign University in 2022?

If you want to get admitted to a foreign university, you must score a good result on SAT and ACT exams. 

SAT or ACT exams are standardized exams that gauge college preparedness. Many students find these exams significantly tough. 

If you are among them, then do not worry. We got your back. There are some schools that don’t require SAT.

Yes, you heard it right. Another doorway exits that will straight away lead you to a foreign university. 

But before answering this question, first, let us understand the importance of SAT or ACT exams.

SAT or ACT scores are a matter of utmost importance when it comes to getting admitted to a foreign university. 

SAT stands for Scholastic Assessment Test. These exams try to give a fair indication of the knowledge a student has learned in the classroom. 

ACT stands for American College Testing. All high school students in several American cities are required to take the ACT. Participants utilize their scores to apply for college admissions and scholarships. This exam is more popular than the SAT in many parts of the world.  

List of Names You Don’t Wish to Forget

Now comes the question in the limelight, do colleges still require SAT?

Many colleges don’t require SAT or ACT results for admission. Some are community colleges, some are state schools, and some are private organizations.

Here is the list of the colleges that don’t require SAT:

    1. Colorado College – This college is a private liberal arts university in Colorado, the United States of America. The college emphasizes hands-on learning, and before graduating, learners spend a year researching overseas. The school’s selection panel must receive a portfolio of work from applicants who desire to study abroad.
    2. Ithaca College – This is a private college in New York, the United States of America. Students who don’t pass their SATs or ACTs can apply to colleges according to the college’s guidelines. This enables students to raise their marks without being concerned about their final results.
    3. The University of Puget Sound – This university is in Washington, the United States of America. According to a recent announcement from this university, students who don’t perform well on standardized examinations will be given the option of taking other measures of academic achievements, such as writing essays in place of SAT or ACT exams.
    4. St John’s University – This private institution is in New York, the United States of America. The SAT and ACT are optional, but scores are accepted if you wish to apply to colleges. It is advisable to review their prerequisites because the registration process differs from school to school.
    5. Smith College – This private college is located in Massachusetts, the United States of America. There is an age-old tradition of the college allowing applicants without SAT or ACT scores. One of the first universities to accept female students without high school graduation. It is also renowned for its academic offerings and affordable tuition.
  • College of the Holy CrossIt is also a private college of liberal arts situated in Massachusetts, the United States of America. The acceptance rates at colleges that don’t require SAT scores are frequently lower than any of those that do.
  • Marist College – This university is in New York, the United States of America. Beginning in 2016, Marist College started allowing applicants with SAT scores below a specific cut-off to enroll without taking the test. The admissions staff of the college expressed concern over the “stress” associated with studying for standardized tests.
  1. The University of Evansville – This university is in Indiana, the United States of America. Understanding what colleges are searching for is crucial if you are considering application forms. Test results that are a component of a total score may be taken into account by some schools. 
  2. Bowdoin College The college emphasized experiential learning, making it less grade-focused than many other institutions. Based in Brunswick Maine, Bowdoin College helps you graduate in major of your interests with experienced faculty.
  3. The University of South Dakota – According to this university’s website, admission is not based on performance on standardized tests. Since it’s a private college, there is no legal requirement for them, but they have the option to admit kids without SAT or ACT. 

After reading this, I hope your query about what colleges don’t require SAT is solved. 

The Sweet Dish for Your Taste Buds

Lastly, let us discuss some helpful tips for learners who don’t want to go for an SAT or ACT. 

Here is some advice for those who choose not to submit test results:

  • A strong letter of recommendation says a lot. Candidates should think carefully about whom they approach. Teachers at the high school level frequently send letters to students who excel in their classes. Think about approaching a teacher who is skilled at writing. Your recommendation letter can be the best alternative to SAT or ACT exams.
  • The importance of a student’s GPA increases if they do not wish to go for the ACT or SAT exams. Academic scholarships can be obtained by candidates with good GPAs. When deciding who to admit, most colleges take the candidates’ overall GPA into account. If you have a low GPA in the first and second years, you can still improve the overall GPA in your last two years of study.
  • Some institutions place high importance on community service and seek out applicants who share this value. Students can also describe their interest in extracurricular activities in many forms. These activities can grab you a scholarship which ultimately benefits you. 
  • Social media usage by a candidate could affect admission. Students should use caution when posting things online. When applying, students might think about making their accounts hidden.


No matter what option you choose, always consider it after learning all the pros and cons associated with it. Admission to a foreign university is possible without the SAT or ACT exam, but try to go for these exams once. You never know what magic is stored for you.

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