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Virginia Tech SAT Score And GPA Requirements

Apr 1, 2023

Like your peers, you must want to join a prestigious institute for your higher studies. You must dream of joining a worldwide known university where you can study your favorite subject, learn new things, get the best job opportunity, and make a proud resume.

Among such worldwide prestigious universities, the University of Virginia (UVA) is one. Numerous students every year try to get into it. But, due to a certain number of seats, not every applicant gets this opportunity.


If you are also fascinated by knowing more about the Virginia Tech SAT scores and GPA requirements to get in here, in that case, this article will greatly help you. Read it till the end!

Overview of Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech, a public institution, was founded in 1872. It is a senior military college and offers up to 280 undergraduate and graduate degree programs for more than 34,400 students. The campus size of Virginia Tech is 2,600 acres.


It is a research powerhouse that offers undergraduate and graduate students research opportunities. There are seven research centers and two research universities under Virginia Tech. It manages a research portfolio of $522 million. This research portfolio makes it stand among the top 60 universities in the US that provide total research expenditures for students.

Virginia Tech Admission requirements

The admission procedure at Virginia Tech is moderately selective, with an acceptance rate of 56%. For every 100 applicants, Virginia Tech provides admission to 56 applicants. While an early decision acceptance rate of Virginia Tech is 62%.


To get admission to Virginia Tech, you must focus on the following things:

  • Virginia Tech application requirements
  • Virginia Tech GPA requirements
  • Virginia Tech SAT scores requirements or ACT requirements

The school expects you to fulfill these requirements. Moreover, scoring more than average on your SAT or ACT and GPA will be best. This way, you have an excellent chance of getting into Virginia Tech. Otherwise, it is possible to get a rejection letter.


As Virginia Tech has a moderate acceptance rate, it proves that getting admission to this school is quite a challenging process. One more thing to notice is Virginia Tech administration does not consider your high school class rank and letters of recommendation.

Virginia Tech SAT Scores Requirements

Usually, it has been noticed that the University of Virginia prefers applicants having scored under the top 10% of SAT takers. Although there are no minimum Virginia Tech SAT scores requirements, it will be best to score more than the average SAT score.


The Virginia Tech average SAT scores are 1285 on the 1600 SAT scale. It makes admission to this school more competitive for applicants. Having below this score means you must face trouble getting into school. Previous results show that 78% of students can reach this score and apply to get admission to this school.

The 75th percentile University of Virginia Tech SAT scores is 1390, while the 25th percentile SAT score is 1180. Furthermore, getting 1180 scores on the SAT places you below average category, while scoring 1390 will let you reach above-average applicants.


The breakdown of Virginia Tech SAT scores is given below:

SAT Section25th PercentileAverage Score75th Percentile
Reading + Writing590650680

The University of Virginia SAT Score Policy

According to Virginia Tech SAT scores policy, applicants can select their highest SAT scores before sending them to the admissions committee. It is the school’s superscoring policy. Of all the scores you receive on your attempted SAT exams, you can consider your highest score among all SAT and can submit them with the SAT dates.


So, if your SAT scores are below Virginia Tech average SAT scores, you can retake the test. This way, you will have a high chance of boosting your scores and the probability of getting into the University of Virginia.

Superscore policy gives one more benefit for applicants. They can focus on one section of the SAT at a time. For instance, if you have a low score in your SAT Mathematics section, you can prepare for that segment and then take the SAT. In this way, you can boost your SAT scores.

Virginia Tech ACT Requirements

Similar to the University of Virginia Tech SAT scores requirements, there are some ACT requirements. But, Virginia Tech ACT requirements are not as harsh as SAT. However, having scores below average ACT, your application has a higher chance of rejection.

Previous application data shows that Virginia Tech accepts applicants with equal or higher than average ACT. The average ACT score of the school is 28. It can be said as a moderately competitive ACT score. It will be best if you have more than a 28 ACT score, as it provides you an upper hand in getting admission.

The average ACT score of UVA is 28, the 75th percentile ACT score is 31, and the 25th percentile Virginia Tech ACT score is 25.

Although Virginia Tech admission officers have not announced any minimum ACT score, it will be hard for applicants having ACT scores below 25 to get in. Unless you have some impressive points in your application, you will face a hard time in Virginia Tech admission.

The Breakdown of ACT Scores is Given Below:

ACT SectionAverage Score25th Percentile75th Percentile

ACT Score Policy

Unlike SAT score policy, Virginia Tech asks applicants to send their highest ACT scores while applying for admission. It provides you with a huge advantage over SAT scores. As a result, there is a change in your testing strategies.

In contrast with SAT, the University of Virginia does not require your all ACT scores. It means you have more chances to improve your ACTacoreand then you can send the highest among all. In other words, if you have attempted the ACT exam ten times, you need to send only the highest score among all those ten tests.

This way, you often have to improve your ACT scores and get above-average ACT, i.e., 28. At last, when you get satisfactory scores, you can send them with your application to the University of Virginia.

University of Virginia GPA Requirements

It is one of the most sought-after requirements of Virginia Tech. An applicant must have a good GPA to get into the University of Virginia, i.e., UVA. Without a good GPA, you will lose your chance to get into it.

The average GPA for high school students at the University of Virginia is 4.04. With this GPA, you need to be one among the top 10% of your class. In other words, Virginia Tech accepts primary A students.

Although no minimum GPA criteria are announced by the school admission authorities, having a higher GPA will escalate your chances of entering the university. You can also take AP or IB exams during the high school academic sessions. It will improve your portfolio and show your college-level academics.

If you have passed the high school period, you can take part in SAT or ACT exams to compensate for your below-average GPA. This way, you can compete effectively against the high GPA candidates.


The University of Virginia has a highly competitive acceptance rate. So, there are fewer chances of getting accepted into it. This university typically accepts straight-A students.

Having a more than average GPA with a presence in the top 10% of the high school class record lets the applicants be more easily admitted into Virginia Tech. Most students get their opportunity through this way.

As you now have all the required information, it’s time to boost your scores to increase your acceptance chances at Virginia Tech.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What tips should I follow to crack the University of Virginia SAT?

Some tips that can help you out are given below:

  • Before starting your preparation, know about the structure of the SAT.
  • Find your shortcomings and work on them.
  • Start working on SAT mock papers.
  • Set a timer while solving SAT sample papers.
  • Maintain a study schedule.

2. Is it hard to get into Virginia Tech?

If you have a high GPA and above average SAT or ACT, it is not so hard to get into Virginia Tech. You do not require outstanding scores or credentials compared to more elite schools to get in here.

Virginia Tech is a relatively easy target compared to other schools like Harvard and others. However, their graduation rate is much lower than others.

3. What does Virginia Tech prefer, SAT or ACT?

Like other universities, the University of Virginia has its requirements for standardizing testing and admitting students. You must mention the GPA of your high school class with your application.

Virginia prefers both SAT and ACT. You can select any among them and send your highest scores while applying to get in here. It will be best and in your favor, if your SAT or ACT scores are higher than average.

4. What are the best reasons to attend the University of Virginia?

Some best reasons to attend Virginia Tech are given below:

  • It has the best Engineering and Business programs in the nation.
  • It has the best college towns to live in.
  • Their motto provides many opportunities to the local communities.
  • Their Hokie nation.
  • You can easily get delicious food here.
Virginia Tech SAT Scores


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